Indian River State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that shouldn't go here would be someone who was exepted into a better school.


anyone local or out of state


all types should attent this school


anyone expecting and easy degree, Indian river has very high standards when it comes to who passes and its hard to succeed and stand out if your not trying to be the best. I do not see Indian river as the average community college and I do not think the average person will keep up with everyone else


The kind of person that shouldn't attend a community college is one looking for social life. Community college is benefical in recieving a education because the number of students in a classroom is significantly smaller. It someone is looking for meeting new people this may be a challenge. Many students at my school have the attitude of not wanting to communicate with those surrounding them. It is a cold feeling and is something I hope not to experience in the next university I attend.


Anyone can attend. There is a huge variety of people.


A student that likes diversity, most of the students are from the local area.


The only people that should not attend Indian River State College, are the type of people who are not willing to learn and better their future.


I think everyone should attend this school. It has everything you need. The pofessors are very good at what they do, and they give you the help you need when you ask. Everyone is very social and courteous. Its facilities are in great conditions and the technology used helps you put to practice what you learn. The buildings are relatively close to each other, therefore, you can get to class on time.


If a person is not willing to take school seriously or thinks they do not have to attend school to pass they should probably not aattent Indian River Community College.