Indiana Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who doesnt want to be seen or not known by teachers or their peers. if you love the big city, like chiago or new york this school is not for you since it is a small school in a urban town. students who want to major in nursing or in the medical field, this school is also not for you.


Someone who isn't determined to accomplish their goals. The professors are very willing to help you succeed, but they won't help someone who isn't willing to try. Indiana Tech is a fun environment but they still encourage us to take our education into our own hands.


Indiana Tech has some of the best professors from their respective disciplines and provide the students with a wealth of knowledge. The student has to take the responisibilty to inquire the professor to access this knowledge. If someone is a student that expects the coursework to be hard-driven and provide all the information in a cognitive-based format, then he or she would have a difficult time adjusting the the environment at Indiana Tech.


A person not willing to put their best foot forward. A person who wanted to party and not learn. A person not sure what they want out of college or any idea where they are going in the future.


A person who is not ready to learn and want to waste teachers time.


Those not interested in technology.