Indiana State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics are challenging and well rounded. They give a variety of hands-on, text book, professional experiences and lectures.


The class sizes vary, however, majority of class sizes are usually no more than 35 students. The professors get to know, not only your name, but they know about you personally and enjoy knowing about you. Majority of classes include very active participation (not just lectures). My major is Information Technology and when I graduate the university will have already helped me getting a job right as I finish school.


Majority of professors learn your name fairly quickly and take a general interest. There was a time period where I chose to skip class for a while, and a professor emailed me to make sure everything was okay and encourage me to come back to class. The kind of personal attention I received from that professor influenced me greatly and swayed me to get my act together and refocus. English 370, Survey of Folklore with Dr. Nan, was the most fun class I've ever had. She had so much passion for teaching, and everyone in the class actively participated everyday. It was such a fun atmosphere, and I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to fulfill a Foundational Studies requirement. I was an English major in undergrad and am currently working on my M.A. in English Literature. The faculty in the department serve as excellent mentors and go out of their way to help the other grad students and me succeed.


Some like the feel of big schools... but going to a school where there's classes of 300, no real connection with your professors, and not any room to breathe is not for me. My professors all know my name, I'm able to ask questions in class and feel like the professors really care about me, and my grades. Some students are competitive here, but no more than at a different university. The most unique class I've taken would be a film-lit class that did all of it's research in monster movies. We watched and critiqued movies from the First Frankenstein, to more recent films. ISU prepares you for your career, and embodies you with extra information to make you more competitive in applying for jobs.