Indiana State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for business.


Indiana State University is best known for the large about of volunteer hours annually completed by students. It is also known for wonderful professors that know each and every one of their students by first name.


Our education and MBA programs are really well-known and high-quality.


ISU has great school pride. The campus is absolutely beautiful. The fountain is a major feature of the campus and it sits right in the middle. The campus also has great dining services and the new SRC (Student Recreation Center) is awesome. The school is relatively small and it has as many programs as a bigger university.


My school is best known for their educational programs. Because they believe in being successful and helping people being successful.


Our school president lives on campus which isn't normal for most schools, and he allows many students in his home during the day. We also are known for our Tandem Races which have been held since the beginning of Indiana State University.


Indiana State is best know for it's College of Education graduate program and nursing graduate program. The College of Education's graduate program has been rated in the "Top 100" by U.S. News and World Report and the nursing graduate program has been named in the "Top 75" by U.S. News.


Indiana State is best known for is small class sizes. There are always options for bigger lecture halls if that is what you prefer, but overall class sizes are a very good size. With the classes being smaller you will always find time to meet with your professors and they actually care how you do and if you are in class or not. A lot of schools do not, but I think it is good that even though you are on your own, your professors are still there for you if no one else is.


My school is best known for acquiring alot of international students, so we have a culturally diverse campus which is very unique in my opinion. We also have programs for our students to study abroad in different places.


ISU is best known as the school that Larry Bird attended and as the original Indiana Normal School, for teachers.


This school is best known for their degrees in education, pilot degrees, nursing degrees, and of course Larry Bird.


My school is best known due to the College of Business and our football team.


Indiana State Unviersity (ISU) is best known for it's Liberal Arts Academic Achievement. ISU believes every student should have a well-rounded education in order to achieve the utmost in his/her life and career.


It's best known for giving students a chance rather undecided or decided to be able to do something with themselves and great on campus programs so that students can do something with themselves during free time. Not only that, but also great jobs to be able to work and build up a resume' so that works experience will be built.


Indiana State University combines a tradition of strong undergraduate and graduate education with a focus on community and public service. They have integrated their teaching, research, and creative activity in an engaging, challenging, and supportive learning environment to prepare productive citizens for Indiana and the world. Inspired by a shared commitment to improving our communities, Indiana State University will be known nationally for academic, cultural, and research opportunities designed to ensure the success of its people and their work.


The school is known for it's education and nursing courses. It is also known as a small university that is helpful for the small town students.


Indiana State is well known for their teaching, criminology and business degrees. Those professions are more seeked and completed from ISU then any other subject, activity, or charity event. Indiana State is also known for the school to party and not fully succeed in many careers. Not much support is available for students after graduation to help support them into their new lives.


education and athletic training programs


Larry Bird


education, small class sizes, caring professors


Sycamore Leaves


The school is best known for being a school with sports that lose. Although that is sad, the sports teams at Indiana State University do not always perform very well. Also, the students have been known in the past to have the largest student-sponsored parade during Homecoming.