Indiana State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If given the opportunity to speak to myself as a high school senior with the experiences and knowledge that I have gained in my first year of post-secondary education, I would simply say, "Use your summer break to find yourself." By this I mean to take the time off that high school seniors have before college to reflect on themselves. Take time to think about who you really are, what your interests are, and think about the type of person that you are or would like to be. Don't freak out about not being completely sure about what you want to study. That's what college is for. While in college you will start to form opinions about everything in life. You will form opinions that are your own, not those that your family raised you with, but ones that you, as an individual, truly believe and are passionate about. While in college you will be exposed to many different ideas of thought and you will meet many people. Enjoy the ride to finding more out about yourself and the journey of college. It's a fun adventure.


dont waste time


Learn to pick up good study habits and don't slack off. Procrastination never helped anything. Also, get to know your teachers because someday they may be good references. Money does not grow on trees. Save your money and also apply to every scholarship you can.


I would give myself the advice to live in a freshman dorm rather than a specialty dorm. This would have allowed me to be placed with students my own age to study with rather than upperclassmen and would have made the transition to college easier.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to gain and maintain the best study habit possible. College is NOTHING like how you thought it would be and your high school habits aren't going to cut it in college. I would also tell myself to seperate yourself from others. Its your time to gain your own personal identity and really discover who you are and you don't need old things being throw back in your face or hendering you from being all you can be.


Don't take high school forgranted. As simple as that. Work harder because the hard work will benefit you your freshman year of college. Pick up beneficial studying habits because without them, passing exams later on will be difficult. Actually do the homework with vivid thought processes because even though you 'think' you will never see it again- you will. Last but not least, set your short and long term goals now. Say to yourself how important this education is to you everyday, know how lucky you are to have one, and set goals to not only better yourself but hopefully ones that will benefit other people or things as well. This determination will help with the adjustment between high school and college. Starting motivational talk to yourself now will only aid that fire inside you, and help it perservere through the curveballs and difficult tasks college may throw at you.


Take more chances. You have messed up in the past and thats ok. You can recover. Life is not all that bad. Not everyone does well. Everyone doesn't get 3. whatever. Spend the money and get help. You don't have to do it alone. Have some faith in youself. Take better care of youself. Gain some real confidence.


Get on taking the SAT as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate putting in college applications and take advantage of College Go Week. Go to the school that has the most to offer, do not just follow high school friends to their schools. This is your life you are working for, not theirs. Make your own decisions.


I would say that i would have stay in school while growing up. It's harder to stay in school without a role model and parents by your side. Now I choose college because it's important for todays learning and knowledge of other things and people. School is important because it can be rewarding and you can learn alot of new things and ideas while acheiveing your degree. The advice I would give myself is that an education is important for todays society and growing people in todays world.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about making the transition to college as a freshman, I would say the most important thing is time management. By having the skill of time manangement, it will allow you to allocate between study time and leisure time. Most freshman in college tend to forget this and spend most of their time partying. If you know how to balance your work and study habbits in between classes and on the weekends, you'll be another step closer to being successful. Another thing I would give myself advice about is to check my class syllabus's daily. Most professors don't remind you about upcoming things that are due so it's very important to stay on top of everything. The last thing I would tell myself is just to enjoy college and make the most of it. Remember why you're here in the first place and what you're trying to accomplish in life. Set a few goals for yourself before the semester starts and work realy hard to acheive those goals by the end of the semester. If you fail don't give up just try harder.


If i could go back in time , I would talk to my high school senior self. I would give myself advice on the top three ways to go to college to succed. i would being telling myself that college will be very fun and fundamental to growing. i would tell myself how to prepare and pass the SAT with a very hight score to receive more money to go tworads college. The higher your SAT score the more college acceptance letters, pell grants, and scholarships will come. I would also tell myself that organization, participation, and studying will help me succeed in class. Organization is the key to knowing when test and homework is due. Participation is a good way to stand out and get your professors to notice you. And we all know studying is the key to getting and A out of the course. College isnt as hard as it may seem, but it can be at first. Once you fully adjust college life will fly pass easily.


The best way to take notes is to print the PowerPoints and take notes on, or next to, the coordinating slide. Skipping class can make you fail automatically. Actually schedule time for you to do your homework, or you'll just procrastinate. Most of all, be involved! Although you will get really busy, try to gain as much experience as possible. Learning time management just happens with trial and error. Also, be aware of ALL deadlines: that includes class, financial aid, and registration. Don't be afraid to let loose and have some fun, but stick to your morals. This is the time for you to find the woman you're going to be for the rest of your life. Don't let the bad times get you down; let them serve as a memory of how far you have come.


Looking back to 2003, literally ten years ago from today, I would tell 18 year old Nicole, that it is 100% alright to not have all the answers, and to take time to discover things you are passionate about. Passion is the ultimate driver in life, and to be passionate about your studies and your work will make a career a tolerable endeavor. I would make sure my younger self knew to enjoy the journey and not to focus on the destination, because ultimately you will end up where you end up.


Get invloed soon, and takes college class as soon as you can. Also never judge a book by its cover.. you will make great friends that way


I would give myself two pieces of advice. First, take the Japanese placement test over the summer instead of waiting after the first semester. I took Japanese throughout high school, and I had been debating when to take the placement test. Because I thought I would be placed into Japanese 102, which is only offered in the spring, I waited to take the placement test until the end of the semester. I was placed into Japanese 201, which is only offered in the fall, so now I have a whole year in between my studies of the Japanese language. If I had taken the placement test over the summer, then I would’ve gone straight into Japanese 201 and be able to study abroad sooner. The second piece of advice is to become involved from day one. The first semester of college, I wasn’t involved in any clubs or organizations. I felt like I was missing out on something important. Now I’m involved in Females in Technology (FiT) and the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) organizations, and I love it. I realized that I was missing the feeling of being involved in something that is bigger than me.


I would tell my high school self that education is important. Stay in school, don't drop out. There are so many more options available to you if you have an actual diploma, not just a GED. Don't fall in with the wrong crowd, and always know what that crowd's intentions are. It's so easy to be taken advantage of, to be exploited just for kicks, and you can't afford to be caught even once. There's a lot going on in the world that you don't know about yet, so don't think you've got it sorted just yet. Work harder, and go for that job. You need to start working on your career mindset as early as you can, otherwise you'll break your back trying to get there later. It's much harder to re-learn something you got wrong than to learn it the right way first. Keep your chin up, because it gets better.


I would say to look for scholarships constantly and to also look for a job early on. Worrying about money will hurt you in your academics since the stress of not having money and not being able to buy books made it hard to get the work done in class. Also to get out and meet people. Going back to the dorms all day make you very anti social and makes college very boring.


Do not let life slip by you. Live your dreams and complete your education while you can. Go to college and acquire your education so that you can be marketable in today's very competitive work-labor force. Get your education before bills, car payments, mortgage, marriage, and babies take front seat. You are smart, have great communication skills, and are on top of your game! Make sure you utilize your time wisely. Get involved in activities at school and since you make friends easily, do so. You will be creating memories that will last a lifetime. Remember to take time for yourself. Destress and do not sweat the small stuff. Things will fall into place according to plan -- but do not proscrastinate. Plan ahead and make things happen!!! Get to college and continue your education so that you can take those skills and build on them. You have what it takes to pound the pavement -- now get that education so that you can acquire that dream job and be the employee every company wants!! Do not settle!! Do not settle for a J-O-B! Get a career. Because life is too short to be unhappy with a JOB!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would give myself honest advise about being independant. Responisbility does come with age, and college is a great way to learn how to be independant. I would tell myself to work harder, to apply for as many scholarships as possible, and to "sell" my smarts to as many colleges as possible. Then, I would calmly and patiently choose the right college for me.


If I could go baack in time, I would tell myself to listen to my mother and not take high school lightly. My mom was always telling me how I should start looking for scholarships early so i could pay for school but I never listened, thinking I knew more than she did. Also, I would say not to slack off. I didnt realize how I was hurting myself by doing just enough to get by in high school.


If I could redo senior year again, I would take more time to stop and enjoy it, instead of trying to rush forward to graduation. I wouldn't have spent so much time worrying about the future and starting college. There was no need to fear moving in, or starting classes. However, I would've spent more time with my family. You don't appreciate them while you still in the same household, but after you move out and can only come home every several weekends, you start to realize how important they are in your life. I would've told myself to attend any on-campus event for incoming freshman before the year started. Not only is it a great way to get to know the campus, it also would've helped to have a few friends before the semester started. It would've helped make the transition into college much easier, since not knowing anyone can make your first few weeks away from your hometown lonely.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior I would tell myself that everything would turn out okay. At the time of my senior year I had been severly depressed for 9 years. I had survived 4 overdoses and felt that life could not go on. I would tell myself to not give up and to keep my head up becasue my life would get better. I would tell myself that I will be happy and that it just takes time. I would also advise myself not to push my friends away and to use them as support. College life is great becasue of the freedom and I love most of the classes I take.


Have more fun your first semester. Don't spend so much time in your room.




If I could go back in time and talk to myself while I was in high school there are just a couple suggestions I would give myself. To start off with I would tell myself that I need to work harder while I'm in high school so that I will have good grades going into college. Second, I would tell myself that I need to learn better study habits because if I didn't, college would be very difficult. The last thing I would tell myself is that I need to become more outgoing during high school. Being more outgoing during high school will definitely help in the college experience.


You can never be too prepared for anything. The thing that college students need to know is that they should go in with an open mind and ready to hit the books. In college the all work and no play saying definitely comes to mind because if you want to move forward as astudent you have to work. Devote yourself to group on campus and join a group. If you don't have enough time to work employers would like ti know that you can complete a task and being an active member of an organization is a start. Take pride in all that you do; you are a representation of your family and it's your education. Have fun, it's not the end of the world I promise.


I would say that high school students should prepare to spend a lot less time in class, and a lot more time doing homework outside of class time. Students should know how to manage your time.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college there is some advice that I would give myself. One thing that I would tell myself is to not sweat the little things. If someone or something is giving you a hard time, just let it go and try and go a different way. Another piece of advice that I would give myself is that college is not like high school. You will have to work hard to get the grades that you want, and with some classes you might even have to teach the material to yourself because some of the teachers will not go through the book. They expect you to do it one your own time. Other than that I feel that I was prepared for college.


Dear Bethany, It's okay. Breathe. I know that senior year is a stressful time with a lot of tough decisions to make. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are going to make the right decisions. Just relax. Don't panic. Breathe. I know you are busy and all. That hard work will pay off soon enough. Those nine Advanced Placement classes are and have been a pain in the butt, but guess what? This time next year, you will already be a sophomore. All those extra curriculars, sports, and leadership positions are going to get you exactly where you need to be. Don't worry, you are just fine. Breathe. Take a day off, just one. For one day, enjoy today and don't be so concerned about the future. Go hang out with your friends. You are going to miss them like crazy next year. Breathe. Breathe.


The advice I would give myself if as a high school senior back in 2009, that college is about being focus on your goals and staying committed to the work and time you have to put into school. It does get challenging juggling your social life and school. But you can do it; you just have to stay focus to reach your dreams, for yourself, family and the most important thing your future. Also to prove all those who thought that you would never make it to college let alone Finish College and accomplish your dreams. Keep seeking out your dreams and do the best you can juggling social life and school life. Don’t give up it because you can accomplish your goals.


My advice to high school seniors, is to learn how to study. In high school, I, personally, did not know how to study because I really did not need to. However when I got to college I had to learn. Also, fill out as many scholarship opportunities that are availible because you never know what could happen while it college.


If I could go back in time and tell myself anything, I would tell myself to think really hard about what i want my major to be. I would tell myself that college is a great challenge and to stay as focused as possible. Also that if i work really hard I can go to the college of my choice.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have much to discuss with my former self. The experience I have gained from college life, and making the transition from high school to college, has had numerous effects on the way I choose to live my life. To my former self, there is one piece of advice that I would give, and that would be to be open minded. My Freshman year at Indiana State University was an extreme culture shock for me; moroever, it was through the interactions with a diversity of people that helped me grow as an individual. These interactions have taught me the importance of differences and change. The reason why our society is so strong is because of the diversity that makes up our country. Every person comes to the table with different experiences and backgrounds, and in turn, this helps us to continually grow and advance towards new and higher things. In essence, to my former self I will say, be open minded and see the beauty in the differences of each and every individual.


If I could go back and find myself as a high school senior and tell myself anything that would help me with the transition to college, I would say, "Don't give up ad work hard everyday." Over the course of my two years in college, I have not worked the hardest that I could. I thought that since I am in college I could just coast. Obviously I was wrong. I have dug myself into holes that I have barely gotten out of, but it will never happen again. I wish it could have been that way from the beginning, but I learned from my mistakes and am moving on towards my goals.


I spent most of my time in my senior year in high school coasting. Now that I am over half way through my first semester in college, I wish I had made better choices. I should have taught myself to be more studious. I needed to learn how to spend a maximum amount of time reading through the textbook and notes. My biggest issue here at school is not allowing myself to procrastinate, and applying my time to books.


You can do it! Don't worry about how much it costs, you can get financial aid and scholarships. But definitely go to college! If you don't do well in college, you'll regret it the rest of you life. In high school, I thought having a job and making money was more important. Fifteen years later I hated my life and was not happy, that's why I'm back in college, and wish I would have just done it right the first time. I'm getting a Masters degree in the medical field and couldn't be happier. College is the best years of your life.


Boy, I know it will be hard to start college and be on my own. The teachers in college are not like high school teachers where they remind you of work that is due and check up on your progress. I know I will have to be self-motivated and a self-starter. As soon as school begins I need to spend my free time reading assignments, doing homework and start research for papers. There won't be any procrastinating and waiting for someone to ask me if I an working on my school work. Remember self, you must be mature and resposible while attending college. Focus and don't tell myself that I can begin tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes when you put things off. Work hard, have fun and learn alot.


If i had to opportunity to travel back in the and advice myself, i would have taken advanced placement classes to boost up my gpa, as well as joined a few more clubs so that my eyes could be opened up to a variety of new and interesting things that life has to offer. I would have stuck my head more in my books rather than hanging out with friends. I would have applied for a lot of scholarships within my junior year so that when the senior year drags along i would be set for college. Internships would have given me the extra boost i would need to get my mind familairized with my desired major which is accounting. I would be purse furthering my education, not limiting my capabiltiy or the opportunity to excel rather than counting the days until i was out of high school and into the "real world." Ive realized that eventhough i have gotten into the real world, there is nothing much that can be done without an education. The means of furthering my knowledge is just a click away, so why not grab hold of the opportunities while i still can?


If I could go back to being a high school senior, I would tell myself to worry less and live more. Don't worry about finding the right group of friends, making the perfect 4.0 gpa, or whether you will excel in your chosen career. These things will fall into place on their own without you fretting over them constantly. Have faith, let go, and see where life takes you.


I would say to myself, that things are going to change. School is much harder, you will make all new friends, and you will be doing things for yourself, and all of those silly things that you dreaded in high school will disappear. the transition to college is hard in the beginning because you have to find your way, but give it time and you will adjust just fine. break out of your shell and you will learn more about yourself in the next four years than you thought you knew about yourself. Have fun, be socialable, make new friends, and most importantly, school work must come first. This is the time to work hard, but also have fun as well. Just remember that college is helping you to become who you want to be in your future. Your career is waiting for you, you just have to find it.


Just get on it! That's what I would tell myself if I could go back in time and do what I did not do during my last year in high school. As a first generation student, I felt so intimidated by the process of starting college that I did not apply to any institution, even less for scholarships. I felt frustrated because although, I wanted and needed that financial aid in order to keep pursuing my education, I did not know how to even begin. So, not being able to go directly to a four-year university right away, I enrolled myself into a community college and worked from there. At first, I did not know what career to pursue, but I tried to keep my grades as high as possible. Thanks to that I was able to be admitted into some of the honor societies on campus. I meet peers with similar circumstances, and was able to get advice from them as well as from professors and advisors. Now that I am about to transfer, I am ready to transfer to a university. I wish I had had the knowledge and courage that I have now back then.


If I could speak to my past self who was a senior in high school, there are a multitude of things that I would say. Firstly, I would discuss with myself the need to take the SAT, and to possibly try to finish out my last semester at a fully accredited school. These would have been the two biggest issues that I would have brought to light. Additionally, I would have stressed that taking a full class schedule straight off will help ease graduation later on. Although I am not usually the type to involve myself in extra-curricular activities, I would have also suggested being part of the Honors program, and doing community service. For now, these are the best tokens of advice I could give to my past self.


Deliesha! Can I talk to you? Listen. I am you in 10 years. I only have an A.A. Degree in Criminal Justice and I am not using it. I know you have not applied for any colleges because you plan on going to a Trade School, please reconsider. I know you want to obtain an certification in a field to make immediate funds but, you will owe a lot in student loans due to this. It will be a hole that you can not dig yourself out of and then you eventually enroll into a community college. I definitely urge you to apply for a four year university and complete your senior folder. It will make life so much easier and believe me you are going to miss the college experience. You want to grow up so fast, enjoy your youthfulness. Take care of you now and then it will be much easier and attainable to care for your family. The plan you have will not fold out the way you expect it to. Go to College! Please! I'm begging you!


I would advise myself to take time to find a major that I would really like before I started college. I would wait to start classes until I was more emotionally mature, so I could more easily focus on academics without as much drama with other people. I would also advise limiting social life if it interferes with homework.


I have learned how to manage my time and schedule much better. College is a delicate balance of class and social life. As a member of a fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, I have both a fulfilling social and intellectual life. As I get to higher level classes, I feel like college will have more educational vaule for my field of study.


I have been able to learn about subjects that are both related to my field of study and extraneous of my major. The variety of available knowledge to be found in college is mindblowing and invaluable. It is extremely beneficial to be involved in organizations on campus in order to make new lifelong friends and also network. I have learned so much about myself and my world by exploring both intently with direction from professors and colleagues.


My first year have college has already opened my eyes to an entirely different world that I wasn't aware existed. I come from a town that many of the kids do not graduate high school, end up in prison, or just don't seem to care where they end up in life. I have never understood this type of mindset. Indiana State has shown me that I am not alone. There are others that share my passion for higher education and for criminal justice. It has been inspiring to see my peers learning and growing with me throughout this year. I love that I have a sense of belonging here. I know this is where I should be and I feel amazingly comfortable in saying that my education here is going to make me extremely confident in my future career.


I love college. Its much better to me than high school ever was. I met my best friend here at college. I have been more involved in my own life because of college. In high school, I was not motivated to do much of anything. I was in marching band because mom forced me to do it. I used to be really dark and depressed, but I'm now very light and cutesy. Now, I'm in Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors classes, I go to basketball games, and other events, I have friends, and I'm hardly ever home anymore. I work 2 jobs, where before, I was too afraid to even go into places to ask for an application. My social skills have really improved while in college, and my personality, my character, who I am, has grown into something totally unrecognizable from before. I love college.


From my college experience I have learned a lot about myself and a lot about others. Indiana State has help me understand what it takes to be a true musician and it has opened many other opportunities to me should I change my mind. College may not be for everyone, but it is certainly something to strongly consider. I would not be able to meet my life goals without it. Aside from obtaining your degree and learning a lot about yourself from college, it also introduces you to the adult world and helps you get a feel of how to live on your own. Do not decide against attending college based on one college. Every college is different and I'm sure there is a college just for you. Don't pass up the best years of your life!


So far I have learned that no one can tell you your own worth. I started at a community college and am now attending a university. You can see that people stereotype you based on your college. I am still the same person, but from seeing this perspective I can now have my own sense of confidence. I work hard and can see the results of my efforts. This gives me confidence that no one can take away. I did have a lot of people helping me along the way. This was along with people telling me I would never succeed. Of course this helped me to want to prove them wrong. I transferred from a community college that 11% make it out of, when 90% want to. This was with a 3.5 GPA so I know I can do anything I set my mind to. Though college is expensive, the confidence that can be earned from attending is priceless.