Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think that students at IUB should be excited about all of the opportunities to get involved, whether that is through academics, the 750+ student organizations, or the Bloomington community. These students should be engaged in their university and with other students, as well as academically driven and passionate about finding a major or program that will challenge them and also provide them with the skills to be successful after they graduate.


People who aren't afraid to be around many different types of people will be comfortable at Indaiana University, as well as those who wish to pursue their education in a large but friendly community.


Students who attend this school should be pasionate about important causes and dedicated to displaying school spirit. Indiana University is a very Liberal school, so that should be taken into consideration, as well. A student who attends this school should be accepting and open to learning more about the arts. Students should be open to new methods of learning and new ideas, always eager to learn more about their field of interest. Lastly, students should be friendly and loving becuase this campus is full of people who are willing to reach out to others.


A very outgiong, friendly person with a drive to succeed. Students should be competitive in and out of the classroom.


Someone who can be on their own and still be able to get things done. If they need people to tell them when to do things then they need to be at home because nobody will be there to remind them about tests and assignments that need turned in. This goes for any institution I feel.


Good students who are motivated and willing to work hard are the kind of people who should be attending IUB. The University has high standards and every student in attendance should be aware of and uphold those standards.


Student aspiring to not just receive a college degree, but be set up to make a difference when they go out into the workplace. Also if the student wants to have an enjoyable college experience while gaing tons of knowledge.


Overall an Indiana University student should be hard working and dedicated to the choices he or she makes. But that is the only common denominator amongst students. Whether you are the fashion-savvy sorority girl, or the 'I-stayed-up-until-midnight-to-get-my favorite-new -book-from-the-store' guy, there is a place for you among the student population.


Someone who wants a relatively large school contained to a small area. Excellent music, business and liberal arts programs (among others). A social, friendly and well rounded individual who likes meeting new people and having new experiences.


The great thing about IU is that because it's so big it can accomidate students of all types. There are activities and majors for people that have all different interests. Because IU is such a big school it's easy to find a niche that you fit into.


Those who sincerely wish to learn and help others.


Anyone who has an open mind and loves beauty would fall in love with this school. It is one of the most open enviroments I've ever been in. I've never felt judged by anyone there. The campus is beautiful, scattered with art and the natural beauty of nature. I would also recommend it to anyone who has an interest in experiencing a variety of cultures. Cultural traditions are strong here, and it is evident in the surrounding community's many traditional resturaunts. A foreign exchange student would find this school to almost be a home away from home.


Any kind of person can be at home here. There are resources and activities for partiers and studiers, artists and business majors. There is a lot of Greek life, but I live in a dorm intended to foster creative community and celebrate diversity. There's a huge stadium, but also a top-notch art museum and rare book library. Anyone can be comfortable and accomplish their goals here, or just as easily whirlwind from party to party. On such a large campus, it all becomes a matter of personal choice.


A person who has many different interests and a desire to expand their mind should attend Indiana University. It is a school filled with endless opportunities to be involved on and off campus.


A more libral person should attend this school. We are incredibly open-mineded and do not discriminate. The school is flexible and has numerous options to pursue. The student population is very diverse so almost anyone can fit in here.


Any student that is willing to put in effort in their studies should attend this University. It offers a small town atmosphere, while also supplying a campus of around 40,000 students. The school has a thriving social life, as well as a plethora of clubs and activities. Any student that wants to explore their hobbies further, engage in social gatherings(parties), or just have the pivitol college experience should come to IU.


Anyone can attend this school as long as they like big campuses, theres a place for everyone here.


Anyone. This school is so large that anyone can feel comfortable and at home. There is every kind of person one might associate himself with.


Anyone that wants to be part of a diverse and vibrant community should attend this school! Indiana University offers an array of clubs and activities that will surely suit the needs of any prospective student. However, the Kelley School of Business and Jacobs School of Music are especially well-known across the country for their success in their respective fields.


Open-minded people - there's so much beautiful diversity here.


Anyone can attend Indiana University as long as they are willing to put forth a lot of effort in trying hard. You must be able to control your stress level because there is plenty of stress involved at this school. You must be willing to talk in class too. A person is outgoing enough to make friends will be helpful at this school because there are so many peple.


Anyone that wants to be challenged to be the best hey can be in life.


The person who should attend IU should be willing and ready to transition to a big school with even bigger school spirit. With that in mind, you can have a lot of fun. The hugeness of the school is daunting at first but with all the Freshman programs available in your first year, it is easy to adjust and find your community within the university. At times IU gets to be too big for itself with classes and the like, but overall a surprising school with all that is has to offer.


This school provides so many different avenues to explore. Individuals who get excited by new experiences should enter with an open-mind and a willingness to try all kinds of different things. If you enter with a fixed idea of what college life should be, and what major you want, amazing chances pass you by. Everyone walking into Indiana University should expect the unexpected and try to push their own boundaries.


Anyone who is ready to learn, meet amazing and diverse people, and have the best college experience they could ever ask for. IU is great for people who want that big school feeling yet still provides a close family-like feel. Also, anyone who wants to receive a great education and be well prepared for their future career would love being here.


Anyone who wants a broad education and the opportunity to meet many different kinds of people should attend Indiana University. Also, anyone who is fond of walking should consider attending Indiana University, because they will find plenty of opportunities to put their hobby to good use.


I think anyone could attend IU. There is something here for everyone, no matter what you are into. I would recomend that the person should like big crowds since there are a lot of students, but that shouldn't discourage them if they really like the school.


People who come with an open mind. It won't be good for people who have a certain way to look at life and are not willing to change it to come here. It's so diverse that people have to be malleable to soak in the college life.


Anyone who is open-minded, creative, outgoing, and who understands that IU is a very large university with a lot going on. It is easy to get lost, socially, in a town like Bloomington with so many activities, and so if you want to get the most out of your experience at IU take advantage of the culture and opportunities at IU.


The type of person who should attend IU is someone who is open to new ideas. The campus is always buzzing with discussion, since it's a research campus. Good academic standing is important, but IU is big on discussion and new ideas. IU offers many majors,activities, ways to experience culture and different people. The campus is open and friendly, it is also decently eco-friendly. There are always things going on; performances, sporting events, lectures, exhibits, and local activities in Bloomington. The campus is ideal for people who like to explore and learn.


Any person whom has the desire and will power to take this step could attain a valuable education here. As long as you have the drive, you can make it.


Someone who wants to be able to have a great education and a fun social life. The people at this school are of all racial backgrounds, so people who can accept the differences in others would do very well here. The kind of person who should attend this school is one of consideration. The people here should realize that they are not always right, and that other people's feelings and beliefs are just as important as any other person's.


Students who may not exactly know what they want to do because there are a lot of options. Liberals because the campus is liberal. Business majors because the school is great. People who are open minded and don't mind large classes. Students who have self control because there is a lot to do, and a lot of drinking that go on so you must be able to balance work and school.


The type of person that should attend this school should be ready to be self-disciplined when it comes to staying on top of school work and avoiding partying too much. They should be focused, independent and responsible. They should also be enthusiastic to get involved because Indiana University has a lot of extracurricular activites for all types of interests.


A person who values diversity and school-spirit. There are an abundance of local Hoosiers, students from all over the states and international students. Campus culture is friendly and students have a true love for everything "B-town". If you are a person who is out-going, loves meeting new people, and enjoys being involved - you will love IU. There are endless amounts of clubs to join, strong Greek community and many ethnic-related organizations to make you feel at home if you're from overseas. Having a top-rated business, music and journalism school make IU an easy choice.


This school is ideal for people of every walk of life, culture, relgion, or gender. There are opportunities for everyone from clubs, classes, dorms (living learning communities, and sororities and fraternities. There is no certain person who should attention, if you are looking for a great school with many educational opportunities and lots of amazing people this is the place to go.


Someone who does not mind a large campus and enjoys meeting new and diverse people. The environment at this school encourages people to get involved and truly make the most of his or her's college experience. You will develop an entirely new network of friends from all over the country.


Someone who is dedicated and willing to work hard.


Indiana University is a school for just about anyone. It has a wide diversity of students, and programs available for all areas of interest. The Kelly School of Business is one of the best in the nation, so any interested in an MBA program would benefit a great deal. In addition, the science programs are quite distinguished. The social sciences offer a vast selection of majors, so the school has something for everyone. Finally, the school provides a social environment that is difficult to match.


Some one who has an iron backbone and can party their face off.


Anyone who is interested in having tons of opportunities to: gain knowledge on subjects from arabic to enigmatology to zoology, surround themselves with friends from numerous backgrounds, and participate in a plethora of extracurricular activites. But most importantly, this school is for people who either like big campuses that share the same qualities that small colleges have to offer.


A self motivator, that needs a challenge in their lives. Loves to socialize when not working for their grades. Has an open mind about different cultures, sexes, races, sexuality, and all other forms of the things that make us who we are. Someone that wants a degree that is powerful in their chosen field when they graduate. A person that wants to attend an advanced campus in technology. Someone that wants to create memories about their education, and the people that they have been around for their time on campus.


Someone who is willing to be outgoing and likes to be around large groups of people is the kind of person that would flourish at Indiana University. They should be tolerant and accepting of people with different religions and sexual orientations, as well as people of other racial/ethnic backgrounds. A person who is upbeat and social will get along with people here well, and one who is able to balance that with a focus on academics will be successful and stay here.


Someone who doesn't mind large class and an active social life.


Being from South Florida, I for one can say that anyone should be able to attend this school. However, since it is a big school, I would advise that only those who are accustomed to bigger, busy environments whould florish here. That is not to say that if you are from a rural area that you wouldn't do well. You definately have to be outgoing and indpendent and have a strong sense of self. You have to be someone who knows who they are and you have to know what you want to get out of your college experience.


Someone self-motivated and ready to go to the top of his/her class.


Any kind of student. It's a big school, but you should be able to find a comfortable social group no matter what you study or have as hobbies. There are dorms that have folks that get picked up to go to frat parties on fridays, there are dorms where they serve vegan food and have pornography theory screenings on weekends, and everything in between. There is a relatively good art school, which an inspiring art museum, designed by an interesting and famous architectur. The Buildings and interesting, many, and varied. The majors/concentrations are vast.


I do not believe that there is a "type" of person who should attend Indiana University. I feel my school offers opportunities, both socially and academically, to almost every "type" of person. Because it is such a big school, there are many different niches that one can find comfort and soladarity in. There are many different scenes to become a part of and always the option of not being a part of one particular scene and doing your own thing.


Someone who wants to experience things they never new existed, and someone who is open, and excited about new and different things


Extremely social, and patient