Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how my school is big but still provides me with all I need to get my degree even if that means free tutoring for a class I'm struggling in.


Basketball and Little 500


I love Indiana University because people have every opportunity in the world to change the world. I really enjoy both of my schools School of Public and Enviormental Affiars, and School of Public Health. I brag most about the amount of diversity, such as culture and the amazing campus landscape. We are a heavy reseach school so students like me like to see facts!


There were tons of different restaurants off campus, including ethnic food! The night scene was something to brag about but I would say my campus was the most beautiful. It sounds ridiculous, but there was grass in between class buildings and large green fields with ponds. There were flowers around every corner and they always matched the season. Bloomington is not alllowed to cut down trees which made it full of large, old trees that lined walkways. It was very pretty.


The work hard play hard atmosphere!


I mostly brag about the amazing and beautiful campus IU offers. It's easy to navigate and great to just take a walk around. I also brad about the IU basketball team, it's a great atmosphere to be apart of.


There are so many diverse activities here! You will never have a dull moment around campus. Speaking of campus, it is gorgeous all year round! It definitely gives you a sense of security in your new home away from home. Sometimes I catch myself confusing "home" with my actual home and my home in Bloomington. Bloomington honestly feels like home. Attending Bloomington is a one time experience. I'm so glad I chose to spend my college experience at Indiana University!


Aside from the phenomenal basketball team, I brag about the actual education. The professors that I have had are extremely nice and more than willing to help you, all you have to do is introduce yourself, ask for help, and put in the effort for their class. Most have gone the extra mile to help their students succeed in their courses. If you have a conflict with your schedule or anything else, they'll help you find the best solution. I can't say enough wonderful things about the education that Indiana University offers.


I love to tell people that at IUB, we may be known for our partying but we also have made a name for ourselves as scholars. We play hard and work even harder; you can see it in the way the libraries are always full with bodies working to catch up on sleep and homework alike! I love to brag that the students of IU take pride in their work and have their priorities straight and now I'm a part of it too!


I have to brag about the amount of school spirit and dedication the students have in the Hoosier community. We stood together in an unbreakable bond against our rival schools. A student comes out of their 4 years at IU as a Hoosier for life. Most of the students thrive in the atmosphere and they always come back to relive their former college years.


One thing that I brag about most to my friends about IU Bloomington is that a movie was filmed there. Students have ample amounts of school pride and partake in “Little 5”. This is an experience I will never forget because it's a week of nonstop partying. All week different events lead up to the main event, the Men's Bike Race. It 's so legendary that there was a film about it called "Breaking Away." This movies was filmed on IU's campus and it is a great representation of the spirit of IU.


The exceptional business school, music school, biology program, and the Indiana University athletics.


It offers courses in over one hundred foreign languages, including some very obscure ones that one would be unlikely to find elsewhere.


Right off the bat when I describe my experiences at Indiana University the campus comes to mind and reaches out to everybody else. Our campus in Bloomington is by far the most beautiful, full, and prosperous one that I have ever encountered. Every student immediately falls in love with teh campus and surrounding areas, and I know that that will continue to happen to every incomming student that chooses to attend as well.


The education teachers I great resources. They help you understand what really goes on in a classroom. Everyone overall is nice and helpful at this school.


Bloomington is a beautiful and lively town. When talking about Indiana University, I brag about the atmosphere of the city in which it is located.


IUB was the best experience of my life. I made amazing friends and would do it all over in a heartbeat.


Well the school i am transferring to has a lot of student involvment in school spirit and multiple clubs. The classes are also nice so students are able to talk to instructors and fully understand information.


I like Indiana University because it is a diverse campus. IU campus is very nice because there is a lots of trees and the buildings are very nice .


I brag about the resources and the ridiculous amounts of extra curiculars available to us. I act in films, paint, make music, and train parkour with the official IU club. This is by far the greatest thing about IU.


When I tell people about Indiana University, I always say that I am at a college where I can have fun, and still get my work done. It has the perfect balance of social life and academia.


The reputation of the Business (Kelley School of Business) in my university is one of the topic that I may brag to my friends, in the business field, being a student in a remarkable business school and getting an excellent practice is appreciated by most of students, most of my friends prefer to in a good business school so that they can make a big money. In addition, I may make a show of myself about studying abroad, because most of my friends are still in their original county and they are expected to get advance education in US.


I brag about the scenery, the football games, and my class schedule. The trees that line the roads and that are around campus are so beautiful during the fall; its great to just lay in the grass and do homework or take a nap. The football games are really exciting and they are always close which boosts the energy level to be one of the best places to watch a football game. I always brag about my class schedule to all of my friends in high school because I get to wake up at noon everyday.


My school is incredible- beautiful, natural, and the perfect environment for learning. I can grab a book or my laptop, sit outside by the trees and creek, and fully enjoy getting work done. The classes are tough- yet could not be better. I truly feel like I'm leanring, and ganing the true perfect college experience.


How great the theater and library activities and resources are.


I tell them about all of the extracurricular and activist activities available to students. There is a large liberal population dedicated to social causes of which I felt a part. I also often discuss the brilliant professors from which I had the good fortune to learn.


The campus is awesome and there are a lot of sports that you can watch. The feeling on campus is one of acceptance and people just get along. The professors are great and easy to approach once you get over feeling intimidated by them in an insecure way. I have found them to be easy to talk to and they listen when I meet with them.


I always love to brag about how gorgeous the IU campus is. Whether it's the fall, winter, or spring, the campus always looks absolutely magnificent. Because the campus is so gorgeous, there are always people outside who are always willing to lend a hand or simply just say "hello" to you when you pass by them. The campus is what connects all the students and what makes us our community that we are. So many schools lack an atmosphere like IU's which really makes me greatful for the amazing campus we have in Bloomington.


I brag about all the possibilities of what you can do on campus. There are many ways to get involved, and there are also many opportunities to study abroad.


The multitude of groups and clubs give everyone the chance to find a group in which to belong. When you find a club or sport to get involved with, you are no longer just a freshman. You now have a family away from home and members of all ages to help out. There is an option for every kind of person.


I tell them about our amazing athletics and social life here on campus. It's really important to be involved with the school that you attend. Also, I love the opportunities here and Indiana University. There are so many programs and majors available, everyone finds something just for them.


I brag most abou how liberal and multi-cultural my school is. I love the fact that we have a lot of different ethnicities that go to our school.


I tell everyone that Indiana University Bloomington has such a beautiful campus. Everyone assumes that since it is a big school, that all the classes will be huge. That is definitely FALSE. My classes freshman year were both big and small.


Good program.


I brag most about the campus and how beautiful it is. There are so many ways to be outdoors and do different things everyday.


It has a world-class music conservatory within a Big Ten university.


Indiana University is a great school for both academics and extra curricular activities. The thing I would brag about the most is the endless amount of opportunities through clubs, sports, and academics, and the enoromous variety of people that you will meet while attending IU.


I let them know how compeitive the business school is and all the job opportunies I will receive if I complete my accounting degree. I also tell them about how there is always someone new to meet and the weekends are amazing.


I really don?t brag a lot about Indiana University because everyone thinks their school is better but one thing I do say is that we are a Big10 school and we are ranked in the top 50 of the United States. We have students from all over the world in specific 136 countries. And one day IU is going to be with all the Ivy League schools.


The quality of the different schools there.


You get to choose what classes you want.


It's a lot of fun. The campus is beautiful.


I brag about the quality of the education that I am recieving from Indiana University. I also talk about how beautiful the campus is and how friendly everyone I have met is/


The faculty members are experts in their field, and most are more than happy to help students out, regardless of whether or not the student is in any of their classes. The professors are also very personable. In large lecture classes, they still take the time to get to know people's names and more about their other classes. They value student success, and are more than willing to help out in any way they can.


I brag about all the fun I had and all the friends I made. I was a resident assistant for a year and met so many wonderful people. I also talk about the great opportunities IU gave me. I went to Washington, DC for a semester to intern and take classes, which led me to my career after college. IU is an amazing school and I often wish I was back there.


It's fun!


Indiana University has a lot to offer. There is a course of study available for just about every aspect of life!


The great social scene. It is easy to balance academics and social life. There is never a night on campus when you would want to be social that it was difficult to find something to do. There are always parties, gatherings, group events, concerts ect. on any given night.


MARCHING BAND!!!! I love it. It has MADE my college experience for me.


Tailgating, Frat houses.