Indiana State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love it. They are so friendly and helpful!


I have been very pleased with this college. So much so my son is attending in the fall.


My overall opinion of Indiana State University is very pleasant. I truly enjoy every little thing about this university. The university has plenty of people to get to know, but not too many where you don't know where to start looking to meet new people/friends. There is a lot of school pride displayed every day and every sport event. There is also very good greek life on and near campus. Many students believe that being part of that is one of the best decisions they have ever made.


ISU has a new student rec center which is an amazing addition to campus. The rec center has top-of-the-line fitness equipment and multiple basketball courts, and students take full advantage of the facilities anytime they need a break from the stress of school. I personally enjoy the Commons at lunch time because I see lots of my friends (and the food choices are pretty good too!). The most common complaint about campus is the parking. If you are a business major or an education major, majority of the classes are near large lots with lots of available spaces. The lots near the dorms on the other hand, always seem to be full. This can be extremely annoying for students trying to carry groceries from their car to their dorm room if they've had to park in lots far away from their residence. I transferred to ISU from a much larger school that was out of state. I performed much better at ISU because of the smaller class sizes and more intimate settings. Instead of sitting in lecture halls with over 500 students, I found I learned better in the smaller classrooms ISU provides.


Indiana State has offered me so much, I could never repay. I've been able to get involved with so many different organizations, meet so many life-changing people, and have been granted with opportunities I never would have been if I would have chosen a different school. The best thing about ISU is definitely the different opportunities you're able to receive. Our school is a mid-sized school, not too big, and not too small. Coming from a small town, this size was the perfect fit for me. The dining halls on campus are great! They offer a lot of variety, and are buffet style, so if we choose a food item, and decide that it's not our taste, we can grab something else instead. The biggest controversy right now is that the school is getting rid of the '24 Hour Lab' which allows us to work on homework all night, and print when we need to. Many students are unsatisfied about this, but we do also have a library with a wide range of hours, and computers, and many labs in the different buildings on campus.


I may sound like a cheesy commercial here, but.....I really love ISU! Our current President cares about the students. We are big enough to brag about diversity, but small enough that each of my professors knows me by name. They make extra help available during office hours which I take advantage of. I can walk everywhere comfortably. When I tell people that I attend ISU some of confuse it with IU, because we aren't quite as popular. The city of Terre Haute is a huge step up from my small farm town home; however, it isn't ideal. Many students leave town for the weekend, and there are bad areas here. Our school pride is ever-increasing though, as our football team has significantly improved.


The best thing about the school is the size I would want to change food options I spend most of my time at the rec center or my residents hall There is not as much school pride as there should be