Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


IU is surrounded by a lot of honor societies. I would definitely call the frats and sororities the school stereotypes. They are known for having study resources that help students going throughout the semester, they involve in different activities, have a lot of opportunities for their future, career involvement and of course known for having big parties! Another stereotype is the religious people. I have noticed sometimes walking down the hall, a group of muslim females, wearing a 'wrap' around they head, covering all their face and body. They are very nice people once you know them but they like to socialize with their own group. Nerds: another popular stereotype on my school. Socially little 'awkward', smart, good at school and good grades. They have a bizarre sense of humor. Usually not very interested in sports and dates. Very smart. You see students that shops at the most famous shop: urban outfiters , target, Sears or JCpenny clothes. (usually sororities), and also students who shop at walmart or K-mart.


One stereotype is that IU is a party school. I believed this stereotype before I actually learned more about this school. Many people believe that IU students neglect their schoolwork and spend most of their time at parties. Like many other college campuses, parties exist. IU students play hard, but they also work hard. Students are very focused on their academics here. Furthermore, there are many things to do on campus, so it is not hard to find somewhere to go if you do not like parties. Personally, I am not a fan of parties. However, there is ALWAYS something for me to do on Friday nights! It is a fantastic school. I'd suggest learning more about what the campus has to offer.


Students at IU like to have a good time


The stereotype of students at Indiana University is that we are partiers and really know how to have a good time. Yes, that stereotype is very true, yet we work just as hard as we play!!!


Overall, there is a wide range of students that are enrolled here. Many of the students are from the Midwest and Indiana as it is a Big Ten state school. However, IU also attracts students from the east coast as well as from all over the US and world. Many of the stereotypes most talked about are those associated with students from the east coast.




Party animals


The great thing about a big school is that there isn't one thing I could say that would be accurate for all 40,000 students. While there are preppy students, there are also hippies, and of course jocks. Pretty much any stereotype a person could come up with, one of the 40,000 students would fall under it.


Indiana University is large enough that, while there are accurate stereotypes about different groups, there is not one stereotype true for the whole school. There are frats and sororities that party as hard as you can imagine. There are the international students that really do drive very nice cars and seem to spend all of their time (including weekend nights) in the library. Then there are the rest of us, from the Outdoor Adventure Living Community, to the workout fanatics, to the music majors and beyond. There is a lot of diversity here at IU. You cannot trust the few stereotypes that you hear!


The stereotype for the students at my school are either nerds or people who party a lot; but we are after all a partying school. I do believe this stereotype to be correct; we have a lot of extremely intelligent schools (e.i. nursing school or kelly), but there are also a lot of people who come to Indiana University for one thing only, partying.


A common stereotypes about IU students is that all they do is party.


The common stereotype of students at Indiana University is that we all like to party all of the time. Many of my friends from high school believe that all Hoosiers do is party. This is not accurate at all. I have met many students on campus that choose not to live the lifestyle of the typical "partier". Being a double major, I have found many other students like me that take academics very seriously.


All the students are so good-looking. It is not ture bur almost ture.


My dorm is called the Tokyo Tower. International students, all of them, are stereotyped as being ASIAN


Indiana University, like almost any college campus, comes with its own stereotypes. Obviously the main stereotype is that every student at IU is a party animal. We have constantly been ranked as one of the top party schools by the Princeton Review, although the ranking has fallen within the last few years. This can be a concern for some parents, but the truth is that there is a niche for everyone. Sure, there are parties and students that are looking to go to these parties could probably seek them out. But that is not all that is offered here -- there are a ton of clubs and groups to get involved with, and many students play recreational sports and try out for club teams. The party scene isn't shoved in your face, but it is there. Beyond this stereotype, there are also sub-categories of stereotypes, especially for freshmen. For example, the dorms (at least the ones available to incoming freshmen) are broken up into neighborhoods: Central (Teter, Ashton, Wright, Eigenmann) Northwest (Foster, Briscoe, McNutt, Collins) and Southeast (Forest, Read). In general, the Northwest neighborhood is notorious for partying. This is because the dorms are located so closely to the stadium, which is an area where a lot of parties take place. The Central neighborhood is known for having a balance of partying and schoolwork. Within this niche, the students who live in Wright tend to smoke more (both tobacco and marijuana) than the other central dorms. The Southeast neighborhood is usually home to more artsy students because the area is located next to the music school. Regardless, these stereotypes are what they are -- stereotypes. Just because different places have various stereotypes doesn't mean that everyone fits into these molds. No matter what your interests are, there are ways to form your own path to success here.


The stereotype is that all students at IU party all the time, and that a lot of IU students are hipsters. While there are a fair amount of hipsters, it is true that IU is one of the top (if not the top) party school in the nation, and it shows. However, there is much more to do at IU besides party.


There are a few different common stereotypes at IU. Because of the Kelley School of Business, there is a huge group of people known for being hard partiers interested in nothing more than money, sex and drugs. On the opposite end of the spectrum, IU Bloomington also has a huge hipster population. Especially in the Liberal and Fine Arts programs, it is known that there is no shortage of apple-loving, bike riding activists. As with any stereotype, there are definitely people who think and act this way, but there are obviously others who do not. Since IU has such a large student body, it is impossible to accurately stereotype it, and you can find all different types of people with all different types of interests.


All of the most common stereotypes are covered underneath Bloomington's umbrella of people and cultures. The stereotype of a Hoosier is unique in that Indiana University has so much to choose from and enjoy. Having lived on campus for my first two years here, I can say that the stereotype of diversity is accurate.


Indiana University is such a large school that there is not a single stereotype that is used to describe the student body. Greek life is very popular on campus, however there are several other ways to fit in and have a fantastic undergraduate experience at IU.


Students at Indiana University really know how to "Play hard and work hard"


Students at Indiana University love to party, but they also know how to study!


I think Indiana University, being a big ten school, has the reputation of being a party school, focusing on the jocks and frat kids. However, our undergraduate population is so large and diverse, that I would say with certainty the stereotypes are inaccurate. There are many different types of students here, and everyone finds there niche!


At Indiana University, there are many stereotypes. One of the main ones is that everyone here loves to party because it is a big 10 school. There's also the common stereotypes like the stereotypes that conform to the athletes, the GDIs, the nerds, and those involved in Greek life. I think that none of these stereotypes are really true; you can't pass judgment on anyone or a group of people before you even know them. For example, I am a member of a sorority, but one could also call me a nerd, I'm a member of two different honor societies and maintain a 3.8 GPA. It's a Friday night tonight and I'm taking this time to do homework and fill out this application, rather than go out and party. The athletes are also stereotyped to be unintelligent and only coming here for their sports, but I know some athletes that take school and their majors very seriously, and are very smart. There are also stereotypes that GDIs and Greeks don't get along, but some of my best friends are Independents. I really think that you can't form any opinions on anyone before you know them.


Fratstars, sorority girls, Non-greeks, East coasters, International students


Many people this Indiana University is not diverse and that a majority of the students here are all a like. This stereotyper is FALSE. IU is very diverse with many people of different races, religions, and economic statuses.


The stereotype is that we are a bunch of party animals that don't really care about academics. This stereotype is extremely inaccurate. I have personally met some of the most driven, intelligent people I have ever met during my time here at IU. They also think that there is no diversity at the school because it is in the middle of nowhere. This is also wrong. There is a ton of diversity here on campus, and there is SO much do to here in Bloomington. There are tons of different types of restaurants there, almost to the point of being comparable to New York City.


There are many stereotypes at Indiana. The most obvious is that all the students that attend here are party animals. This is far from school, over 20% of the population at the school has never had a single drop of alcohol. Also the many students find a balance between the academic and social life of school. While partying may play part of the culture at IU, students do many other things such as play intramural sports, join various clubs, and much more. Other stereotypes include students in fraternities or sororities only partying and being with their friends. Again there are many dimensions to kids in greek life and many of my friends are in them while I am not, again false stereotype. The list can go on to different stereotypes such as athletes, and stoners.


There are several stereotypes at my school, but the two that I have noticed most frequently have been the Frat kids and the hipsters. While a lot of people surprise you once you get to know them, a lot of people fit the bill for their stereotype. I have met Frat kids that turned out to be pretty down to Earth, and I have met Frat kids that were the epitome of their stereotype.


A common stereotype of students at IU is that they all party. While you may find that there are many people who fit this stereotype, they are many that aren't and there is plenty to do here if that isn't your scene.


We definitely have been labeled as a big party school because of an article published a few years back ranking colleges on that subject. I think it's completely up to the student that comes here whether or not IU is a party school. There are definitely parties around if that is your scene, if not there is plenty of other things to occupy your time on weekends!


Party Animals.


IU-Bloomington is an incredibly and diverse place with people from every walk of life. It should not be surprising that in a campus of around 40,000 students from 11 different schools of study and 165 nations it is hard to label students one way or another. Bloomington has a cache of every different kind of student; art nerds, frat boys, hipsters, computer geeks... anything you could throw at me I could think of someone who would fit the description. Depending on what you study or who you associate with the school can seem like it leans a certain way, For instance, I am Greek and often I feel that Indiana is incredibly Greek; after all the university is home to 6,000 of us. However, there are some 30,000+ students that are not Greek, and I have friends who tell me IU doesn't feel Greek at all. It is all about finding the group that suits you and trust me, there is a substantial number of students just like you and an equal amount that are your total opposite. It makes the school a thrilling place to be!


There's a stereotype at Indiana University that the Greek system runs the school. This stereotype is actually false. Under 20 percent of the entire population of 40,000 students strong are a part of the Greek system. I am not in the Greek system and I have had a blast over the past 2.5 years. The thing you have to remember is that you are part of the majority. and in short it is okay if you choose not to go Greek. What people may not know is that here are a few "fraternities" that are established for academic purposes. My room-mate is in Alpha Chi Sigma, a chemistry fraternity that is technically part of the Greek system. These fraternities are all around campus and it is more than likely if you would like to be a part of them you can.


I love IU because the people are not only diverse in what corners of the world they come from, but they are also diverse in thinking. Regarding the corners of the world, we have 60% in-state: some from farms, some from suburbs, and many from Indy or northern Indiana. Our highest out-of-state tuition payers are from IL--especially, Chicago suburbs. We have many from the east coast. Greek life here is important, but it's not the majority of our social scene. Different political views and thoughts may be on campus, but engagement in activities is very popular. We are do-ers, and we get involved.


The Greek system has a large presence at IUB, so if the stereotype is that you need to join a sorority or fraternity to be "cool", you are gravely mistaken! IUB offers so many different kinds of programs and Bloomington is such a diverse city, that there are many kinds of people at IUB. I don't think there is a stereotype of a typical student for that reason. We have a world-renowned music school, business school, fantastic languages and IMP programs - IUB has a lot to offer! Not to mention, it's a big 10 school with a great athletic program. Hence, anyone and everyone can and will fit in at IU!


There are several groups. First, there's the Greek people, who are located on two specific streets on campus. Many are considered to be pretentious, unintelligent drunkards. The next group are students at the Kelley School of Business. With the recent Occupy movement, there's the stereotype that they're corporate-loving, money-grubbing opportunists. There's also the people who live at Collins Living-Learning Center. They're considered to be the weird, alternative people.


A lot of white kids. A lot of frat guys and sorority girls. People who are going for science and kelly business degrees do not party like everyone else. But the "easier" majors are out at the bars every week. Now that I have gotten through the "drop-out" classes, my classroom is full of geeks; unlike freshman year when people couldn't stop gabbing about how high or blackout drunk they got the weekend before or how many times they got laid.


I think that Indiana University is known as a party school and therefore many of the students there are seen as huge party people as well. I will say that there are a lot of parties at IU, but I believe that it is the same with any other college. And while there may be those who do like to party, there are just as many that enjoy doing other things. It is such a large campus that everyone can find their own niche. I think a few extreme instances have given Indiana University the party stereotype, but it isn't wholly true.


The typical stereotype of an IU student is that the only thing one cares about is where and when they can party. While many of the students here enjoy having a good time, partying is not the only thing that Hoosiers have in mind. IU has a very diverse campus that includes students from all over the world with different backgrounds and stories. There are just as many people here that enjoy a more mellow lifestlye than the ones who like to go out. Most students are also dedicated to working hard at academics. IU is featured for having some of the best business, dental, and pre-med undergraduate programs in the country, among many other subjects. I think it's safe to say that Hoosiers definitely work as hard as they play, if not harder.


No, compared to other schools I believe Indiana University is no different. I believe IU has a lot of students very focused on succeeding with their college education. The partying at Indiana University is no different than other large universities.


Generally, Indiana University - Bloomington is known at large for its outrageous history of college partying. With that, it's a common perception that IU kids go to school to drink. Of course, like any public university with a strong athletic department and a sufficient span of tailgate fields, many students here at IU certainly have their fair share of fun - and the majority of students have certainly exemplified this stereotype on more than one occasion. Fortunately, most operate under the motto of "work hard, play hard." We know how to prioritize, fulfill our responsibilities, and then wholly celebrate our accomplishments. What's great about IU is this: because there are so many students from diverse backgrounds and excel in different areas across campus, it's difficult to generalize the entire student body into one "common" stereotype. The Greek life generates a substantial amount of frat stars, but that's to be expected with any major university. The Jacobs School of Music brings in the devoted and incredibly talented musicians. The Kelley School of Business recruits high-potential, driven leaders. You'll find at least one stoner, geek, jock, and hipster in each of your classes - no particular type of student dominates. But most students can generally agree that there's always an excuse to celebrate.


Th stereotypical student and Indiana University would be the frat or sorority kids. IU has a very big "Greek" community on campus, so a majority of people are in a frat or sorority, and some of those people fall under the frat guy stereotype. However, if you're not interested in Greek life, there are still plenty of people to make friends with.


Indiana University has been heavily stereotyped for it's prestigious academic achievements. The majority of students are hard-working and focused on their education. With that said, IU students have also been stereotyped for their desire to have fun and party in Bloomington. While some students do like to let loose and party, most can achieve a balance of both social time and schoolwork. Indiana allows students the technology and resources to succeed academically; it really all depends on the effort students are willing to commit. The overall stereotype of an IU student, would be a smart and determined individual.


Unfortunately, Indiana University has earned the reputation of Big Ten's party school, and the stereotype is something along the lines of frat star and sorority sister. This stereotype is far from the truth. Most of our students boast excellent GPA's and are quite involved. IU students are very active in the community as well as on campus. Most students attend a variety of events and are involved in some sort of club or organization. You'd also be hard pressed to find a student who doesn't do some sort of community service as well.