Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best know for the Kelly School of Business.


Partying. Hoosiers know how to have a really good time. But more positively we have an awesome music and theatre program here, and truly exemplary personalized major programs


Many people would first say that IU is known for partying, but at second glance it is easy to see that the students are there to learn and to better prepare themselves for the future with the help of distinguished professors and encouraging faculty.


HOOSIER Basketball


It's a party school. Very into Greek life. It's a great school academically but I'm really not a fan of being so focused on partying. It's a fun place


Indiana University - Bloomington is best known for the Kelley School of Business and the Jacobs School of Music.


Some of my favorite campus traditions are Little 500, IUDM, the Nearly Naked Mile, Homecoming, IU Football tailgates, Basketball games, and the Culturefest. Little 500 is a bike race that IU hosts every spring. It has both a men's and women's race where teams from all over campus and Bloomington compete for the winning title. The event is usually celebrated for a whole week with concerts that have featured huge artist names such as Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Dave Matthews Band, Sublime, Girl Talk , Avicii, Pretty Lights, and many many more. IUDM is the nations second largest student-run philanthropy. It is a campus-wide, 36 hour dance marathon that raises money for Riley Children's Hospital. Last year the organization raised a record-breaking $1.9 million while participants spent the 36 hours on their feet dancing and hearing inspiring Riley stories without sitting down the entire time. The Nearly Naked Mile is another popular campus-wide philanthropy that students participate in to raise money and collect clothing for the homeless. Participants wear to the event clothing that they wish to donate. Once they reach the starting point of the mile, runners take off their clothing (not all of it) and collectively run, walk, or jog a whole mile while being "nearly naked". The CultureFest is another one of IU's coolest campus events because it brings all of the cultural clubs on campus together and students can experience different kinds of foods, dancing, music, and more!


Other than Little 500, most other traditions are not so widely known. There is an IU Bucket List though. Some parts of that including sitting in the student section at the sports events, watching a Broadway musical at the auditorium, and taking a class in HPER (school of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation). My favorite "Tradition" is the late night splash in the Showalter Fountain. Most students take a dip in this fountain fall of their freshman year, and spring of their senior year. It's kind of a beginning and end to your time at IU. And on a nice night, it's pretty likely you'll see someone dipping their feet in there.


Indiana University i known for countless number of award winning programs such as the Kelley School of Business and Ernie Pyle School of Journalism. This school has so much to offer in any program of study. Whether you want to study astronomy, advertising, african studies, or anything in between, it can all be done here. All you have to do is put yourself out there and get involved. Indiana's door's are wide open, giving anyone the opportunites they want, and will find here at IU. Not only are Academics great, but being a Hoosier is second best!


Best known for our business school, Kelly.


Indiana University is best known for their past success in sports, especially basketball. Academically, Indiana is a very recognized college in all areas of the academics. The Kelley School of Business is ranked nationally and the medical programs are very well respected from various aspects.


Indiana University is best known for its medical program. The difficulty levels of the medical classes are extremely high. IU strives toward preparing its medical students for medical school in the best manner possible by providing a variant of classes that will challenge students to a certain level that will prepare them for success in the future. IU is inept with what types of courses need to be offered with what intensity of complexity because of its relation with IU medical school.


Unfortunately Indiana University is known as a "party school", which in many respects, it is. However, IU is home to the Kelly School of Business, one of the best business schools in the nation, as well as an outstanding medical program and the Jacob School of Music, which is competitve with such schools as Julliard.


Indiana University is best know for its music, nursing, and law programs.


Our professors are known for their research. Our students are known for being academically driven as well as leading a great social life. Students here often study an area of science or at our globally known business school. Students here are passionate about athletics win or lose. The streets of downtown are always busy with students at night. We are also known for the biking race Little 500.


Apart from past basketball championships, IU is known for it's Kelley School of Business and the Jacob's School of Music.


My schools is best knownow for many things. One of these is the Little 500, which is a collegiate bike race. The event gives students a chance to scholarships. Jacob School of Music is very prestigious, along with the Kelly School of Business. A rather provactive factor at IU is the Kinsey Institute which releases sexual activity information about Americans. Lastly, IU is known for its beautiful, quaint campus that triggers memories from Harry Potter movies to mind when buildings like Sycamore Hall are seen.


Indiana University is best known for two things. The partying and the business school. IU is one of the best party schools, with parties going on any day of week anywhere. However, Iu has one of the best business schools that is highly competitive. Many students try to get in but it is very selective and only the best get it. The business school makes some of the best business graduates in the country


Probably our basketball team, although I don't really follow campus sports. We're also pretty well-known for our business school - Kelly School of Business - and our music school - Jacobs School of Music - which is tied with Juilliard for being the #1 music school in the nation. We also have a fairly famous even on campus called the Little 500, which is a bike race.


My school is probably best known for being very liberal and a party school.


IU Bloomington is best known for its Kelley School of Business and for its basketball program. It also has a lot of scenery which makes it beautiful during the fall.


Indiana University is well know for it's Music, Optometry, Law and Medical programs.


Aside from the well-known Kelley School of Business and Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University- Bloomington is known for its stunning campus. IU-Bloomington offers an aesthetically pleasing campus that provides a cornucopia of general greenery that is a breath of fresh air from the more industrial and urban campuses that now populate the country.


School spirit and great academics.


Indiana has a rich tradition in basketball and the student base is enthusiastic about its athletic teams!


Indiana University is known for a variety for different schools and programs it offers. Not to mention sports. Academically IU is best known for the Kelly School of Business. People from all over the world come to achieve a degree of business. The Jacobs School of Music is also very well known. Just the other day the performing arts center was holding auditions for school next year and the building was packed with perusing artists. The IU basketball may not be the best College team but the former couch Bobby Knight will be remembered for flying chairs and tantrums.


Indiana University is best known for its great programs, beautiful campus, and Big Ten sports.


Indiana University is best known for the Kelley School of Business. This business school is one of the best in the country and has been for years. Also, IU is known for the springtime bicycle race "Little 500." It has been named one of the most beautiful campuses in the country as well.


Indiana University is known for thier medical school, law school, business school. nursing school, and for thier athletic apartment. We also have one of the top 25 beautiful campus' in the country.


A lot of people I might say my school is a party school, but I honestly do not believe that is the case. My school beautiful both in culture and in vision. I also feel that is academically challenging and allows its student to think at a higher level.


Technology and solving problems.


IU Bloomington is widely known for the Kelley School of Business.


Kelley school of buisness, bobby knight, kensey, party school


Indiana Basketball, partying, Kelley school of business, inventing crest toothpaste, Little 500


Fine academics and great Big Ten atmosphere


Drinking and drug abuse


My school has a pretty big reputation for being a "party school" and for having very active Greel life. But at the same time, I don't think that my school has a reputation for not taking academics seriously, because it has many of the top programs in the country such as the Kelley School of Business and the Jacob School of Music.


It is well known for the Kelley School os Business and the Jacobs School of Music. Also, for their Greek Organizations. Lastly, the school is known for their beautiful campus and varsity sports promgrams. Especially basketball.


The biggest little college weekend, Little 500. It is a bonding experience for all the students on campus as they cheer on their team to race in this historic bike race. People come from all over to be apart of this college weekend where there are various activities to participate in from concerts to cultural events.


Big 10 Athletics, Kelley School of Business, Greek Life, High Jewish population; big party school; top music school in the country next to Juliard; Biggest GLBT organization on campus; largest student union in the country; beautiful campus *very outdoor recreation friendly*


It's a party school, and it has a famous bike race called the Little 500.


Our school is best known for our beautiful campus and our annual Little 500 Bike race in which fraternities and sororities, as well as independent teams, compete.


Indiana is a Basketball focused school, much of the school spirit and pride revolves around the Basketball team. Indiana is also home to The Little 500 which is the biggest college sporing event (a bike race) and is an entire week of parties around campus and off campus.


My school is best known for academic and athletic excellence as well as the wonderful Jacob's School of Music.


Sports, partying


Indiana University is best known for the Kelley School of Business.


Kelley School of Business and out basketball team




Used to be partying, before that basketball, now research


music and business schools and beer