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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Finding the right school that match my needs in a school and career ready.


One tip that I would give myself is to never feel defeated; although, the obstacles are very difficult to exceed. Choosing a major is an important decision to make and it does not come easy. Parents and families play an important role in these steps; however, professional parents do not always guarantee that they upbringing of career oriented children. During the first two years of my college I was so worried. I had to take some general education subjects that in most of the cases were not interesting for me. I think the classes we should be required to take should focus on subjects related with our careers. I had to wait until my third year to receive the most interesting subjects. At the beginning it was hard, I do not know English language. Now I am a better student because I improve my English. When I finished my studies at MDC, I transferred to Florida International University (FIU) in order to finish my major. Every step I do is a step closer to my goal. I visualize myself as an animation designer working in a company where I can apply my ideas and my knowledge.


I would tell myself not to procrastinate and get my work done. To keep up on the reading for classes, and not to be lazy when it comes to reading the chapters. I would also tell myself make flash cards for my exams. Not to text in class and actually pay attention. When stressed take a break or even go out, but make sure to get my work done on time. Most of all to have fun!


As a college freshman having almost completed my second semester, there is one thing I would tell my high school self to learn before college. Good teachers will warn you throughout your high school career that developing good study habits will be crucial to college success. If I could go back I would start pressuring myself as early as possible to begin learning which style of study would be most beneficial. Many students (including myself) took these warnings for granted, instead relying upon the same lackluster procrastination routines that plague students everywhere. It is difficult for a frequent procrastinator to understand the importance of good study habits until the first or second college exam. A simple quiz that could have easily been passed with a “B” in high school may end up much lower without proper preparation. I firmly believe every student needs to develop study habits early on to succeed to the best of their ability in college and beyond.


I've learned college isn't easy and it's not all about the parties and going out with friends. It takes alot of money to go and I don't want to feel like it was all wasted because I wanted to be a teenager and not be responsible. Not only am I attending college full time but I am also taking care of my 2-year old son and looking for a job. It's been valuable to attend because although my son is only 2 I want to be able to provide for him and myself without having to live paycheck to paycheck. Also, if you dont go to your classes you wont learn anything


Since I am in my first year of college, you would think that I have not gained much from my experience so far. This is wrong though; my professors have taught me so much in the 4 months I have been enrolled. I have learned that college is a different world than high school. It is a step into the real world and that means a step into competition as well. Everyone is there to receive an education and hopefully a job upon graduating. I have realized the person sitting next to me in my classes is there for the same reason as me, and that they will be applying for the same jobs as me in the future. This helped me learn not to fall behind or take anything for granted because the moment i decide to lay down, I know someone who I will be competing with for a job in the future will surpass me. I now take everything I do more seriously because everything will stick with me (both the good and bad). I learned also to be a more optimistic person. I believe in myself and the decisions I make. I will succeed.


My college education is very valuable because its important to me to have a great future ahead of me. I would love to one day own my own salon. The thought of making someone feel great about themselves would be the best feeling! and with school I truely believe it will help me capture that dream.


I have gained alot of knowledge from my college experience so far. Knowledge that i can use in my own life situations. Indiana Tech is valuable to me because it teaches me lessons that i need to know when it is my turn to get in the work field.


Out of my college experience so far, I have developed great study habits and learned time manangement. This school has helped me divide time between studying, practicing, as well as socializing.


So far, what i have gotten out of my college experience is getting to meet new people, receiving a great education, and being apart of a team with values and disicpline. I have learned many things that I have known such as psychology. I always thought that most things were common sense, but my teacher has shown me that there is always a reason behind everything and it has an impact on our metal thought process. As far as some of the new people i have met, sopmeof them are just like me. They love to have fun, but also are about their education. I surround myself with positive people so that i both have fun and also get my studies done. I am aslo apart of the Indiana Tech Diamond Dance Team. This experience has been the best. We have done community service for womens domestic violence and being on the team has taught me to discipline myself by working out, eating right, waking up on time and getting to class, participation, going to study tables, and keeping a positive attitude.


so foar i have gotten out of college friendship, learn how to live on your own and every decision you make you got live with it.


I would explain to myself how important it is that I study for my SAT exam, and get all of my work turned in on time. I'd also tell myself how important it is to soak up the high school scene as much as possible because even though I had a lot of fun in the first three years of high school, your senior year is capable of being more fun, and it is definitely more important. I would make sure that I explained how important it is to apply for as many scholarships as possible, and to take advantage of the opportunities that some older and more experience adults can give me. Most of all I would make sure that I understood the importance of making the best grades possible, and having as much fun as possible at the same time.


If I had the opporunity to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, the first thing I would tell myself is to not take a year off and go directly to college. The experience I had when I told that year off was not a pleasant one and I could had use that year to get started on my career, by attending college. The second thing I would tell myself is to work hard because the infamous same words many teachers have said to me, "college is not the same as high school, it's much harder becuase the professors are not going to babysit you through out college, which it is very true. The third thing I would tell myself is to do not give, even though it is harder than high school, but in the end it would worth it.


The first thing i would tell my self is that find a job on campus or near my college as soon as possible. Then i would tell my self that going to class and paying attention is more important than it was in high school. That waiting to the end of the semester to work on your grade is a very bad idea since 9 times out 10 you wont bring it up. when teachers give you extra credit Do IT!!!!. teachers usally dont give out extra credit so when they do it can bring up a letter grade. when living on campus make friends and go to campus events. when you need help go to your teachers office during their office hours, because they will help you out the best they can, but you have to go to them. after all this advice i would lastly say dont be afraid of tying new things and to be yourself because once you start pretending its hard to stop pretending.


I would tell myself to not be so scared because the education is not a big transition right away. I was so nervous I didn't learn enough in highschool, that I wouldn't do well in college. But, I found out that if I payed attention and asked questions I would do fine. I would also tell myself that its not all about going to parties. I missed a lot of things my friends were doing because I attended highschool, Cosmetology, and I worked. I felt left out. Now when I see those people living the same way I don't feel left out because they are not on the road to success. Attending college can be fun, but you can't lose focus on why your there.


You get out of college what you put into. Putting things off until the last minute is going to catch up with you, and you need to become much more accountable. There is plenty of time to socialize and have fun, but make sure that the homework and any school work comes first. It's too easy to get caught up in the party scene and forget about whats important. Also, stay close to your family. When your busy and stressed out, don't forget that they are your biggest supporters. Your loved ones are always there for you when you need them. DO NOT take them for granted. Most of all, enjoy yourself. Just like high school blew past, college will fly by even faster. People, and even your friends, will come and go right before your eyes. So sieze the day, and live with no regrets. Work hard, and you will be rewarded. If you can finish college and tell yourself you wouldn't have changed a thing, you know you did the the right way.


After sitting in the admissions office at my college now, and seeing it through my own eyes; life isnt a breeze and everyone wont go and do it for me like I previously thought. I would tell myself to get it together and stop being lazy. Speak up. Ask questions. I never really asked the counclers much questions so I ended up only filling out two scholarships which I ended up getting both. If I had just opened my mouth, I would have gotten so much more. I always thought that I can easily get through college, just sign here and there and everythings good..right? But after I realised how stressful this is, id tell myself to save more money than spending it on video games. I wish I would have worked harder in school. But I would also tell myself to enjoy highschool and get ready for the real world.


To concentrate on my school work and try to get a better gpa than a 3.0. I would also tell my self to fill out as many scholarship applications as possible and to take them more seriously. I would also tell myself to save a lot of money so that i wouldnt have had to take out many loans.


I would tell myself to be more outgoing. Get out with the on campus activities as soon as you can and be extremely active around campus and attend the sporting events. It is a small campus so you can get to know everyone really well. Always purchase the lowest meal plan available, you can always increase your meal plan, but you cannot decrease it, and it is a huge waste of money. Time management is key, staying up till 3 AM typing a paper that is due at 8 AM is not a good idea, trust me. Make the most of the friends you meet and keep the connections with professors, these are the key to your future.


I would tell myself to do exactly what it is your doing, but to branch out and talk to more people. Especialyy Melanie she is an amazing person.


Be prepared to question yourself and others. High school does not teach you how to think rationally, so being able to think without assuming is key to learning.


Do what you want to do in college. Don't let other people persuade you to do something you aren't comfortable with. Major in something that will make you happy, not neccessarily something that will make you rich. Don't submit to peer pressure. Live the college life, and make good decisions, but don't do something just because other people are doing it. Don't procrastinate. The sooner you get your work done, the less stressful your week will be. Work hard to earn good grades; it'll all be worth it in the end. Be involved in activities on campus, and get to know your professors. They will help you throughout your college career and even after. Do an internship any chance you get; it'll look great on a resume when it's time to enter the work force. Most of all, believe in yourself. You can do anything you to which you set your mind.


Be sure you are ready for college , want to learn and not play. Use this time to help you grow for the future. These years are not always going tobe easy. Learning is what your put into it. You are the only one who can make your college years the best they can be. Studying is a part of these years, but also the friendships can last for a lifetime. Parents take an interest in your child's education. Voice your opinion about a situation and let them make the decision . This will be a growing experience for your child, and it is their final decision on how they will learn. Be very supportive. Both be very careful in what college you choose. Be sure it offers the choices you need for you degree and the environment is the best for learning. Peer Pressure is still in the college life. The student needs to be himself not want others want you be.


First, parents & students research a number of colleges to find out which would best suit the student. They need to know the class size, availability of tutoring, computer labs and resources, and, if needed, financial assistance. To make the most of the college experience, stay focused, establish a good relationship with instructors & classmates, keep an open mind regarding others ideas, opinions and cultures, and do not allow the workload to overwhelm the student.


My advice to partents who want their children to have a good experience in college would be directed toward the child's interests and values. Visit the selected colleges that are preferred after researching their talents, direction and needs. What level of involvement for activities on campus will your child prefer and what are all costs involved. If your child has established the field of study to pursue, research financial aid and the benefits of accellerated classes. Earning your degree at a faster pace may be more profitable in the long run.


Be sure it helps answer all the question til you are satisfied. Carefully weigh all of the options that each school has to offer. Make sure the environment will create the proper atmosphere for your child to learn and enjoy his experience. When the environment is not proper for your child he will not learn or want to learn to the best of his abilities. And listen to your child's opinion about all the schools available to him. Please listen to them, they will be the one attending the college. To the student: go with the mind set of learning first , studing next and activities last. Take time to relax when you need to, but rremember you are there to learn a skill so to make a good living for lyourself in the future. Your education is all up to you and no one can learn for you. The campus you chose will make or break your educational growth.


Personally I would tell parents to let their children choose the school they want to go to, if at all possible. Make sure to visit a lot of campus's. When you find the campus you think is right for you, make sure you think over your choice. Look at the campus and see if it has everything that you want in a campus. Even the smallest things can make you unhappy.


I was so affraid of going back to school after being out of highschool for twenty years that I had butterflies in my stomach the week before classes started. After receiving my class schedule I went to the college campus and talked with one of my professors. I explained to her that I had been out of school for a long time and that I was really affraid that I might not be able to handle the classes. She smiled and assured me that I would have the best time of my life in her class and that we would get through it together. Well she was right, it was my first college English class and I received an A in the class. She was right, she made learning so much fun and made everyone in the class feel like they were the most important person in the class. There was so much individual attention given to everyone in the class of thirteen that we all felt special. I had heard about the small class sizes at the university and that is why I chose this school. Finding a school that puts the student first, provides the best college experience.


Make sure to visit each campus you are interested in. Try to find people who have attended the campus for at least a year and ask them questions about professors, labs, and administration. I think that students enrolled at the college for at least a year is definetly the best option though.