Indiana State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype associated with my school is ghetto. I think in some ways yes it is correct, but in other ways it is far from accurate.


The current stereotype of students at Indiana State University is many students are "hicks". Many students do come from very small towns in Indiana, however, majority of the students are not hicks. They are very well educated people who come from the country side.


Local Terre Haute résidents refer to Indiana State University as "I Screwed Up," therefore they tend to believe students choose ISU as a last resort. The reality is far from this perception. ISU students choose to attend ISU because they want to better their lives. and they know that the university has a lot to offer them. ISU students are not screws up despite the joke about the acronym; ISU students are driven, fun, and successful.


This statement is definitely NOT true. Indiana State University is an amazing university full of knowledgeable professors, students, and staff. ISU has many accredited programs, and some of the best programs in the state, such as: Nursing, Physical Education, Education, Athletic Training, plus more! ISU is definitely not I screwed up... more of an "I made a Super decision, U should too.


Honestly, we probably have at least one of every "stereotype" you could come up with. ISU is the most diverse public college in the state of Indiana! Fortunately I've never heard a specific one except "hautians," which just means that you live in the city of Terre Haute. Sometimes that term is accompanied by a negative connotation.


They call people from Terre Haute Hautians