Indiana State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Like i said in the previous question, i have only had a two day experience with the environment but i can say those two days were very exciting for me. the students were all amazing to me and fun to be around.




Diverse students in interests and activity choices.


The student body is spirited and friendly to other peers and staff.


I feel the student body is divided between students that were just told to come to college and students that know what they want to do as a career. Majority of campus is greek and most students engage in partying frequiently.


My classmates are all interested in the same things as me, and create a great environment for studying, since we all have similar classes and work to do (but we still have time for fun.)


ISU has a diverse population of students from social status to culture,


Indiana State University is a very diverse university. No student that can attend, nor has attended, has ever felt left out. Many students just mix well with one another. Most males wear a tshirt and jeans to class, while females like to dress up a bit, but nothing too fancy. Most students attending this university come from Indiana, but some are also from Illinois. Some students are even from far other states. Many students at the university are helped with some form of financial, but continue to work on their studies, as well as, their jobs.


I would call most of my classmates inmature. Alot of these kids are young and just want to party all the time. There are a select few that are older and mature.




My classmates are laid back.


My classmates are very nice and everyone is willing to help each other.


There are more groups than I can count on campus. You can visit our website at to see the lists and lists of different organizations ranging from religious groups, to a hot air balloon club! It's also really easy to begin an organization here if there's not one that you find yourself wanting to join. Students are extremely causal on campus. Some students dress up more pending the classes that they have which may require observations/internships/etc. Other classes are normally sweats or jeans. Simple as that. There are all different kinds of racial backgrounds, and financial backgrounds at ISU. We have what seems to be a lot of scholarships that help pay for student's tuition. We also have a very racially diverse campus. It is a predominately Caucasian campus, but we do have quite a mixture ethnically.


My classmates are probably what would be described as typical college students.


My classmates are eager to learn and share my excitement for the community and family environment that ISU provides.


Generally everyone is friendly and willing to work with you to better you and the school, no matter your age, size, gender, or race on campus.


Solid friends


Life long friends that come from a wide variety of backgrounds.


My classmates are very fun and energetic when it comes to enjoying ourselves, but in class they are all about studying and paying attention to the teacher.


They are mainly interested in individual things .


The majority of my classmates here at ISU are very studious and hardworking students. They are very friendly and always are there to offer help for anyone that needs. I know when I first started here I was kind of a loner and didn't talk to anyone but after getting know my classmates a little more, I have been able to break out a little more.


I've found that the student's at Indiana State Universtiy are very friendly, and they're eager to get to know you and help out in any way needed.


All of my classmates participate in our online classes.


My classmates are very friendly and eager to help if you have a problem.


My classmates are highly school spirited, enthusiastic, and most of the time friendly.


My classmates are very studious and focused on their futures.


Very nice people and easy to get along with and work with.


My classmates here are helpful here. If I did not catch what the professor was lecturing about, or was not able to attend class for any reason, my classmates here were always willing to get be caught up to where I need to be in the class. It was also not difficult forming study groups as well.


They are friendly, easy to talk to, and they are there for me as much as I need them.


My class-mates are very hard-working, and we always help each other out, like reminding each other of assignments, and requirements, and due dates.


A verity of different people.


Tend to be pretty chatty with people they know from highschool or their living quarters but can be pretty distant and cold seeming when in the classroom with new people. Attempt to engage the professors on subjects that have an impact on our futures or changes in-state. We respond better to professors when they invite us into their lives by telling us about them and their family instead of those who are very private and only talk about the course and it's material.


My classmates are very diverse, and have many different life experiences which contribute positively to the diversity of campus life.


A typical classmate is eager to learn, sometimes bored with the subject, but shows respect for the teacher and fellow students.


Classmates are mostly interested in their major. Many talk about drinking a lot as well.


Fun driven and motivated to succeed


My classmates came from diverse backgrounds; many of them were hard workers, but others wanted to get by doing as little as possible, and were often able to do so.