Indiana Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Indiana Tech is the class size and the profesors knowing your name. The class size is semi-small so you get the one on one time with your profesor. Thats good for me because if i had a problem , I could go straight to my profesor.


The best thing that I would consider at my school ar ethe athletics teams. Most students are here for athletics and these teams are great. The teams have won nationals and have done community service projects around fort wayne.


That its a small school with small classes and great teachers. You don't get away with as much, but the conversations tend to be more stimulating. The campus itself is also very beautiful.


My teachers were willing to go the extra mile for the students. They were willing to help when asked. Some of them even took extra time to make sure that I understood what they were teaching.


Be ready to learn, teachers expect that. Most teacher are very helpful. They will work with you to learn.