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What is your overall opinion of Indiana University-Bloomington?

Is Indiana University-Bloomington a good school?

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IU has the best campus. I saw a lot of campuses of other colleges in my life and i completely fall in love with IU campus. It is beautiful in every single season, (yes, even on winter time, when it's snowing! ). Professors are great, they want to help you as much as they can. Students are all nice and I made really cool friends. IU has a lot of resources for group studies, which help making the semester easier on you. Not to mention all types of activities you may be involved, meeting new people, leadership organizations, overall improving your resume!


Going to Indiana University is the ideal college experience. It's big, but it's so easy to make friends. Everyone is very friendly and you have the opportunity to meet a lot of really different people. Bloomington, aka "B-town", is a beautiful, woodsy college town with a lot of diversity whether it be the people or places to eat and hangout. It is extremely rare to come across someone that doesn't like IU. All of the students have ample amounts of school pride and partake in everyone's top 3 favorite pastimes at Indiana University, IU Basketball, IU Football tailgates, and Little 5!!! Little 5 is an experience I will never forget because it's a full week of nonstop partying. All week there are events that lead up to the main event, the Men's Bike Race. It is so amazing and legendary that there was a movie made about it called "Breaking Away." I suggest you watch it because it was filmed on IU's campus and it is a great representation of the spirit of IU.


IU-Bloomington is an absolutely amazing place for any student. It's impossible to choose one single thing that's best about it; whether you're a party animal or a bookworm, a hipster or a frat star, you can find a niche that won't be imitated anywhere else. It's hard to think of anything to change, other than the road construction that is around the campus, which is more of a city than a university issue. Sizewise, IU has ~40,000 undergrads, which is large by any standard. However, this is one of the greatest things to have, as it allows for opportunities that aren't available at other schools. If you want a small group of friends to always hang out with, you can do that. Or if you're a socialite that wants to meet someone new everyday, you can do that, too. Indiana University is a name that is recognized anywhere and everywhere, well-respected in nearly every field (it is a public ivy, after all). Being a Hoosier is for life, and both students and alums alike have an undying appreciation for all things IU.




The business school here is outstanding but there is too much of international students. Especially Chinese and Korean students, they are always in their small group, and speaking Chinese and Korean. The campus has big area but for the altaic not the academic students. I will say, it is a good school for the business but the school director is not wise enough to develop it. It will keep in top ten business schools in five years without any changes. The people in the frat here are mostly racist, they don't welcome Asian,and Hispanic .


My personal favorite thing about IU is the Kelley School of Business. Coming in as a freshman, I have been welcomed in to the Kelley family, and showered with support from choosing my major to figuring out which clubs I want to join. This support has not only come from faculty, but also current students and alumni. On the less serious side, I have become obsessed with IU basketball. This year has bee one of the greatest seasons in a long while, and, coming in as a freshman, the excitement was unbelievable. While the school may seem big at times, it is easily condensed by getting involved. Whether it be clubs or teams, meeting more people is the best way to make a large campus seem small. The campus can be as small or large as you want it to be.


The best thing about Indiana University is the atmosphere, the campus is beautiful and the people are extremely friendly to each other. The only thing about my school that I would change is the fact that there are no air conditioning systems in Wright, it makes life pretty miserable sometimes. This school is just right in size, there is a huge variety of cultures here, and being from a small, sheltered town, I love experiencing them. I spend the most time on campus in class or at the gym; working out is a great stress reliever. When I tell people I am at Indiana University they reply, "oh so you can drink eh?" There is a huge amount of school pride here; we are a college town. People in Bloomington love being part of Hoosier Nation.


IU overall is a great place to be. The best part of the school has to be the beauty of the 900 plus acre campus, and the livelihood of Bloomington. There is an organization for everything, and opportunity is endless. It is a great school for someone from a small town or a big city. For the small towners, there are those Indiana born and raised who have attended their state school, in which IU is like a whole new world of opportunity. For the out-of-state city goers, IU becomes a home away from home and becomes a major networking resource when applying for jobs. IU has tons of school pride. When Christian Watford made the infamous "Wat-shot" during the IU vs. Kentucky basketball game, the town exploded with pride. I remember sitting in the cafeteria the next morning, and students getting up on the table singing the hoosier cheer. Due to the campus's size, I spend my time in several places. It is sometimes difficult to get around due to the crowding of buses and Indiana's fickle weather. Students also complaint about the cafeteria food, and IU's Disability Services for Students is far too small for the size of the campus.


I love being a student at Indiana University. It is such a diverse place to live and study. You really can meet any kind of person you could imagine on campus. That is my favorite thing about being a Hoosier. There are so many people to get to know and learn from during the four years of living in Bloomington. One thing that I would change would be the presence of the Greek system, or at least change its reputation on campus. I don't think it is a good way to make IU feel smaller because so many students are excluded from the process. When I tell most people that I go to IU, they ask me how it is going to such a large school. I really do not feel that it is a school that is too large to handle. There is always a place that allows the campus to feel smaller to each individual student. My favorite place on campus would have to be Assembly Hall. This is not simply because the basketball program is amazing this year. It is the one place where all of IU can come together and agree to cheer on their team. Sitting in the stands, I just feel united with every other student in the building. It really is an awesome place to be on game day.


The campus is very beautiful, and if you wish you can learn yourself a lot from one or a couple activities out of thousands of oppertunities. Stuff member here are really helpful if you really want to learn something from college. Since this university is very big, you can always find people who match you and be friends with you.