Indian River State College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about IRSC is that, at the moment, there only a handful of Bachelors programs available. I really hope that they make more programs available to their students in the future.


The worst thing about IRSC is all of the cliques around campus. No one really associates with anyone unless they are the same race or in the same program.




No culture. Teachers are boring. Outdated technology.


At the Saint Lucie West campus, the police officers and security guards strictly enforce the 10 MPH speed limit and recently installed poorly designed speed bumps that I fear will damage my car's suspension.


In all honesty the long bookstore lines.


The worst thing about Indian River State College is the location of the school. It is in a bad part of town.


The wrost thing about my school is that I am not surrounded by other students who have the same interests and goals as me. I am looking to transfer to a 4-year university and immerse myself with others all striving for the same goal, to be successful in the communcation field. It is hard to connect with other students in a community college. I feel it is important to have a connection with a school and it's students. One may learn from others and their views.


I could honestly say that the worst thing about Indian River is parking. For this campus, it tends to seem that everyone goes to this school either to get their degree and move forward, or just finish an Associates and stop. But, for some reason, even with the amount of students that attend this school, trying to find a parking space to actually get to class on time is one of the hardest aspects of Indian River. Other than that, it really is a great school.


I do not know. I have not had any negative experiences. The only negatives I have found is the distance I travel, however that was my choice. and some courses I would like to see offered more.


I can't say anything bad about my school. I love attending IRSC! The faculty and staff are awesome and the students are friendly and helpful!


I wouldn't say there is anything bad about my school, but I wish there were more Bachelor programs to chose from.


the worst thing about Indian River State College is that it does not have enough activities ( religious and cultural) to keep the students together besides attending school. Plus, The tutoring lab is too small. During registration period, students have to wait in long lines just to see an adviser. Finally, it does not offer a lot of jobs opportunity to students.