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What are the most popular student activities/groups?




The greek system is popular, we hope there is more thing here.


Baketball team


The most popular organization by far on campus is Indiana Dance Marathon. The Dance Marathon is an event where students (mostly in Greek life) raise money and dance for up to 36 hours for children at Riley Children's Hospital. All year round, there are fundraisers and group organizations collecting money for IUDM. CRU, the Christian organization on campus, and Hillel, the Jewish organization, have events every week and are good ways for students to make friends. The GLBT organization thrives and even has its own house. There are also several international organizations for international and non-international students. I am a part of Hillel, Foster International Learning Center, and an Italian Club. With over 600 organizations, there is a club for everyone, and a website called can help with choosing the right ones. Indiana theatre puts on great shows. My favorite this year was "In the Heights", which I also saw on Broadway. The Jacobs School of Music also puts on free performances almost weekly. Football and soccer games are popular, but obviously basketball is the most popular sporting event at IU. Bloomington is a great place to go out for dinner or for Saturday shopping. People party often at IU and it starts on Thursday. There are parties held in the dorms, at off campus houses and apartments, and at fraternities. If you don't want to drink on a Saturday night, you can go into B-town with your friends on 4th street and try an exotic restaurant, and then go bowling at the Indiana Memorial Union. I met my closest friends in my dorm freshman year, in the dorm lounge. If your floor is social, then students will usually feel comfortable leaving their doors open. Each dorm is set up differently, so some dorms do not have a center lounge on each floor. Fraternities and sororities are present on campus but are not all-encompassing. Fraternities definitely do hold many of the bigger parties on weekends, but you do not have to be Greek to get in.


If I am awake on a Tuesday at 2am, there are so many things I could be doing. I could be dancing with friends in the lounge trying to be as quiet as possible so I don't wake anyone. I could be skyping a friend and introducing them to my floormates. I could be in the lounge studying for a huge an exam while someone else is watching Mean Girls for their English class. I could be studying in my room with headphones on. I could be having a heart to heart with one of my closest friends. There are so many possibilities


Indiana University is famous for Little 500, the week every spring when students show up drunk to class or don't go at all, host raging parties, go to concerts...and possibly attend the actual bike race for which the event is named. IUB was once the top party school in the nation. Increased crackdown by cops has lessened that a little, but partying is still a popular pastime here. If you're not into drinking, Bloomington the town and Indiana University both host interesting events almost every week, so it is always an option to see an interesting film, go to a theater production, see a standup comedy performance, or hear a lecture from a politician. Many students do join fraternities or sororities, but it is nowhere near the majority. The Greek System divides the student population into almost two different worlds, neither being necessarily better nor worse. In terms of student organizations, you can find one for almost anything you want. If one doesn't exist, it's also relatively easy to create a new one.


I'd say that IUDM (IU Dance Marathon that benefits Riley Children's Hospital), intramural sport teams, and Kelley clubs are the first ones that come to mind. I am involved in IUDM, Connect 4 Compassion, and am a peer tutor for a Kelley business class. Leaving your doors open depends on the dorm you live in. Northwest is really social and they always do for the most part. Central is more quiet, so it's hit or miss there; Southeast is very quiet, so it's unlikely. Athletic events are popular, as we have lots of school spirit. Guest speakers are more concentrated depending on if the topic is right for you and theater definitely draws a certain crowd as well. Sometimes we will get Broadway shows to come perform and I know they have a good turnout. The dating scene is mostly done by introductions through mutual friends or through parties. It really depends on how much you are actually looking for a significant other at the time of meeting someone that determines whether you'll actually start dating. I see a lot of couples that stay together from high school, as well. I met my closest friends through my sorority. I also met some awesome people in the dorms last year too. Additionally, I keep in close touch with friends who went to my high school that I don't see as often. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, it depends on how much homework I have. If I have no homework, I'm either out at a party or could be home doing some intense online shopping or Facebooking. If I'm loaded with tests or homework for the week, I'm probably still up doing that. 2 am is about when I hit the hay though, given I have homework. Little 500 happens each year, homecoming happens each year, IUDM, Welcome week, Culturefest- we have a lot of campus involvement no matter who you are. You'll always find a group of people willing to party, given the amount of school work they have. Thursday-Saturday are huge...people will put off school work for those day. Days during the week like Tuesday, and occasionally Wednesday are more "if you can manage it" days. Greek life at IU is huge, so it's important here on campus. It's a great way to make the campus seem smaller. It's funny you ask what I did last weekend, since this past weekend I had 2 exams on Sunday...meaning I went out Thursday to a frat that we were paired with; stayed in Friday and Saturday and studied with a friend at the Union. Sunday night I went out though, to "celebrate" the finishing on those exams. You ask me on a typical weekend and I'll tell you I went to our paired events (basically went to fraternities). Another atypical weekend will be this weekend, though, as it's our sororities Mom's Weekend. I'm actually in charge of planning it, so I will be busy balancing the logistics as well as spending time with my mom, as I miss her! On a Saturday night, you can see a movie, just hang out with non-drinking friends, go bowling at the Union, see a play or show; there's plenty still to do. I go to hot yoga off campus. It's a great way to relieve stress. Also during the fall they have a farmer's market every Saturday. I've been to it and it's so fun! There's a mall off campus and plenty of restaurants. If you actually explore what Bloomington has to offer you'll find it's a cute little town.


Intramural sports are very popular and are always a great time shared by all. Also, greek life is very active in Bloomington. If that's not your style, then maybe you'll choose to try out an academic club to help further your learning experience. The opportunities for fun and interests never end.


I am currently a senior Finance Major in the Kelley School of Business. I also am involved in a Greek Fraternity, the IU Real Estate Club, intramural football and basketball, to name a few activities in which I participate. Greek life is very popular here at Indiana, but there are so many different clubs and organizations that everyone has a different way of fitting in.


If you're part of the greek system then thats your main involvement. There are so many groups that freshman can get involved with and thats the best part of IU, your options are unlimited and as diverse as Supply chain management club to IU billiards team ! The best past about IU is that in freshman year, based on your interests, you're allowed to live in something called a 'living learning community' where you live with students who share the same interests and passions. You get to meet similar people and develop hobbies and extra curricular activities at the same time. I'm currently involved with American Student Radio which launches from the IU campus end of Feb. We're being back by nationally acclaimed professionals from ESPN to NPR to Rolling Stones! it's great experience and i'm loving every minute of it! I met my closest friends in the dorms in freshman/sophomore year and they've stuck with me all through college. I've had the best times with them. Again, i'm indian and IU is so diverse I've made friends from all over. My closest girl friend is from Indiana, my boyfriend Indian, and my current roommate Serbian! Last weekend i drove to Louisville, KY to watch Russel Peters at an Improv comedy club. It was great fun! As a senior you can plan your schedule in such a way that you don't have friday classes and so we head out to either chicago or indy or ohio for the weekend and get to see new cities and meet new people! People party every weekend - like i said most peoples weekends start thursday night! One of the biggest traditions in IU is the Little 500 every spring. Students from surrounding schools all come into IU and it's a weeklong party! Not to forget the races of course. Last year we had Lil Wayne and Niki Minag perform. Overall best event of the year hands down! Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking? - There are lots of students who aren't 21. there are two comedy clubs in Bloomington, ton of good restaurants, Bowling, a skiing arena close by !


If you're part of the greek system then thats your main involvement. There are so many groups that freshman can get involved with and thats the best part of IU, your options are unlimited and as diverse as Supply chain management club to IU billiards team ! The best past about IU is that in freshman year, based on your interests, you're allowed to live in something called a 'living learning community' where you live with students who share the same interests and passions. You get to meet similar people and develop hobbies and extra curricular activities at the same time. I'm currently involved with American Student Radio which launches from the IU campus end of Feb. We're being back by nationally acclaimed professionals from ESPN to NPR to Rolling Stones! it's great experience and i'm loving every minute of it! I met my closest friends in the dorms in freshman/sophomore year and they've stuck with me all through college. I've had the best times with them. Again, i'm indian and IU is so diverse I've made friends from all over. My closest girl friend is from Indiana, my boyfriend Indian, and my current roommate Serbian! Last weekend i drove to Louisville, KY to watch Russel Peters at an Improv comedy club. It was great fun! As a senior you can plan your schedule in such a way that you don't have friday classes and so we head out to either chicago or indy or ohio for the weekend and get to see new cities and meet new people! People party every weekend - like i said most peoples weekends start thursday night! One of the biggest traditions in IU is the Little 500 every spring. Students from surrounding schools all come into IU and it's a weeklong party! Not to forget the races of course. Last year we had Lil Wayne and Niki Minag perform. Overall best event of the year hands down! Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking? - There are lots of students who aren't 21. there are two comedy clubs in Bloomington, ton of good restaurants, Bowling, a skiing arena close by !


Intramural sports, Greek life, various clubs, and academic fraternities are just a few of the many activities here at IU. Little Five Hundred is a big week here in which a bicycle race is celebrated. IU has the stereotype to party, but like any college there are people that do not party as well. It is easy to find a good group of friends that enjoys similar activities as you.


Every one of my friends had a great experience with dorm life. The dorms is where most people meet their great friends and future roommates! Most dorms are very social and if a floor isn't very social that is a freak accident. I've lived in 2 different dorms and have met the best people! I met a future roommate, my best friend, and my boyfriend of 2 years!


I believe that career-related activities might the most active organizations who bring down professionals, do service, and also make connections between or school and industry. Athletics is also great here! We have many very talented athletes. Student government and Union Board, who organizes usually large campus events, are competitive and very popular organizations to run for or to participate in. I ran once, and lost but learned lots in the process.


The most popular student activities are IU Dance Marathon, Little 500, IU basketball games, and tailgating for football games. Little 500 is termed "the greatest college weekend", and generally extends the entire week before the Little 500 bicycle race on Saturday. People on this campus party a lot and the bars fully support it by offering things like "$2 Tuesday" and "$3 Thursday" in which all drinks are at low, set prices.


Most popular would probably be the bars. Everybody goes to the bars. Even if they're not quite of legal age yet. I'm involved in three different honor societies and the hoosier dentists group. We do a lot of volunteering. I fit in volunteer time every week whenever i am not busy studying. The dating scene is gross. I avoid it like the plague. Everyone here probably has a disease. I've known my closest friends from high school. New friends don't usually stick around here. Every year, Halloween and Little 500 are drunken debaucheries - very entertaining to witness. Last weekend I was home with my mom dad brother and 2 year old nephew for Thanksgiving. During my nephew's nap times, I studied for an organic chemistry exam that I had this past Tuesday. Sunday nights I am studying or volunteering at Wonderlab, a Children's Science Museum. I live off campus & I love it. I would not move back to campus if you paid me.


A lot of the students on campus decide to join either a greek fraternity or sorority. For some people, it is a great way to meet new friends, network for future connections, and get involved in more activities on campus. Participation in intramural sports is also a very popular activity at IU. For the most part, people here are friendly and will want to socialize with other students, so they will leave their dorm doors open and try to get involved in a variety of clubs/groups/teams. I personally am in a sorority, in a student-run dance company, a member of two retail clubs, and a volunteer for a public interest group. I've met a lot of my friends through my sorority, living in the dorms, and in class. There are so many things to do during one's free time. There are usually free movies showing at the Union every weekend, Bloomington has a variety of cool shops and ethnic restaurants that are fun to go to downtown, Monroe county park, Brown County, Nashville, and Lake Monroe are only a short 10-15 minute drive away, and there are constant theatrical, dance, concerts, and other performances at the IU auditorium.


My freshman year, a friend dragged me to the Ballroom Dance Club Callout meeting (it's their big info meeting in the fall, complete with a free lesson and performances). She didn't want to go alone, and the guy she liked was going to be there. Reluctantly, I joined her. I kind of enjoyed ballroom dancing, and so my friend and I went to the next couple club meetings. I ended finding a passion for dance with in a month. Next thing I knew, I had joined the competitive team. We travel all around the Midwest competing against different schools. The Ballroom Dance Club at IU is one of the largest club sports on campus. You can typically find about 40 couples practicing on a given night of the week. People join the club for all different reasons. Some join to learn to dance at formal occasions after they graduate, some are dragged by their significant other (and they end up liking dancing), and others, like me, do it for the love of dance. One of the best parts about college is trying something new, and finding a passion. It's something that I never thought I'd enjoy. I watched ballroom on Dancing with the Stars... and the funny thing is, now I can dance like you see on the show. The great part about IU, is that there is a club to fit everyone, no matter your interest!


not everyone drinks, but if you do it's pretty easy to


One of the most popular groups, and at the moment the number one nationally, is IU ROTC. With 100+ members dedicated to service to their country after college in the United States Army, few organizations can compare. The dedication to academic excellence is superb, the support network students receive from their instructors and classmates is second to none. It is especially helpful to freshmen, for in a school as large as IU, it can be difficult to meet new people and have a sense of belonging in the first few weeks.


The football and basketball games are huge! They do cost money though, which is a bummer for people like me who are on a tight budget. I love the soccer games though. They're free and the games are awesome! People party a lot, especially during the school year. But not everyone is actually partying.


Living in dorms Freshman year has a lot of downsides, but the good thing is you are all in it together and thus forced to make friends. Football season and tailgating are some of the best times of the year. Where you decide to move to Sophomore year often determines your social life. People living in Greek housing and in trendy apartment complexes near the bars downtown tend to party more than those living far from campus. The library is the center of campus activity at night and can even be kind of fun sometimes when there are a lot of people there studying, such as during finals week. Little 5 is the climax of the year, but due to the influx of students from other universities and increased security patrol, the weeknights are far more fun than the actual weekend. The bars are sometimes actually more fun during the week due to drink specials.


IUB has always been known for their basketball team. The team is a big part of the social life for many students. Also, in the fall, tailgating at the football games is a huge deal! We love tailgating! Even though our football team may not be the best, we support them every Saturday by parading to the Woodlawn fields across from the stadium and showing off our Hoosier pride (especially when Purdue comes). As well as these mainstream American sports, our soccer team is one of the best in nation, 7 time NCAA champions, and they are always fun to watch, and it's free to go! Aside from sports, we have a lot of great entertainment that comes through here. This coming fall Bill Cosby will perform stand-up comedy, and also the musical Sweeny Todd and a lot more. The past year had showings of Rent and Riverdance, to name just a few. Of course, the most important Social Event that happens once a year, every year, is the infamous Little 500 bike race. It truly is the greatest college weekend in the nation. Everyone is in Bloomington during this week! Many students from other universities come to share in the partying and festivities. There are popular musical groups that come every year during this Little 5 week. It is basically a week long party, and the best thing is that it usualy occurs when the weather is getting warm. It's a nice change from the dreary winter.


Go out and meet people. Seriously, these are the people who get to know you without your parents influence. These people will stick around. Don't be afraid to make poor choices because you learn from your mistakes.


I'm not personally involved in any groups at IUB because I'm engrossed in study and practice (as well as some socializing!). However, there are always tons of groups advertised on sidewalks, bulletin boards, etc. I'm sure one could join anything! Fraternities and sororities dominate the campus. Their stereotypes do too. I always feel surrounded by them when I'm outside of the music school. If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday, you're probably writing a paper or finishing a huge assingment that you procrastinated starting until three hours ago.


You need to get involved if you're really going to love you college experience. This statement applies to anywhere you go, not just IU. Leave your XBox 360 at home unless you want to meet other by having Halo tournaments. Go find places to meet people by seeking out ways you can explore your own interests. If you love music, chances are you can find someone you truly relate to at a concert with your favorite genre. Simply by associating with people of interests you have or would like to have, you will become connected.


Intramurals, yeah I'm too lazy to spell check that by now, but they're awesome. Any sport you want, seriously, even ping pong. Tons of different divisionss, for beginners, former college athlete quitter, to dorm and frat rivalries. You can play ultimate frisbee at 2 AM outside the library if you want, somebody will have a glow in the dark frisbee and it will take about 10 mins to get enough passer-bys to play. There's clubs for everything. IU has an awesome music scene, new bands form everyday and rock every night. There's a great film group that meets weekly and shows the classics at a Classic Hollywood Era Theater. Downtown is full of food, fun, and hobo's who didn't graduate in the 70's.


Freshman year you will most likely live in a dorm. I highly encourage this and that you go pot-luck and get a random roomie. You will learn so much about yourself and how to treat others in a dorm room. You will meet SO many people and everyone is different. If you go into a dorm with a chosen roomie, lets say a friend from high school, that may work out for you as it did for me, but the real interesting experience comes from going random. Many people who are friends before they move in together do not come out of freshman year still friends. Things can go awry. You might not know your friend as much as you thought... Social life is great at IU. There are countless clubs, intramurals, and activities to get involved with. You can learn about these acitivities very simply: most are advertised on the sidewalks in chalk! And of course, there are many parties on the weekends, but not all students choose to attend these and it is widely accepted for you to just do whatever you want.


Living in the dorms or joining fraternities or sororities is probably the best way to meet new friends when first coming to a school. Most of the people I'm still friends with now are friends I met through friends while living in a dorm. The basketball games are still probably the most popular athletic event here on campus, since IU has always been a basketball school. There are a lot of "diehard" fans who attend almost every game. I don't know what the popular clubs or groups on campus are because I never hear about them. There are some small groups that try to get students to donate to local organizations or vote or whatnot, and those are usually mentioned in the Indiana Daily Student. I don't know the names of any groups, though.


There is never a dull moment at IU, whether it is fraternity parties, house parties, plays, the bars. There is always something to do it just depends on what you are interested in, there is something for everyone.


There's to much going on at this campus! There are too many popular groups! Of course, athletics are big here. Our swimming team are even renown around the world! we have intramural sports for everything, and there are also many athletic clubs. There are various dance groups that are big: the IU break dancers, IU Essence (both are Hip Hop groups), IU Gumboots Dance Ensemble and more. We have the IU Singing Hoosiers, the IVE performers, and various artists from the IU Jacob School of Music. We also have an African American Arts Institute with 3 different Ensembles: IU Soul revue, African American Choral Ensemble, and African American Dance Company. These ensembles are also classes, and from my own personal experience, I must say that it's enjoyable for everyone who participates, regardless of your ethnicity! I will give you one of the many sides of IU by giving you a peek of my social life. This past semester, I had an intership with INPIRG. This stands for the Indiana Public Interest Research Group, a student led and funded organizatoin on campus. With that group I was involved with local volunteering projects to help fight hunger and homelessness as well as conversing with Baron Hill on his ideas about the Farm Bill. INPIRG deals with the social, political, and economic concerns of the students. Our past/present campaigns are but aren't limited to: Hunger and Homelessness, College Affordability, New Voters Project, Local Foods, Campus Climate Challenge, and much more. Each campaign worked on either local or international levels, and some got so involved that they focused on both. INPIRg is actually part of a group of PIRGs, which is in totality a nationally known organization that's represented in 14+ states. Although I worked for the hunger and homelessness campaign, I always had the opportunity to volunteer with other campaigns. Our weekly CORe meetings allowed us to get updates and service opportunities from every campaign. We also had socials such as open mic night or our special letter to the editor parties and posting parties "INPIRG style. We were able to create a social community within our group even as we made a change globally. I've sung with Acabella, an A capella singing group. I've volunteered and served as an ambassador for various groups on campus. I've also served as a member of the Board of Governors for my residence hall. This to me is interesting because the majority of my activities didn't revolve around my residence hall. However, there's always an activity going on. I've always lived on a thematic community. The majority of the residence Halls are made that way. During my freshman year, I was on the Teaching and Education community, and during my second year, I was on the computers and computer community. The benefit about living on these floors rather than on a floor withouth a theme was that since you paid a higher activity fee, the money that the floor got was a lit bigger. On one floor, we bought a tv and a ping pong table. The next year on the other floor, my floormates went to Chicago. What's interesting is that I endulged in none of these activities, but whose to say that those activities are suitable or made for everyone. I always had somewhere else to be. Predominantly white, black and other selective fraternities and sororities are very active on campus. A variety of greek organizations even have their own house on campus. The list goes on...


Basketball and football games are the most popular, along with the running of Little 500. I am involved with figure skating which is considered a club sport, even though it shouldn't be. There are a lot of events in the auditorium that I have attended, like some concerts. I am annoyed with fraternities because they care too much about drinking. Bars here are also very popular.


If your not 21 its lame house parties for you. If you are 21 its lame bars for you. As a big city kid I basically resigned myself to the fact that this will never be a "happening" place for my standards. But whatev's, I'm here to study.


If you don't have a good, healthy social life at IU, then you are trying to not have one. There are great people everywhere and bazillions of great things to do.


I'm heavily involved with IUSTV...indiana university student television. I started my freshman year and have worked my way up to creating and producing two shows. IUSTV is at that particular stage of clout where they have the people and the equipment to really put together a great program, however they're still new enough not to have a waiting list when it comes to joining. IUSTV has been an AMAZINGLY fantastic incubator for myself and the people I work with for honing our particular craft: film.


- IUB has over 500 student organizations. That means there is something for everyone...and if there isn't something, the Student Activities Office will help you create something :) Most organizations will let you be as involved as you want to be. Maybe you want to help organize your organization's activities, and maybe you just want to attend the events. Either one is okay. - There is a student organization called Union Board that does lots of events each week. My favorite is their free movie viewings every weekend (Thursday - Saturday at 8 and 11 pm). They show recent movies (sometimes before they are released on DVD) on a large screen; it's a really popular thing to do. They also bring in a lot of speakers and also put on concerts. - Little 500, a world-renowned bike race, is one of the best parts of the whole year. A lot of people know it for the partying, but far better than the partying is the way the entire campus comes together to celebrate the events surrounding the race. There are multiple concerts, cookouts, midnight pancake dinners, special outdoor movie showings, and, of course, the races! Even the weeks leading up to Little Five (as it is known by students) are exciting as teams participate in time trials to qualify for their starting positions. It is a special activity that only IU has!


I love my dorm, especially my floor; I have met my many of my closest friends through getting involved on my floor. I also love that there are more preformances, speakers, and shows than anyone could ever attend. My favortie thing to do on the weekends is to go to the free movies at the union.


Greek life is very big at IU, as is sports. We are a Big Ten school, so a large part of school conversation revolves around the recent updates in sports. As I said, some students do a lot of partying, but for the most part there is a good balance. My favorite organization that I am involved in is Alpha Phi Omega, a community service fraternity. I have met a lot of friends with similar interests as me there.


Social life is Great. The football scene in the fall is not so the game at least. Tailgaiting, however, is huge and such a blast! Everyone goes to basketball games too and it's a ton of fun. Greek life is pretty big, but there's still a lot going on if you don't go Greek. There are a lot of big shows at our auditorium (student prices!!) and random events around campus. If you're awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, there's always someone else up to chat with. Kirkwood, downtown bloomington, has a lot of great bars and restaurants that everyone goes to.


The most popular groups/teams on campus are definitly the intramural sports teams. On my floor, everyone leaves their door open. Athletic events are extremely popular here. Football games are alot of fun but Basketball games are insane. You have to reserve tickets months in advance and they are really expensive. All of my closest friends live on my floor. 2 am on a Tuesday im on my computer or in my friends room-no one's asleep then. People party honestly every night of the week, they dont care if its a Monday. There is so much to do on weekends that doesn't involve drinking. You can go to the union and watch a movie or go bowling.


I loved freshman year! Of course students have their dorm rooms open. At all times. My best friends are still the friends I met my freshman year, which means that it was a great experience for me. Again Basketball is probably the most popular organization, and also Little 5, and for the Greek community Dance Marathon is a very large event. Personally, I am a member of UNICEF, which has not yet taken off as much as we hope it will in the future, but I have high hopes. It is a very young organization and it needs a little bit of a boost in the right direction (so tell your friends please). Dating at Indiana basically happens from a friend of a friend. However, I met my boyfriend when I lived in the villas, and he lived two doors down from me, so I suppose that by proximity dating obviously happens among young people as well. If I am awake at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday night, I am most likely either watching a movie or drinking with my friends. Sometimes if my friends and I do not feel like drinking, we will go out and do something silly like go bowling or sit at someone's house and watch a comedian on tv. However, it is quite the party scene, so of course there is drinking happening at all times of the day every day.


frats are a large part of the social scene your freshman year. there are always at least 6 frats throwing down each night from wednesday night to saturday night. my closest friends i met through class but then who i got closer with by going out and partying with them. athletic events are soooo big and everyone goes to the basketball games and wears their indiana cream and crimson. last weekend i was out at the frats thursday, friday, and saturday night and got pretty shwasted. if you don't drink, you arn't going to find plentiful options of activities on the weekends, but some people stay in on the floor with their friends and just do a movie night or play video games.


I am in a Fraternity so I spend alot of time with that so its a pretty big part of my life. You can join groups for sports or basically anything that interests you. I have talked about my Fraternity alot but its one of those things that I love to be a part of and if thats not what you are looking for thats cool but there are so many different oppotunities that can have the same effect on you. At the beginning of the year when you come down to apply for classes they tell you to leave your door open and it will help you make friends with people on your floor. Now that its later in the year less people leave their doors open all the time because your friends can just come down and knock or walk in. Athletic events are pretty popular but guest speakers and theatre aren't as popular but you can find people that enjoy going to those events and they are the people you will become close with. Dating in Bloomington is pretty fun. Its easy to get to the college mall and downtown Bloomington so that you can go out on a date. I met this girl through a bunch of my friends and you'll meet so many different people through your friends. I met most of my closest friends through my fraternity and work. I have also made alot of friends with the people that live in my building. On a tuesday night ill be watching a movie in my room with a girl or hanging out with my friends. I usually don't drink on weeknights but if you want to find a party Im sure you could find something or just hang out with your friends. Biggest Event is Little 500. Its a whole week of really fun activities. Then welcome week is a week of a ton of planned activities. Every Thursday night there are a ton of parties and Friday night as well as Saturday night. During the week people hang out with their friends alot. Fraternities are pretty cool. Alot of people do them but you don't need to do that to get along with people and make really good friends. Last weekend I was on spring break but the weekend before that I was at a party on friday and saturday night and I watched a movie in my room with my girlfriend. Going to parties doesn't require you to drink you could just go and have fun with your friends. You don't have to break the law to have something to do you could go bowling or play pool or go to the mall. I go to the college mall off campus alot. I'll ride up to Indy with my friends from time to time. There are alot of things to do you just have to do it. Once you meet new people you'll do stuff together like go out to eat and go to the movies.


A lot of people tailgate for football, but don't necessarily go to the game (unless it's the Bucket game!!) But we still do go. Basketball is a big deal here, of course. On my weekends, I usually go to house parties rather than frats. House parties are everywhere, and everyone usually knows of at least one. Then there's that one house that mimics frats, but I won't reveal its name here :) Love you GGGG's! If you don't want to drink on the weekend, just chill in the dorms with people, order Baked or Insomnia cookies, or go on Kirkwood, see a movie, go to the mall, go out to eat, have a slumber party thing, go to an IU event, there's lots to do.


Social life=house parties and greek life Dating scene=a lot of hookups but a lot of relationships as well


Dating at IU can be amazing. If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll meet someone great right away and spend your IU days aimlessly wandering arm-in-arm through the arboretum. It is all very cute and endearing. It is also incredibly nauseating for those of us who only know this kind of thing exists because we have read about it on Facebook or have seen it while making the Walk of Shame home from various weekend festivities with various strangers we will probably never see again. As you may have guessed, the majority of people here are all about the random hook-up. It's almost like an art form. If people could major in it, they would, and most would successfully fulfill any credit requirement by the end of freshman year. At first, this "hi, nice to meet you, let's make out" way of life took me by surprise. Sure, I have read about it in magazines and seen it on TV, but my naive little self did not realize it actually happened in real life. Well, newsflash- it does. A lot. And you know what I've discovered? It's really kind of fun.


Frats and Sororities are most popular by far, as well as Little 500 teams and sports teams, and the school newspaper (IDS) is big, as well. I am involved with the student radio station, WIUX, and it's completely run by students and is very open to anyone who wants to get involved in any aspect of radio (promotions, engineering, music). We play "underrepresented music", which is a nice change from modern radio. Half of my floor leaves their doors open, half likes to keep private when they need to study. Most people hang in our lounge (which I hear is rare). Athletic events are beyond's so difficult sometimes to get basketball tickets. We have some AMAZING guest speakers here, and the theater is wonderful. People date left and right here...but mostly just hook up. Sad. My closest friends live on my floor and work at the station. If it were Tuesday, probably homework or watching a movie with friends. Little 500 is supposedly a great college weekend used an excuse to party a lot, although the music events and the actual bike race are great parts of it, too. You'll find a party every weekend, usually starting Thursday night (sometimes Wednesday). Frats and Sororities are VERY popular. Last weekend I was home for spring break. But typically I am just hanging at a friend's house, at a show, or shopping. Tons! I don't drink, but I can still go to parties and have fun. Also, there are always concerts to go to and places just to chill. Shop, eat, hang out with friends.


Sports are clearly a popular pastime for IU students; for those not lucky enough to be involved in varsity athletics, there are all kinds of club and intramural sports. I've personally been very active in student government; my residence hall is largely student-run, which I think it a great opportunity for students to gain practical leadership skills that will translate into the real world. I am personally responsible for allocating $6,000 in student fee money each year, and I participate in the allocation of an additional $100,000. The Union Board is a student organization responsible for bringing a wide array of events to campus: comedians, bands, guest speakers, political leaders, and more. This year, the Dalai Lama came to IU and gave a series of lectures. There are always local bands playing shows, as well. The party scene varies a lot based on the kinds of people you choose to associate with. IU is about 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} Greek, and there is a lot of partying among fraternities and sororities, although in their defense, there's are plenty of non-Greek students who party as well. However, there are plenty of things to do that don't involve drinking, if that's not your scene. As I mentioned, there are lots of good concerts, there are free movies at the Union every weekend, there are tons of great ethnic restaurants - basically, if you're looking to party, you'll be able to find a party, but there's no pressure to drink. It's something you have to seek out yourself.


lots of social life, the dorms the bars the frats the house parties, plenty of other events like bowling movies and lots more, sporting events and tailgating in the fall is very popular iu is always fun and red hot!


The people on my dorm floor leave their doors open. This allows for a tighter community and makes us more comfortable talking to one another. Basketball games are the more popular sporting event. If I am awake on a Tuesday at 2 am I am usually watching a movie or hanging out with my friends on my floor.