Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The creative, liberal Meca for all midwestern kids.


Indiana University is a melting pot of students from all different backgrounds and cultures, which allows for a wonderful learning and living experience.


IU Bloomington students are lively and passionate.


It is a place where there are numerous opportunities for everyone to find the path they want to take in life and pursue it with lots of resources available to succeed.


Indiana University is a big, beautiful, diverse, incredible school!


A place where you can go to find your true self and learn who you are and who you want to be.


Indiana University is the most exciting, diverse, and beautiful campus that I have been to while also having the powerhouse athletic teams, numerous distuguished and successful academic departments, and exciting student life to bring people in and make them fall in love with everything the school has to offer.


The best place to be, and you home away from home.


IU is a melting pot of cultures and people from all over the world. It can be overwhelming just how massive the school is, but eventually you find the favorite restaurants and study spots and you are able to make such a large school genuine and unique to your own experiences.


Well-rounded and full of diverse oppertunities.


Indiana University was a four year experience that allowed me to earn an education, develop professionally, engage socially, and provide myself with the ability to support myself for the rest of my life as well as earn enough of a living to provide the next generation in my family with college degrees.


Coming to Indiana University was the best choice of my life; if I wouldn't have I never would have made the friends I have or experiences I've had.


Best place on earth


A decent school with an awesome downtown making up for the shortcomings.


The college experience that everyone dreams about... and more.


A home away from home.


Indiana University maintains an irreplaceable atmosphere and spirit that creates a sense of unity in the campus, while exhibiting countless opportunities for the success and support of its students.


Indiana University is a place that allows prospective students to discover new interests, but it requires personal discipline and perseverance to find where one truly feels like they belong the most.


It is absolutely beautiful at Indiana University in Bloomington. The people here are very friendly and there is always something to do around here. The professors are very well rounded and getting an education here will be very beneficial for me in the future.


Indiana University Bloomington has, by far, the most beautiful campus in the country. Cutting through the arboretum on the way to class, you will see a beautiful hilly area where students sit and study, a small stream cuts through the middle. My favorite part of the arboretum is getting to walk on foot bridges over the stream!


If I could describe Indiana University of Bloomington in one word it would be Pride. All my fellow classmates stick together and have so much school spirit, it truely gives the University a good environment to live in. It shows students how important it is to be involved in an athletic organization to contribute as much as one can while in college. However, those who do not participate in any athletics they are no less or more a Hoosier because all the students do a great job with supporting all the teams and keeping high spirits.


IUB is a fun, and exciting place to meet new people on the journey to your career.


You know the college campus you see in the movies? The one with all the big stone buildings, green quad, and trees... that's IU. IU is one of the most beautiful college campuses you will come across. Lots of trees, green space, and flowers. Many of the buildings are still the same lime stone buildings that have been here for 100 years (yes, they have been renovated inside).


Indiana University, being a very large school, has so much to offer that it is whatever the student wants it to be.


Come prepared for a very large school. I enjoy and appreciate the diversity. Get involved early! Talk with professor - its easy to get lost in the masses. Develop a schedule and stick to it. Meet as many people as your can - you never know when it can help. Consider joining a frat, but do it for the right reasons. Find out where the academic and other resources/ help is available - use it!


Indiana University is the best of both worlds, it is such a large, beautiful campus but with so many ways to get involved I never feel lost in the crowd.


IU Bloomington is the ideal college campus in an ideal college town.


Indiana University is big and has a great campus.


IU is a diverse campus of students finding their place in the world, coming together from all over discovering different opportunites for their future in a town that revolves around the campus.


Indiana University is a large diverse school with a wide range of opportunities from sport teams varsity or recreational to hundreds of different clubs and majors.


A busy mess of people and ideas.


Indiana is the greatest school on the planet because its fun, educating, and enlightening.


Indiana University is a wonderful institution full of opportunities, diversity and creatitivity are embraced and allowed to make you blossom into a knowledgable and well rounded individual upon graduation.


This school is big and diverse in education.


Indiana University is blooming with opportunity.


Indiana University is a very liberal school.


It is a very cultural place where diversity is embraced. There is never a dull moment here, and although we don't always agree with the staff, they are great people.


Indiana University is an academic institution that posesses so many opportunities in and out of the class room that offers students the chance to excell in both academics as well as social activities and networking that will create unlimited opportunities for them in the future.


There is never a reason to be bored.


Indiana University provides a positive, welcoming environment filled with energy and life in which students are encouraged to ask questions and explore many different opportunities while obtaining a great education, all encompassed in the atmostphere of an ideal college campus: old stone and brick buildings adorned with ivy, statues and gargoyles, a great deal of greenery (including an arboretum), and a quaint downtown area.


Indiana University is a highly spirited school full of opportunity to get involved, meet diverse people, explore meaningful careers, learn about different cultures, volunteer in the community, join clubs, learn and grow from professors as well as other students, and most impotantly, IU prepares each student for a prosperous future.


Indiana University of one of the top colleges in the Big Ten for academics, research, music, and athletics.


A place where a student can escape from the ordinary and experience a world full of knowledge, new friendships, and a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself.


Indiana University is a beautiful, fun school that promotes an education and an active social life in one community.


My school is a colaboration of every type of person there is; whether they are black or white, atheist or Catholic, and every person is here to grow and expand their horizons.


A diverse consistant academic, but also socially based university.


Indiana University is a wonderful academic institution that is strong in the fields of business, journalism and the arts.


Home away from home.


It has a good social and scholarly scene.


Social, enthusastic, high energy, learning enviornment are the words that describe IU.