Indian River State College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Literally anyone can attend IRSC. There are people in their 70's in class, as well as high school students. Those who can't speak english attend, as well as those fluent in english.


The kind person who should attend this college must have a desire to learn and a desire to have great success in their life. They must have a goal set in mind and the power to achieve it. They must have an open mind to education and be willing to try new things. A person who attends this college must be positive and believe in themself. Every person I walk past in the hallways is beautiful in their own way and in their will to learn. People at this college are always so friendly and polite.


This is a simple question because the answer to it is anyone. This college offers many programs at different levels and all at a reasonable price. Many colleges and/or universities require inquiring students to have a certain GPA or have an outstanding extracurricular record. Indian River Community College, which has just recently changed to Indian River State College, will accept anyone looking to continue their education to make something of themselves. So if your looking to attend college, consider Indian River Community College because I did and it was the best decision I've made for furthering my education.


My school is a diversity school with mix colors of people. Which is a good thing, becasue we can learn from one other about their ethic background, and culture. My school have many programs and degrees that can be very useful. There are many professor will spent their time helping you, whether if homework from another class or if you get a problem wrong on a test. I was mention to student that failure is not a option . We are type of college that will not let a person. we do gruops study, powerpoint, and anything that can be useful.


Any student that wants to excell at a high level as well as get a good education. The best individual to attend this school would be one who is ready and willing to embark on thir future.


Anyone can attend Indian River State College. IRSC has a friendly environment and great teachers. The age of the studnts on campus can range anywhere from 15 to 85!


There are many types of people who should attend this school but they will all have one thing in common: the desire to learn and improve themselves.


Anyone looking to pursue a college education should attend this school. They have intermediate and advanced course for every students needs.


Anyone who wants to recieve a college education but is low on funds. In fact as we were recently a Community College most of our student recieve there AA here then transfer to a more major university. Quite successfully I might add.


Anyone looking to further their education in a small learning environment.


The people who should attend Indian River State College is someone who wants to learn, succeed and continue their education. There are so many different resources to help you succeed in your classes to help you get to you goal. At Indian River State College there are many different races, cultures and ethnicities so fiting in would not be a problem. Also we have many different organizations on campus as well for example, art , theater, band ,chorus, dance and athletics and many more.