Indian River State College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Indian River Community College is bset known for educating students in trades such as Dental progams and CNA degrees. The school also has bachelor degrees as RN progams, Business and Education. They are a local school community college that is attended by people who want/need higher education or need to return to work qualified. Idian River will teach you how to become a well rounded professional so you are able to meet the needs of your emplyer or your personal business.


Indian River State College is best known for it's excellent nursing program and it's blossoming Fine Arts and Graphic design programs.


IRSC isn't really a school that is "known" for something special. The only time it's on the news is when someone has been attacked. It hasn't happened alot lately, however, I do remember hearing about it alot about 3 years ago.


Nursing and Business Administration careers.


Indian River State College is best known for our swim team. As far as I am aware we have actualy won several national championships. Many of our swimmers have competed in the Olympics.


Indian River State College is best known for being diverse in multipale races and having plenty of campuses up the Treasure Coast. The College also had wonderful teachers and and staff that is always willing to healp.