Indian River State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would let her know that things will get better. I would tell myself not to give up. No matter how much pain or suffering I may be feeling, things will get better. Don't give up.


I would tell myself not to be so timid and scared. People are as nice to you as you are to them. Everyone is friendly and generous, so whenever you need a scantron or need a cup of coffee, one of your peers will help you out.


If I could go back, I would tell myself that I need to focus harder on my coursework. I would make sure I knew that iIt's not as easy as in high school. I would also tell myself that I needed to register for classes as soon as possible, because the good classes with the best teachers are the ones that fill up first.


put the energy you have for boys and family into your future your education and building a life for yourself.


Do not stay local under any circumstances. Do not be afraid of the financial or emotional burden that moving away for school will bring. Don't let fear of failure stop you. If you're not afraid of failing at something, it isn't worth achieving in the first place. Go out and live; you only be more disappointed with living the same routine.

Marie Marcelle

If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to choose a college because my best friend is attending it, but pick one that offers a wild range of learning experience oriented in a safe environment. I would also tell myself to go to a college that offers a job placement program to facilitate a job upon graduation. I would tell myself as well to apply for as many scholarships as I can to stay away from student loans and, if I have to take loan anyway, take exactly what I need to pay for tuition and books in order to get out of debt easily. That would help me find some money to support my three children and my family as my big worry is how I am going to pay back my students loans.


It's not as hard as everyone says it is, and that AP Calculus class won't get you credit, but it was good to take all the same.


If I were able to go back in time and give my senior self advice, I would first and foremost have encouraged myself to be more active in looking for scholarships or grants to help myself through college. It is so difficult while you are in college to find the time to search and apply for scholarships and grants. It is even more difficult to find the time while working a part-time job; trying to balance life, work, homework, and personal time is very tedious. Additionally, I would tell myself to not worry so much about which group of people I am associated with and who I'm dating. In the grand scheme of things, you will not stay in touch with many of the people you try so hard to fit in with. In summation, focus on your future and on yourself first and foremost, and everything else will fall into place when the time is right.


Figure out what kind of field you like as early as possible and pursue this field. You will never fail at something that you have a genuine passion for. Apply for college scholarships while you are in high school because there are a lot of opportunities and people willing to help you (no matter who you are or what kind of grades you have).


If I went back in time when I was still in highschool knowing what I know now about college I'd advise myself just how affordable college can be. Apply for Fasfa as early as you can. The sooner you do it the better the chance you'll obtain extra financial aid toward college expenses. Always stay organized. Without organization there's a good chance your grades will be affected. Go to bed early everynight on time and always show up to class 10 to 15 minutes early so that you're fully prepared and not unorganized.


If I knew then what I know now about my college life I would say to myself, "always follow your heart without fear". I let go of alot of things without using wisdom, so I would tell myself: keep growing in my love for sewing and creating things that will make others and myself proud. I would give advise on not wasting time and money by not following my own dreams and to move to a city that will help me grow in the field of fashion and entrepreneurship. I would also say "Please read books on how to grow and mature in my thinking, how to grow in business. The more books I read the more I will grow strong in all aspects of my life." I would also say to myself "Believe in yourself because all things are possible with faith in myself and with the help of the Lord!". Erica, "Dont get caught up in people and things but trust yourself" But mostly I would say "Be you and enjoy who you are because you are Awesome and Prosperous"


Looking back at my senior year in highschool I would convience myself to take different classes that would count towards my AA degree. This would ease some of the stress I have now rushing to finishes classes in time to start my major. I would tell myself to do more research on my area of intended study. I wish I could go back and tell myself not to stress so much and worry, that everything will work out like I hoped it would. I would tell myself to be more positive and have more faith and trust in myself and my life decisions. Chosing this college was one of the best decisions I could have made. It helped me devielop into the young lady I am today, and I am very proud of myself. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself that I achieved my goals. I wish I could also tell myself that it is okay to be nervous and be unaware of the unknown. After all college is just another stepping stone in life to becaome the person you want to be.


Not only have I gained the motivation to plan for my career and future but I've acheived something that's very hard to come by; I've achieved self confidence. Partaking in everything that IRSC offers it's lower income students fuels the fire to move forward and never stop educating yourself. My two years at this college drives me to keep pushing myself to what I want out of my life and my career. IRSC is truely a rare commodity and I am forever thankful for being a part of it's community.


I have only been at Indian River State College for a semester now, but I love how the teachers are all so in tune with what they're teaching and their methods of teaching it is so interesting that I understand all the things they're teaching us. I love my teachers and I'm excited for next semester. It's been valuable because I've really come to understand things about Anthropology I didn't know before and I'm excited to grow in that Major. It's also valuable because my English teacher is strict and it really has to be a great, well written paper to get and A, which makes me work harder.


My entire college experience has increased my knowledge in many different areas. I've learned things and gained new experiences that allow me to further my education even more. I was able to meet all new people from all various classes, which was difficult at first due to the fact that I was a shy person. I've learned to speak more, study in new ways, and think logically. Now I go through each day knowing more and more and can reflect upon it during my everyday life and apply it. How this is valuable is hard to explain with words. It's priceless. I would not be where I am today if I didn't attend college. I feel smarter and more prepared for what will be thrown at me when life hits. The brain is an amazing organ that can retain information for an entire lifetime. I look at it as learning as much as possible while I can. Why waste it?


Well I am learning things that i never learned at my High School many years ago. Which in turns has me wanting to be a history teacher. Im just need a bit of help moneys wise. I hoping for the best..


As a young person in high school I did not value an education and made light of it but now I realize that each of us have gifts and talents that must be tapped into but you need an avenue to be able to understand what you possess. I have learned that being in college is more than just attending school, it is a journey where you learn more about yourself than what is written on a page. Being in college has caused me to discover weaknesses and strengths I never knew to be there.


I've grown mentaly. I know I have matured drastically. I now have the ability to see things from different prospectives. I always understood general topics, but college has opened my mind to understanding completly. This is valuable to me because my parents only made it to the 6th grade. They've always wanted their children to have a good edjucation. I'm proud to show my parents that they raised with the will and the knowledge to succeed in the world of today.


I have gained much from my college experience. I used to not apply myself to my fullest ability and procrastinated almost everything, but since attending college I try my hardest in everything I do. I always want to better myself in every aspect of my life. Without my college experiences I belive I would still be the lazy student and person I was in high school. I regret I did not try my hardest then, but I am pleased with the person I am today.


Not only did I receive a great education and an Associate in Arts degree, but I've had valuable life experiences. I've made mistakes, gained friends, and generally learned how to be a better person.


The most important thing that I have gotten out of my college experience is that there is always someone there at the campus that will encourage you. When you feel like giving up they know when to say something to lift your spirits and keep you motivated and thinking you can do it, no matter how hard it seems. The reason why its so valuable to me to attend college is because I am the first in my family to go to college. I personally wanted to break the cycle and I did. I want to keep pursuing my education as far as I can go.


If I Had a chance to go back in time, i'll tell myself in high school, to go to prom. despite the cost of price. I will also tell myself to do better on grades. because my grades can paying for totuion, books, and hosuing. I wouldn't hesist to go back in past, because there alot of things i could of did, such as join the football. Hopefully, I can be popular in school. I wish i could apply for grants and scholarship a year early before I graduate. But now that I attend college I see it.


I would work harder at having a high GPA, because a GPA is really what recieves a student scholarships. My GPA was about a 3.5, but I know I could have recieved A's in the classes I recieved B's in.


Thinking back and if also given the opportunity to speak to myself as a high school, the main thing I would discuss would be to maintain a high level of excellence. We all have what-ifs in life, and all would like to change something about our past, but I believe that the opportunity to learn makes us stronger for the future. I strongly feel that I would be further progressed towards my degree if I had the ability to speak to myself in high school about the importance of working hard and always 100%


I would advise myself that I would really have to change study habbits. If I were to change them in high school I would be better prepared and able to study and get the most out of what I am tought. If there were any way to travel back in time that would be the best advice to give myself because although I strive to get the best grades that are possible for myself, I still lack the skills of studying corectly. It is something I would push myself to learn and keep using.


Better time management. That is the key. One thing I?ve learned is that to succeed in college and in life is to manage time wisely. As a music major and all that comes with it I?ve found that time management is crucial to my success. The scheduling of classes, practice time, homework, and study time, not to mention social issues has shown me that the art of time management is one big key to success in any endeavor. In high school things were not so urgent, but now in college you realize that time management is very important. I often wonder how much better my grades and musical progress would be if I was better at time management in high school. This is the most important lesson I?ve learned since my transition into college. I now realize that life is so short that the management of time is key to one?s success and happiness.


If I were a high school senior, I would advise myself to plan to achieve the highest college degree possible. Also, I would advise myself that studying without distractions is necessary no matter how smart you think you are.


I would probably tell myself to do better in highschool, to give my self better scholarship options. If I had done a little better my grades would have been good enough to get a solid grade based scholarship. I would also tell myself to choose the best college sooner, I honestly did not take this seriously enough and I barely made it when it came to college admissions. I was so into getting into a good looking arts college that I did not pay attention to what I really need to learn and how much money I needed to go there, the big rush of getting into a college at the right time was one of the factors of me getting my student loan and why I did not get the financial Aid I needed.


If given the chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior could change my last three years. I would tell myself that school should be my number one priority not going out. Thinking you will pass a class will not help, but studying and putting in a fair share of effort. Knowledge is a brighter future and the only way to expand your knowledge is to immerse yourself in your studies. I would tell myself with strong feelings that I do not know everything. It is important to talk to others who attend different universities and to seek information that may help guide me through my edcuation journey. Take up opportunites that may seem difficult, but in the long run will benefit you as a person and your career. There is so much to learn, so much to see, and so much you can be.


If I could go back in time I would definitely tell a younger me to constantly focus on academics, take advantage of each and every open opportunity, and enjoy moment of college!


Going from high school to a community college isn't a huge deal. It's definitely better considering you get to pick when you want your classes, and you'll get so much more sleep. Don't worry about taking too many classes at one time because they really aren't that much harder, and you'll manage just fine. Most importantly, don't be shy and take advantage of any opportunities that arise. They'll open your eyes to a better world and to people who will make great friends.


College life seems to be a scary experience, but trust me when I say its not. No one is out to get you and the teachers are there to explain and help you with any problems you may have with anything. I strongly suggest not to skip classes, unlike high school, your grade depends on your attendance. You'll be fine, it's just like high school only without the hassel.


Surely, you never hear this. I am so happy with my life I would not change a thing...well, ok maybe I would tell my younger self not to get all those credit cards and tell me to tell my dad to get that blister on his hand checked out sooner (a whole other story), but, generally, I am very pleased with the way my life has turned out. It certainly took me a while to get here, but I would not be where I am and in the company of so many great people without the choices I made. I am a firm believer in "NO REGRETS". Sometimes our choices make for crappy outcomes, but hey hind-sight is always 20/20. How else would we learn!? I try to look at it all positively because otherwise you need to take pills. Hope this makes for a unique enough answer. Thanks.


I would probably join more school activities.


Going back in time I see myself in school with my peers judging and comparing myself to them. That was a hard age. I was a student who worried about getting embarrassed if the teacher asked a question I couldn?t answer or if I gave the wrong answer. Then I would feel stupid, or rather more stupid. Oh boy, but now, now I am a changed person, and now if I had a chance to go back in time and tell myself how wonderful I am, and that I?m not at all stupid, and if I apply myself, be confident, continue to learn, draw, pick up a paint brush, and don?t listen to people who put me down, I will like education, and I make good grades. I will tell myself to believe in me. All of this now will pass and things will change. I would tell myself to go to self help programs for confidence and to get in touch with my feelings. If I do all of these things there will be many grand opportunities and I will probably become a famous artist with my very own art studio.


Well, this question does not apply to me because when I was a highschool senior in 2008, I was already attending college and had been since I was 15. For me, the transition was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be before I started, even though I was homeschooled all my life and had never stepped foot in a public school. Advice I would give to other highschool seniors who are nervous about college would be just to do their best, be serious about the classes they are taking, respect the teacher, and make friends!


I would simply tell myself to embrace every aspect of college. Embrace the classes, the parties, the freedom. I would tell myself not to care about what other may think of you, to have fun and enjoy every aspect of college life. Most importantly, I would tell myself that I was raised right, I know what's important, what comes first: education.


The advice I would give myself would be to put effort into all subjects to get a higher grade point average, fill out scholorships applications early, and to register for classes early.


Come on Lakia, girl you can get through this last year of high school! Grades are so important and you made it this far. Lakia you need to take the advice of everyone about searching for financial aid. College is a big step but I know you can handle the transition to more responsibilities. The most important advice that I will give you is, if you dont know something, ASK. There is no stupid or dumb question. Lakia stop being so shy and step out and be courageous. I know you can do it. Love always Lakia at 22 years old


Take highschool seriously, don't just be there to be there, want to learn. Knowing the material in highschool will help you in the long run. Prepare for college as early as you can, take the SAT and the ACT, apply for as many scholarships as you can. . Don't take high school for granted, because in college your on your own. Professors don't talk to your parents, they talk to you. And last but not least, don't be afraid to make a fool out of yourself in front of your class, don't be afraid to try something new. When you mess up shake it off, because when you get out of high school no one knows who you are. You have fresh start, and you can make of it what you want.


If I ever had the chance to go back to my high school days and somehow give myself the oppurtunity to know what I know now, I could honestly say I would have a couple things to say. First, I would tell myself to relax, that life really isn't that bad, and that I need to start realizing that tomorrow is never guaranteed and the best thing to do is to take life day by day. I would also tell myself to keep setting my mind on goals, and never stop striving to acheive them. I would let myself know that there is going to be tough times along the way, that relationships are going to take a different turn and make you a better man, and that the career you chose for yourself will end up not be the one you wanted in the end because of getting hurt. Even though these problems will arise, I would tell myself to keep my head up, to stay strong, and to never lose faith, because no matter what, god will always be by your side and guide you in the right direction.


I would have done dual enrollment, with no second guessing myself. I stayed in highschool so I could be with my friends in my last year but by now I realized that those people are not around anymore and they were not my true friends anyway. I definately should have made a decision for myself and not my so called "friends".


First off, I would have talked myself into doing dual enrollment. I didn't really take a look into it and I should have. I could be half way through my Bachelors if I would have considered in doing dual enrollment. It really is a great opportunity that they provide you with. Second, let myself know that entering college isn't as nerve racking as you think. I was so nervous about joining college. It provides you with a better way to make a life for yourself and meet new people.


Hmm if I was a senior in highschool again, I would tell myself that college is not like highschool. You definately have to be responsible for all of your actions which, in a sense, is great preperation for the real world where no one will hold your hand through life's challenges. I would tell myself that I should NOT get distracted from my real job which is essentially getting good grades and paying attention in my classes. Do not fall into the clutches of the world such as girls (broken heart), drugs (addiction) and ungodliness which will only lead to emptiness and a hard life. I would tell myself that in order to pass your classes, you MUST read the assigned pages in your textbooks and study extravegantly to get good grades or you will end up losing your scholarships (which was a hard lesson for me to learn). Those are the main things I would tell my senior self.


To Alex, 2007 I know we have had a rough year, I was there when they told you about the tumors, I was there when they put you through the tests, I was there when they labed you with MS, and I was there when they took the Air Force Acadamy our dream away from you. But I am not them, I am you, and I'm here to tell you, GET OVER IT! Your time is upon you just as it is everyone else. Know that time doesnt care about any of your issues, it wont wait for you nor anyone to recover. Dont make my mistakes. Throw away that pride. There is no such thing as applying for too much finacial aid. Quite frankly neither your pride nor you can afford to not apply for the aid. I know your upset and you feell that without your dream you cant do anything but I promise you it gets better. I came to tell you that the road before you is neither smooth nor short, you will have to relearn to walk upon it, literaly. But through that struggle you will find a new destination, Physical Therapy. Good Luck.


Don't be afriad to spread you wings and fly, and don't be afraid to fly in the opposite direction of all the other birds. You can do anything that you put your mind to. The road is long a bumpy and it takes many different unexpected turns, but as long as you don't give up you will get there. And lastly, If you never look down you will never fall.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to go away to an out of state college. I originally went out of state to a school and loved it, but it put me in serious debt that may take my whole life to pay off with the career that I am going into and I ran out of the ability to get more money after only one year. I love college and I loved my experience at the other school, but it was not worth the possibility of ruining my entire future because I wanted out of my home state. I would tell myself that I cant wait to do some of the things that are on my 'bucket list,' but I need to focus on getting to that point first.


Once you start don't quit because it will be along time if ever before you go back to finish. Take classes more seriously. Don't be afraid to get help -- don't suffer insilence. I should have paid more attention in class. Should have challenged myself more - should have taken the road less traveled.


I would tell myself not to take a year off and go straight into it. I would also tell myself not to listen to my peers and parents about the career choices, I would explain to make my own decisions because I'm the the one who will do the studying and live the life the way I want.


Do your absolute best in high school. Push to get the highest scoring GPA. Listen and learn everything that is being taught, and if you do not understand something, ask! That is what the teachers are there teach. Apply for scholarships and get to college right from high school. Do not put it off thinking that a break from high school is needed. It is not needed, it only delays your life. Do not put your life on hold.