Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


IU has the best campus. I saw a lot of campuses of other colleges in my life and i completely fall in love with IU campus. It is beautiful in every single season, (yes, even on winter time, when it's snowing! ). Professors are great, they want to help you as much as they can. Students are all nice and I made really cool friends. IU has a lot of resources for group studies, which help making the semester easier on you. Not to mention all types of activities you may be involved, meeting new people, leadership organizations, overall improving your resume!


Going to Indiana University is the ideal college experience. It's big, but it's so easy to make friends. Everyone is very friendly and you have the opportunity to meet a lot of really different people. Bloomington, aka "B-town", is a beautiful, woodsy college town with a lot of diversity whether it be the people or places to eat and hangout. It is extremely rare to come across someone that doesn't like IU. All of the students have ample amounts of school pride and partake in everyone's top 3 favorite pastimes at Indiana University, IU Basketball, IU Football tailgates, and Little 5!!! Little 5 is an experience I will never forget because it's a full week of nonstop partying. All week there are events that lead up to the main event, the Men's Bike Race. It is so amazing and legendary that there was a movie made about it called "Breaking Away." I suggest you watch it because it was filmed on IU's campus and it is a great representation of the spirit of IU.


IU-Bloomington is an absolutely amazing place for any student. It's impossible to choose one single thing that's best about it; whether you're a party animal or a bookworm, a hipster or a frat star, you can find a niche that won't be imitated anywhere else. It's hard to think of anything to change, other than the road construction that is around the campus, which is more of a city than a university issue. Sizewise, IU has ~40,000 undergrads, which is large by any standard. However, this is one of the greatest things to have, as it allows for opportunities that aren't available at other schools. If you want a small group of friends to always hang out with, you can do that. Or if you're a socialite that wants to meet someone new everyday, you can do that, too. Indiana University is a name that is recognized anywhere and everywhere, well-respected in nearly every field (it is a public ivy, after all). Being a Hoosier is for life, and both students and alums alike have an undying appreciation for all things IU.




The business school here is outstanding but there is too much of international students. Especially Chinese and Korean students, they are always in their small group, and speaking Chinese and Korean. The campus has big area but for the altaic not the academic students. I will say, it is a good school for the business but the school director is not wise enough to develop it. It will keep in top ten business schools in five years without any changes. The people in the frat here are mostly racist, they don't welcome Asian,and Hispanic .


My personal favorite thing about IU is the Kelley School of Business. Coming in as a freshman, I have been welcomed in to the Kelley family, and showered with support from choosing my major to figuring out which clubs I want to join. This support has not only come from faculty, but also current students and alumni. On the less serious side, I have become obsessed with IU basketball. This year has bee one of the greatest seasons in a long while, and, coming in as a freshman, the excitement was unbelievable. While the school may seem big at times, it is easily condensed by getting involved. Whether it be clubs or teams, meeting more people is the best way to make a large campus seem small. The campus can be as small or large as you want it to be.


The best thing about Indiana University is the atmosphere, the campus is beautiful and the people are extremely friendly to each other. The only thing about my school that I would change is the fact that there are no air conditioning systems in Wright, it makes life pretty miserable sometimes. This school is just right in size, there is a huge variety of cultures here, and being from a small, sheltered town, I love experiencing them. I spend the most time on campus in class or at the gym; working out is a great stress reliever. When I tell people I am at Indiana University they reply, "oh so you can drink eh?" There is a huge amount of school pride here; we are a college town. People in Bloomington love being part of Hoosier Nation.


IU overall is a great place to be. The best part of the school has to be the beauty of the 900 plus acre campus, and the livelihood of Bloomington. There is an organization for everything, and opportunity is endless. It is a great school for someone from a small town or a big city. For the small towners, there are those Indiana born and raised who have attended their state school, in which IU is like a whole new world of opportunity. For the out-of-state city goers, IU becomes a home away from home and becomes a major networking resource when applying for jobs. IU has tons of school pride. When Christian Watford made the infamous "Wat-shot" during the IU vs. Kentucky basketball game, the town exploded with pride. I remember sitting in the cafeteria the next morning, and students getting up on the table singing the hoosier cheer. Due to the campus's size, I spend my time in several places. It is sometimes difficult to get around due to the crowding of buses and Indiana's fickle weather. Students also complaint about the cafeteria food, and IU's Disability Services for Students is far too small for the size of the campus.


I love being a student at Indiana University. It is such a diverse place to live and study. You really can meet any kind of person you could imagine on campus. That is my favorite thing about being a Hoosier. There are so many people to get to know and learn from during the four years of living in Bloomington. One thing that I would change would be the presence of the Greek system, or at least change its reputation on campus. I don't think it is a good way to make IU feel smaller because so many students are excluded from the process. When I tell most people that I go to IU, they ask me how it is going to such a large school. I really do not feel that it is a school that is too large to handle. There is always a place that allows the campus to feel smaller to each individual student. My favorite place on campus would have to be Assembly Hall. This is not simply because the basketball program is amazing this year. It is the one place where all of IU can come together and agree to cheer on their team. Sitting in the stands, I just feel united with every other student in the building. It really is an awesome place to be on game day.


The campus is very beautiful, and if you wish you can learn yourself a lot from one or a couple activities out of thousands of oppertunities. Stuff member here are really helpful if you really want to learn something from college. Since this university is very big, you can always find people who match you and be friends with you.


The IUB campus is a huge campus, and I mean huge. There is an equally large number of students which makes it very easy to socialize and make connections. The people I have met and deal with daily are very nice people. I feel really comfortable dealing with the students who are extremely tolerant of any nationality, religious beliefs, gender, or sexual orientation. Also, it is always a pleasure to interact with the instructors, as well as the TAs, who are always eager to answer any questions you may have, and help you understand the material very well. In addition to that, a student at IU is taken care of very well by the administration. There are many resources to help make everyday life easier for a college students, be it tutoring, scholastic resources, sports facilities, transportation, or even job opportunities on-campus. Honestly, I have not heard any complains from students about the university itself, they're probably satisfied with everything or they just consider whatever bothers them seems insignificant. There is massive load of school pride here at IU, wherever you go, I can assure you that you will see many students wearing an IU T-shirt, hoodie, or even trousers (mostly red -- that's our color). In fact, I've been around to a few states wearing my IU shirt or hoodie, and people always react positively: "Right on! IU!" or "Go IU!" or "Go Big Red!" Overall, I would definitely rate this university as one of the top institutions in the nation.


Honestly, I love Indiana University. My favorite part about this school is the fact that it is big enough to make a fresh start, but not too big that students get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday activity. I came from a small school, and IU was a big change for me. However, it was welcoming instead of overwhelming. IU offers so many ways to get involved, and there is no way that a student can be bored if he or she puts forth an effort to take advantage of these opportunities. The classes here are great, and at least from my experience I have had professors who care about me both as a person and as a student making her way into the real world. The material is challenging, but there are great advisers and instructors to help you every step of the way. Also, the campus is absolutely beautiful. We are often ranked as having one of the most beautiful campuses, and I would stand by that statement. It is big and spacious with rolling hills, not some industrialized campus crowded with buildings. The college town life here is electric, with Kirkwood being a prime shopping and dining location for students. However, the school is obviously not perfect. Many students do complain about the bus system, as it often seems to run late. This isn't a big deal when it is warm out, but for those students who live off-campus or don't want to walk during the winter months, this can be particularly frustrating. Also, there are complaints about how long it takes to walk to classes. For some, it can take up to twenty minutes to get to their destination. Some people enjoy the walking, but others do not. However, I believe that the good outweighs the bad. At IU, students do get a lot for their tuition money. The food is actually good, and there are many different options and food courts to go to. Students can also get into the various gyms on campus free of charge (the SRSC and the HPER). Basically, IU is a place to create lasting memories -- for example, my friends and I play volleyball every Thursday night then have a family dinner afterward. This is my favorite part of the week, and honestly I will miss it so much when I leave. It is the simple things that make this school and the people here so amazing, and every student has an equal opportunity to create these memories.


My overall opinion about IU is that I LOVE it. The campus is gorgeous. I know everyone says that, but all of the trees, hills, creeks and old buildings make IU stand out, trust me. Also, being a large school, there are tons of different opportunities in terms of academic departments and student organizations so it is easy to pursue many different interests. The fact that it is so large means that you have to work a little harder to find your niche, but it is well worth it. It was especially good for me, since I did not have a good idea about my direction. It allows students to explore and find what is best for them. The Indiana Memorial Union is a distinguished feature on campus. I've never heard of another student union that is so gorgeous and versatile. It's perfect for studying, grabbing some food, hosting or attending events, or just hanging out when you don't know where else to go. You can't talk about Indiana University Bloomington without talking about Bloomington. I may be biased, but I adore least the downtown area by campus. It is full of small local businesses and international restaurants, and it hosts a variety of interesting events including film and music festivals. The college makes Bloomington a liberal, tolerant haven (for the most part) despite being located in Southern Indiana. IUB is full of school pride, both for the university itself, individual schools and programs, and sports (mainly basketball). Football is mostly for the tailgating, which is the best by the way!


Overall, Indiana University was the best decision I've made. At first I felt overwhelmed when considering which college I wanted to pursue. After taking a campus visit, I knew this was the place for me. Bloomington is simply the epitome of a college town. And for good reason. There is so much school pride representing impressive sports team and academic success. It's a big enough school that I can meet new people every single day. Also, the professors that I have had here have taught me way beyond what I imagined I would have experienced in a learning setting. I could not be happier and strongly recommend Indiana University be on your list of schools to consider.


The best thing about IU is its diversity and being able to meet friends from not only all over the country, but all over the world! While IU is a large school, there are many ways to get involved on campus to make it the perfect size for any personality. Bloomington, Indiana is the definition of "college town." Great students, nightlife/bar scene, prestigious business school, beautiful campus to name only a few reasons why IU provides an excellent collegiate experience.


Indiana University is an incredible school. Our student population is extremely diverse, having kids from all over the country, as well as international students. While it may appear too large, there are many different opportunities to make you're world considerably smaller here. There are so many clubs, groups, greek opportunities, concerts, and other activities that it's nearly impossible to get bored! Sporting events are fantastic here, mainly because our school pride is unmatched by any other. Bloomington has an incredible downtown, with different cultural eateries and shops to poke through. The academics are equally impeccable as the social scene, making our students well-rounded. Teachers are very accessible, and the amount of majors and classes IU provides is enough to keep any student happy and engaged for all four years.


I think that the best thing about Indiana University is our school spirit. I love that people really care about IU and go to our football games, basketball games, soccer games, and attend the Little 500, which is a bike race held annually here at IU. We love to go to sporting to events to show our spirit and cheer on our fellow students. However, if I had to change one thing about IU, I would try to have smaller class sizes. Sometimes when you're in a huge lecture, it's intimidating to ask questions when you don't understand and it can be hard to approach the professor after class. Indiana University is a huge school, about 40,000, but I really love it and I wouldn't change it at all. It's a little intimidating at first, but the atmosphere is really welcoming and I made some of my best friends the first week of school. I probably spend most of my time on campus either at my sorority house, in classes, or at the library. The biggest recent controversy on campus was definitely the disappearance of Lauren Spierer, a student who disappeared on June 3rd, 2011. No one knows what happened to Lauren after she left Kilroys Sports Bar around 4am on June 3rd. I think something unusual about this school is that while it is really large, there are also so many easy ways to get involved around campus. Whether you do it through clubs, intramural sports, honor societies, volunteer organizations, or greek life, there are countless ways to make this huge school a little bit smaller.


The best thing about this school is the campus in general. Bloomington is a perfect "college town". If I would change anything, it would be to have more busses that ran at more times. Our school is just right for me. You have to love the big school atmosphere to love IU, but at the same time there is always a time you'll find yourself browsing campus alone (so it makes it feel smaller). Also, getting involved in Greek life also makes campus feel smaller, too. Greek life at IU is very large and you meet so many fun and awesome people. When I tell people I go to IU, they automatically know something about it. They generally react in a positive way, like they find IU a cool university. The social life is a big reaction (Little 5, homecoming, bid week, welcome week) that draws a lot of people. People spend most of their time in the Arboretum It has gorgeous landscaping and it's calming. I think the school's administration is kept in line and very responsible. When there's an issue on campus we are always notified in a timely manner and always feel safe. We have the BEST tailgates (even though our football team needs some help) and huge turnouts at basketball games (especially after we've had this season), so school spirit is huge. I think that the light show at the Art Museum that goes on every night is kind of a unique thing about IU. Also, Little 5 is an amazing time that only IU students can really appreciate. Also, our student Union is awesome, and it's beautiful. I will always remember the IU vs. UK game and the riot on Kirkwood afterwards. I'd say a complaint most students have is housing. The campus is so compact in a certain sense, but all the housing is either perfectly located or so far away.


IU is overall a fantastic school. It can be very intimidating at first because it is so big, but if you make an effort to make the big campus small by getting involved in extracurricular activities it is a magnificent school full of many valuable resources.


Coming to Indiana University was the best decision I ever made. IU is a large school that feels like a small school. The people here are very open minded and friendly. Because of IU's size, there are organizations and opportunities to get involved and meet people in anything that one can be interested in. Bloomington is the ultimate college town-it revolves around IU. There are so many local ethnic and independent restaurants and stores. World-renowned speakers and industry experts speak on campus for free every week. Weekend options are unlimited. There are concerts, plays, operas, art shows, and of course, parties. One of my favorite parts of IU is that it is a Big 10 school. IU basketball is absolutely huge here, and basketball season is always exciting, especially with our quest to get back to the top, nicknamed, "The Movement."


Going to IUB has changed my life in a positive way. I have met many different types of people here. You learn a lot by being immersed in a place for four years where people from all over the world come to study and live. It's a large school; the undergraduate enrollment is somewhere around 40,000. It is generally considered to be a party school. Our first defense whenever our football or basketball team loses a game is, "Well, at least we party harder." There are a lot of things to do on campus. The Indiana Memorial Union has a bowling alley, billiard hall, and a movie theater that plays free movies Thursday through Saturday. If you're hungry, you can find food from virtually any ethnicity you can think of. Off campus, the bar scene dominates. Kirkwood, Bloomington's "bourbon street," has several bars that are somewhat of an IU tradition, like Kilroy's and Nick's. The music scene here is pretty stellar too given that IU is home to one of the top music schools in the country, the Jacobs School of Music. There is always something to do on the weekend. At times, I feel that the administration wants to suck as much money from you as possible. There are fees for everything, and they are not cheap. I here a lot of complaints from students about parking. I have also suffered the bane that is parking at IU, and the exorbitant ticket fees that parking officers hand out so liberally. Being a "Hoosier" is something that many students feel is a lifelong allegiance. I think that says something about the experience students have here in their four years. From living in the dorms to moving off campus, going to crowded parties and then to class the next morning, IU students share the college experience that many people have at different colleges, but at IU, it's a tradition.


The best thing about this school is that there is something for everybody. It may be a big school, but there are ways to make it as small as you'd like. Bloomington is a great college town. It is very diverse; there are a lot of local restaurants and plenty of things to do. There is a lot of school pride, especially when it comes to basketball.


I LOVE going to IU. I can talk all day about the fun things I've done here and the great opportunities I've gotten from my classes and professors. I'd say the best thing about going here is all the sports events. As a student you only have to pay for football and basketball tickets, and those are still very cheap. Even if you aren't a big sports fan (I never followed basketball before college!) the atmosphere at every game is amazing!


Education: I love Indiana University. It is an amazing place to be, and I cannot imagine making any other choice when I was in high school. I came from out of state and I did not know a soul when I got here and I will graduate in May with countless new friends, experiences, and life lessons. I love that Bloomington is a Big 10 school with an incredible basketball legacy and an arts program rated on par with Julliard all at the same campus. I love that I study Business and plan a very traditional career path but still get to take electives like ballet and judo! Bloomington fits almost every student because it is such a large and diverse place. Campus: Bloomington is gorgeous!!! Very wooded, gentile hills, flowers everywhere. If you think Indiana is a flat and boring place you are dead wrong. Bloomington is also a very safe place. As a female I have never felt threatened walking around day or night. The campus town of Bloomington is another huge selling point for the university. The town is everything you could want: its beautiful with shops, bars, and places. When you walk from campus to the town you still feel like a part of campus which is great because its not like other schools where you leave and all of the sudden you are in the middle of a city or a strange town. Administration: The administration might not be something you think about much when choosing a campus, but the people running the school care so much about every student. As a student leader I have had the chance to work with many different people on the campus and I can tell you from first hand experience that professors and administrators do everything in their power to make this the best four years of every student's life. Activities: Even though Bloomington is a small town in Indiana, I could never imagine leaving to find something to do because I am bored. There are more concerts, sporting events, speakers, parties, and clubs to participate with or attend than I can even wrap my brain around. There is something for everyone here.


There are a number of things that I love about IU. First of all, if you ever get a chance to visit the campus before you choose to enroll, do it. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, especially during the fall when the leaves are changing colors. Some people would think that a school with 40,000 people is way too big for them, but I think that it is just right. I can honestly say that after my first semester at IU, I never could go anywhere without seeing a familiar face. Now that I am a junior the number of people that I know on campus has increased exponentially and I just love it. Running into people that you don't normally see is exhilarating and liven's up your daily routines. Campus is also really large, which is something that I like and don't like at the same time. When I was a freshman, I was forced to walk around everywhere which was a good thing because it got me into shape. Something I didn't like about this was when bad weather hit, I was right outside with it. That is just part of the college life though. Also, I am not a huge fan of the bus system here or really anywhere, so I would choose to walk mostly everywhere so that I didn't have to ride the bus. There are a number of bus systems that operate in Bloomington and most people take them, I just never do. We have a really cool thing here at IU that is called Btownmenus and it is a website that offers cheap deals for college students and something we all love: delivery. Being a college student has its perks, especially at Indiana University.


IU is definitely one of my top decisions in my life. It's got so many people from different walks of life that I was waiting to meet. If I could change anything, it would be to encourage us all to be more open to meeting each other and learning about each other given the opportunity with so many of us here. I have met many people through scholarship programs and at my school's library. Something more on the news this year has been recent acts of violence or news that question the safety of this campus. Our administration has been improving campus safety, and takes it seriously. I say, we students also need to always be careful about where we are and who we're with.


IU offers outstanding academics, a breathtakingly gorgeous campus, athletics, and many many student groups. There is something for everyone. And, don't be intimidated by the amount of students. There are so many different ways to get involved, that a big campus seems really small. At times it can be overwhelming, but because it's so big there are a lot of benefits passed down to students like getting Adobe programs for free or having amazing faculty working on insanely cool projects!


I think Indiana University offers phenomenal opportunities with several nationally-ranked departments and a beautiful campus located right next to a vibrant bar and restaurant community.


Overall, I think that for certain majors, Indiana University is really a challenge. We have to study every single day or we get behind in our classes. We want to be the best we can be. Our image, however, is brought down by others around us who are here on mommy & daddy's money just to party and "experience life." I think this school has some renovating to do. Some of the buildings are pretty outdated inside. The janitors all need fired because they never ever dust; and that's disgusting. The toilet paper is literally thinner than a blank sheet of white copy paper - not very nice for the undercarriage. If i could change one thing, it would be to kick out any student with a GPA below a 2.5; that way, i would be surrounded by people who actually cared about their grades and their future careers. This college town is great. Even after Lauren went missing, I still feel safe, because I don't make stupid decisions like walking home drunk and alone at 4 o'clock in the morning. When I tell people that I go to IUB, they automatically think that I'm a big party animal, when in fact, that is not true. Tonight i had the chance to go to the bar and sing a couple karaoke songs with my friends, but instead, i stayed home and did organic chemistry extra credit. Because that's the type of person I am. My accomplishments show me for what I really am, not the outsider view of my college. There is a lot of school pride here and sometimes it is upsetting to see how mad IU fans and Purdue fans get at each other. Unless you're a starter for whatever sport you are relentlessly defending, you should just keep your mouth shut and congratulate whoever does the best and wins the game. I will always remember welcome week my freshman year in fall 2009. I don't think i've ever seen so many asians in one place in my entire life. I still wonder how the heck they chose to come to Indiana for college. What's wrong with somewhere warmer like California or Florida? This school is gigantic; which i didn't really think bothered me until i had to live in the dorms for my freshman year. I was so happy to get away from that. I felt like a rat going through the same maze everyday.


I honestly love Indiana University. I picked the school after going to five other schools and I thought that I was settling when I came here. But I now know that I wasn't. This campus is absolutely beautiful and the classes are fun! I would say though, keep in mind that there are 40,000 students walking around campus everyday. It is large but that's what I was looking for and it has its perks. There is plenty to do here. There are a lot of clubs and sports, and plenty to choose from in academics as well. I really liked the variety of classes. If you are unsure about what major you want, then you have the chance to dabble in a bit of everything. The campus layout is not too hard to navigate and after a couple of weeks everything becomes old hat. I love hanging out in the Union. It's really pretty and there are some awesome food places there. I feel that there is a lot of school spirit on campus. A lot of students get into the sporting events, as do I. I love the sporting events because we all feel like a big community. It's fun to recite the cheers with a group of 7,000 or more.


My overall opinion of this school is that I LOVE IT! I am so happy with my choice to attend Indiana University. I love everything about it. The campus is historic and beautiful no matter the season. The integration of the school with the city of Bloomington gives IU more of a small-town feel that connects the entire campus. There are approximately 40,000 people that attend IU, but I have never felt as though it was too big for me. The cultural elements surrounding the campus and integrated with the school are so exciting and interesting. There are constant festivals and educational events going on around campus, and Bloomington has the most ethnic restaurants per capita in the US! The final thing that I love about this school is the pride. Every student that I have met that has gone or does go to school here is so proud to be a Hoosier, and that pride truly stays with you for the rest of your life. I have made so many connections just because I am a student at IU. Once a Hoosier, always a Hoosier!


I think Indiana University is a great school to go to. It has one of the most beautiful campuses. On top of that, the faculty and enviornment they set here is one that is very interested in the success of the students. Indiana University wants to see their students succeed.


I would have to start by saying that the best thing about IU is the size of the campus. It's so large that it breeds diversity and there are all kinds of people to meet and friends to make. It's definetely a college town. Also, IU offers a huge variety of classes from fly fishing and scuba diving to your typical business or science classes. And the staff is very knoweledgable of their fields; they're very top notch. Overall, I would not say that the campus is too large. Also, school pride is a pretty important thing at IU, so it's always fun to go to the basketball and football games, and the tailgating it like no other college's. Finally, the campus itself is very beautiful with all of the trees and openness. It defensively played a part in why I came here.


I absolutely love attending IU. The best part about the school are the people in Bloomington. The other students are always friendly and looking to have a good discussion about some current issue. The professors are open and welcoming (I've even discussed class topics with them over coffee) and the administration is very helpful. Bloomington is a college town, so most people living here have some sort of connection to the university and are also very friendly.


join ARMY ROTC the school classes are way more difficult than high school-you have to give more effort


Indiana University offers some of the best things the academic world has to offer, especially with housing SPEA, the number 2 best school in Public Affairs in the nation. It is also the home of the number one Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) in the nation, and I am a proud member of that organization. The administration is great and the faculty is nothing but helpful. The majority of time I spend at the Herman B. Wells Library, studying up on the latest from my classes. There is much school pride on Campus, especially on game day. The one thing I will always remember is the comradeship and experience I'm gaining from my ROTC program.


IUB is a great place to get involved and be a part of something huge. Almost every organization make an impact on campus. I am a part of ROTC here on campus and it has been a great experience for me. I have already met many great people, all of whom will lead this country some day. I have enjoyed the atmosphere that ROTC brought me and the sense of pride it has brought me to be a part of something bigger than myself. There is always something to do wether it be for classes, an organization, or with your friends. The campus is always busy.


This school is huge! I absolutely love it though. I work in retail and I think it's crazy to see the town's population grow over twice it's size during the school year. People come from all over to study together at a school that I can't get enough of.


IU has been great to me. I never have to explain what the University is. It's nice that there is a huge alumni base. No matter where you go, you always seem to run into someone that has or had ties to the university. Being in the Marching Hundred, I take a great amount of pride in the university and do what I can to give my support. I must say that I don't know a great deal about the administration, but Dr. McRobbie seems to have a good grasp on his plans for the future of IU. As for the controversy, well, the Kelvin Sampson thing comes to mind. That is just intolerable to bring that amount of bad press to an otherwise pristine program.


IU's huge, you can find anything here. No matter what your area of interest is, chance are, you can find a way to nuture it here at IU. The campus is beautiful and the staff have been inspirational. There is so much to do. There are so many student organizations here on campus. Whether you're into bass fishing or ping-pong, you can find it here at IU. The night life is amazing as well. Check out Kirkwood to find the most unique of bars and restaurants. The basektball tradition has been kept alive as Indiana has dreamed of returning to the finals. I have a few bad things to say too. The dorms are pretty run down and it is imperative that all freshmen live in them. The 'meal plan' is expensive too. I would recommend taking classes at Ivy Tech that transfer to IU. Little 500 is incredible, a truly unforgettable experience. When I tell people that I go to IU, they usually react by saying " wow that's awesome" or "stay out of trouble." I would strongly recommend a big university like IU for someone who might not be decided on a major. It's reputation in a wide variety of subject areas speaks for itself. Go Hoosiers!


IUB is a beautiful campus that hosts a wide variety of students in a quintessential college town that is the perfect mix of the quaintness of a small Indiana town and the amenities of a big city.


The best thing about IUB are the people. Everyone is so nice! Including the "townies" which you don't always find in college towns. Bloomington, IN is a fairly small place. The university and the town work very closely together in order to ensure the best situation for everyone. There are many things to do around campus or the town, and you always feel welcome wherever you go. When I tell people that I attend IUB, I have always had replies of "Oh I've been there, I have friends that go there, I love it, do you know such and such place..." or "Oh it's so beautiful in Bloomington!" IUB has one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation as well. Indiana University Bloomington is a large university with something like 50,000 students (including graduate students), but in my experience it has never seemed that large. I see many familiar faces as I walk around campus or the town. This university has the feeling and familiarity of a small university, but with the opportunities of large university.


Little 500 is something you don't want to miss out on. I didn't participate in any activities freshman year, but I took full advantage my sophomore year living off campus. Get to know other students. Make life long friends.


As far as the music scene goes, it is a mini Lincoln Center! There are literally a thousand performances to attend each year which include recitals, operas, ballets, orchestras, bands and more! Being in the music school, I don't spend much time outside of the music campus. The big controversy on campus is the smoking ban. I find it wonderful, but there are a significant amount of people who think this ban is a violation of their rights. Bloomington is definately a college town. Without IU, it would be just another small town in Indiana!


If you come to IU, you want to get season basketball tickets. The games at Assembly Hall are an experience you cannot miss out on. It's not just the basketball, it's the atmosphere and social setting. Games are the place to be. Also, check out other athletic events like wrestling matches, volleyball games, and track meets. Redline events are an awesome way to meet active students who have energy, passion, and pride. These events are a great way to get connected with the people around you, especially freshman year. If you need further information on Redline events, contact Andrew at [email protected]. Also, use the source "News You Can Use" which is through the Student Activities Office (SAO) which can be found at There are tons of cool events posted on a weekly basis and can help you find ways to get connected according to your interests. Some events include free music performances at Auer Hall, auditorium events, and student organization call-out meetings. Great resource, check it out.


Little 500. One weekend Worth a 4, 5, hopefully not 6 year college decision. A party that rivals Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Honeymoons in Vegas, and Spring Break on South Padre Island Texas. "Drinking galore--drinking tickets even more." The police get a little heavy, but that is expected when you have DMX, Three 6 Mafia, and the Ying Yang twins in town. Spectators litterally come in from all across the globe to see a bike race that blows the Tour de France out of the water; and all of your friends that made the unfortunate decision to not attend IU will be crashing on your couch with a hangover all week long. Drink up!


My plan for college was to attend a small, private college far from home. After my initial plans fell through due to costs, my fall-back was IU. My friends from high school encouraged me to look into IU seriously. In high school I did hear so many great things about different classes, professors, and opportunities. However, I just assumed that going to a big school was not for me because I would just get lost in the shuffle. I could not have been more wrong. The classes where you need more one-on-one time, such as foreign language, are small and have set limits for enrollment. Professors and AIs (assistant instructors) are very helpful and offer office hours each week. If you need further help, there are many tutors and learning centers available on campus. IU offers such a wide variety of courses, majors, and minors that I could not imagine going anywhere else. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and I love walking to and from classes every day. The public transportation you need not worry about, it provides a way for you to get all around campus, close apartment buildings off campus, and to the nearest mall.


I think the best thing about IUB is that the campus is beautiful. The trees and plants are very beautiful pretty much all year round, and most of the buildings are made from the limestone characteristic to the Bloomington/Brown County area. The campus and the town are a nice balance, too, I think. It isn't like the campus is a completely separate entity from the town because a lot of people walk through campus to get to town, and it's kind of like walking in a park. There are also a lot of events on campus that townspeople can attend as well, and students spend time off campus to get away from school. Campus and downtown are within walkable distance, so it's easy to get around on foot, by bus, or bike. The biggest recent controversy on campus is definitely the smoking ban. People used to be allowed to smoke within 30 feet of the entrances to buildings, and in January of this year (2008), it was limited to smoking only in designated areas, and soon there will be no smoking allowed on campus. That has pissed a lot of people off. I think there are a lot of smokers on campus: teachers, students, and staff. People think the smoking ban is ridiculous, and a lot of people still smoke where they aren't supposed to. I haven't heard anyone yelling at them to stop, either. So it will be interesting to see what happens when they try to ban smoking all over campus. One of the big things that people get excited about around here is Little 500 weekend. The bike race isn't even the main thing to get excited about anymore, I think, it's mostly just students finding another reason to get drunk, parents finding another reason to be worried, and teachers probably want to get the hell out of town. I've never actually been to the bike race because I think all the hullabaloo is really annoying bullshit, so I usually just hang out with friends and try not to get caught up in the mess of people and noise that's around town and campus. It just pisses me off.


I love everything about my school. A lot of people may think that this is a school that is too big for them, but honestly I can't make it one day without seeing at least 4 or 5 people that I know. The key is getting involved, whether that is in a varsity sport, intermurals, joing a club or by going Greek.


As I walk around IUB, I see it for what it's professionally known as. A Big Ten Univeristy, a research institution, and also a residential type of university. IUB is very accomodationg. It was quite big when I first visited. I thought I was getting a tour of a town or something, but IUB has gotten quite small as I have become more involved. The best and worst thing about IUB is that you can never run out of things to do. On one hand, you can leave here with one of the best resumes known if you take advantage of the services available to you. On the other hand, it's way too easy to become overly involved, and the opportunites are almost seti right before you. Another great thing about this institution is that networking, making connections, and opening opportunities that extend outside of the university is sooo easy! For example, in the last month, Michael Eric Dyson, Chelsea Clinton, Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama was here! We have various world traveling performances here. In addition to making connections with people who visit IUB, there are many nation or world renowned faculty members that are very personable and take time with the students and other community members that make contact with them. In my eyes, the administration can be personable, but you really have to take time to get to know them, work around their schedule, and take every formal/informal opportunity available to talk to them. At first it may seem like hard work, but it eventually pays off. Earlier I mentioned how the campus has gotten quite small. To tell you the truth, IUB still seems like a town to me. There's over ten different residence halls/apartments to live in on campus, there's cafes in some of these halls, and for some residences, all you have to do is walk right across the street to the music building or the Neal Marshall building for class. As a matter of fact, you could even go to class in your slippers if you happen to sign up for one in your building. In addition to the comfort on campus, I personally consider Bloomington a college town. IUB students get to ride the IU buses and city buses for free. The only problem is that the buses that take you to the places that are opened the latest stop running early and those places that close late have buses running pass them until midnight. Basically Bloomington shuts down at night, and for a person like myself, it's hard to find anything open except for a random pizza joint that I end up growing tired of. I'll finalize this by talking about how I spend the bulk of my time at IUB. In 2006, I believe that IUB was the 5th largest employer of Indiana. I feel bad for students who work off campus because I don't think that there's an employer more accomodating than IUB. I work in various technology labs around campus. That's one of my main spots, even after working hours. The most popular tech center for me to chill is the Information Commons. They have a few hundred computer workstations, including huge screen Macs and Multimedia stations. There's couches there too. But speaking of couches, there are about three different places for me to catch a great nap- the student union building, the IMU, one of the largest of its kind, and the Groups Students Support Services Office. In the IMU, there are two lounges with large sofas that you can stretch out on. One of the lounges even have a fireplace. The Groups office has more than just the "couch of fame," but also tutorial services, a computer area, and most importantly, staff and students that are really close. IUB means something completely different to the next person, and that's simply because it's too big of a place for me to tell it all.