Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


One of the best things about Indiana University is the school spirit. After going to numerous football and basketball games, I have never experienced anything quite like the Hoosier pride. Students who have come from all over the country, even from across the world, flaunt our cream and crimson colors with great joy.


Diversity is a factor that sets Indiana University apart from other schools. Anywhere you look, you are exposed to a new culture and given the opportunity to learn from another person’s lifestyle. From the numerous personal backgrounds to the large number of school-sponsored clubs, Indiana University does its part in providing diversity for students. It is almost impossible to be bored on this campus. Whether you are going to class, bonding with your floor mates, or attending callout meeting for a club, there is always an opportunity to learn and grow as a person and student.


What I like most about Indiana University is the availiability to be an individual. I also like that there re different groups and extra curricular activites to join with friends or others that you may not know. With the others you man not know, you can make other friendships and create bonds. Classes are difficult, but if focused you will succeed.


There are lots of areas for students to get together and help each other with their coursework.


The best thing about Indiana University is the atmosphere. I live on an honors floor of one of the dormitories. All of my floormates are obviously dedicated to their studies, but they still enjoy leisure time. On the other side of the spectrum is I.U. athletics. Athletics are a big part of the Hoosier community. I always enjoy watching the soccer, football, basketball and other sport teams. Lastly, is the campus itself. The hills, plants, and wooded and grassy areas always manage to bring up my mood when I am stressed. I.U. truly is something special.


The best thing about IU is choice. There are so many paths open for everything, social, academic, and otherwise. It's not hard to find exactly what appeals to you.


Indiana University gives you enormous amounts of opportunities for anything you want to do. Whether it is studying abroad, starting a club, joining a greek organization, or doing anything you could possibly think of, Indiana University helps you do it. In addition to that, IU is an exciting school. Basketball, football, little 500, or anything in between there is always something fun and exciting going on on campus.


The best part about Inidana University- Bloomington is the campus, it is a magnificently beautiful place to live and attend school. Full of trees and fields there is always a place to find outside to study and mess about with friends.


The education here is very difficult and very different from what I am used to. This is good because it gives me a harder time so it is like i study more and am learning quite a lot in very little time.


The best thing about IU is the willingess of the professors and staff to help their students. I love the way that my professors have made a number of services known to my classmates and I. They even go so far as to offer their own time but they also make a point not to baby us. They let us know that we're all adults in this community and if we need or want anything, we have to seek it out ourselves.


The best thing about IUB is the people you get to meet. I've met so many wonderful people who share common interests as me. It's large but the large campus allows you to explore your many opportunities. When I tell people I go to IUB, they automatically assume that I'm a huge partier, which is far from the truth. I want to spend a lot of time in my residence hall hanging out with my friends or studying. Bloomington is a very lovely college town. That's what made me consider going there.


When I wake up each morning I am faced with a choice: to dress up, or dress down? It sounds like a simple decision, but it is more. To dress up is to stand out, be more formal, more organized, more 'with it'. To dress down is to be more comfortable, more at ease, and to blend in. In some schools there is no choice; everyone must dress up or everyone must dress down. At Indiana University however the choice is the student's, not the community's.


The best aspect of Indiana University has to offer would definately be the atheletic program. it amazes me how much students put into athletics, especially basketball. I think school pride and spirit is very important to have, and our student body always brings a big crowd to Assembly Hall where our Indiana Hoosiers play basketball. I truely believe our fellow classmates have an affect on how our athletes perform. Any form of encouragement and support is what any athlete needs to have.


Indiana University is an excellant university. I think the best part of my school is the expansive amount of extracurricular activites and endless opportunities to network and make friends. From clubs to intramural sports to philanthropy events to the greek system, there is something available for everyone. Additionally, IU offers excellent career services and a wide range of fields to study. Lastly, IU has an incredibly beautiful campus. Every year it is voted to be one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.


The combined feelings of pride, belonging, and unity, which are evident in Indiana University’s student body, provide a strong sense of community. The best thing about Indiana University is the feeling that, as a student, I am a part of something great. When pursuing my education begins to feel overwhelming, it is comforting to know that I have an unwavering support system of students and faculty that are willing to help. Community is important to me because it helps me feel significant as an individual; I feel like I personally, can contribute to the overall wellbeing of the school.


One of the cool parts about IU is having an internationally renown music school. Not many students have access to the musical performances that take place regularly on campus. The students in the music school are some of the best in the country, and include professional musicians (who have performed with prestigious groups) coming back to get a graduate degree. The operas are incredible, there are free jazz concerts every monday night, there are more performances than there are days at the school.


I enjoyed the fact that the school was diverse and allowed me to graduate on time with my BA. I met many friends that will remain lifetime friends.


I believe the best thing about our school is the diversity. You get to meet all kinds of people from all different areas of the world. We have a large deiversity of transfer and out of state students. There is always so much going on, but it it up to you to make the most out of your experience. It lets you create your own success, but does not just hand it to you.


The best thing about IUB is the wonderful balance of social life and academia. I was able to graduate on time and build long lasting friendships.


I love how diverse Indiana University is. You get to meet people from all walks of life and from all different places.


Indiana University has a wide range of degrees and programs that you might not find at any other college. Even if Indiana University does not have the degree that you are looking for, they have an Individualized Major Program that enables to to create a degree for anything, such as enigmatology (the study of games and puzzles). If you are unsure of what you want to do with your life, Indiana University can create a major that contains all of your interests while giving you a great liberal arts degree.


The best thing about my school is the amount of diversity at it. There is a wide range of people and topics to study that help you decide what is best for your future.


I really love the campus. It is not only beautiful, but it is also inviting. The atmosphere is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. People want to be there and they enjoy what they are doing.


The best thing about this school is the freedoms of academia. I have friends that attended other universities and their coursework for the next 4 years was picked by an advisor the first day of scheduling. At IU, I was able to take a bunch of random but still useful classes to figure out what area I wanted to go into. The advising staff is brilliant, and the courses offered give mental stimulation, as well as the group work and individual achievement that one would expect coming to college.


It feels like home.


The best thing about my school is having the opportunity to meet different people everyday. You have the chance to meet someone new everyday, which is exciting.


The opportunities! Indiana University is a huge school (one of the Big Ten schools), so they have pretty much any major you can imagine, from pre-law to magic, plus a create-you-own-major program. In addition, students are encouraged to get involved in as much as they can. While my focus is theatre, I still go to all of the operas, football games, and am in a show choir called the Singing Hoosiers. There is a niche for everyone at IU, you just have to seek it out!


My University is very Liberal and open to change. There is very little judgement among students allowing it to be an open and friendly community. There are many rescources and the campus itself is very beautiful. Also, I feel that students involved in the Greek community have no advantage over students not involved in the Greek community. I was personally, but spent a lot of time with my friends that were not. It is a welcoming and friendly campus.


There is something at Indiana University for every type of person. The campus and people are very diverse.


There's so many incredible things to do in Bloomington! There's never a boring night... and if there is, walk around town. The neighborhood's safe, and there's so many people willing to ask you to join their activities!


The best thing about Indiana University is definitely the campus; it has absolutely everything you could want. From Kirkwood and shops to the awesome wireless and spacious campus if quickly feels like home. Besides the campus itself there are TONS of things to get involved in! Club sports, music, community service, theater, free rec classes, study groups, freshman so social groups... we have everyyything!


Indiana University offers incredible variety and oportunies to students. Academically, students are being taught by renowned experts in their field and have tremendous opportunity to work as research assistants in laboratories. The teachers and alumni are also great helps when networking for jobs or internships. Socially, my school has great loyalty that unites such a large student population, creating a tight-knit community.


Among the many reasons why Indiana University is an incredible school, not only academically, but socially as well, one key factor stands out amongst the rest. Indiana University is diverse, bringing in students from all sorts of backgrounds. Throughout my freshman year, I have become friends with people my age of various races, ethnicities, and from all over the country. There aren't many schools that you can go to and find this kind of diversity.


The people, academics, Greek life, and social activities.


The best thing about Indiana University is the amount of opportunities you're presented with. There is something out there on this campus for everyone.


The best thing about my school is definitely the positive attitudes demonstrated by all students and the great education we recieve. Every day, we are challenged to do our best no matter what subject we study, and the phrase "never give up" is always in everyone's vocabulary. Indiana University is such a well rounded school; the students learn all subjects from math to foreign language.


The best things about Indiana University are the diverisity and the many opportunities to get involved. The high school I attended did not have much diversity when it came to the kids that attended, but at college it was a whole different story. There are so many opportunities to meet new and different people. Which then gives you the unique opportunity to learn more about their culture and that has led me to get involved with organizations at my school. There are countless opportunities to get plugged in somewhere on campus and really get involved in making changes.


I would have to say the best thing about my school is all of the opportunities we are given. I am not only talking about academic opportunities, but also club and activity opportunities. As far as academic opportunities, our advisors are more than willing to work with students to make sure that they achieve everything they want to achieve. Our school also offers a countless number or sports and other activities; no matter what you are interested in, you should be able to find something you enjoy.


When looking for a college, most students search for schools that offer programs that will benefit their major, or help them to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives. The best thing about Indiana University in Bloomington is that it offers a student so many different options for learning and acheivement. With eight locations, over 180 undergradute majors, and over 190 professional degrees, opportunities are endless. Also, the staff does a great job of helping students to reach their goals and be a success in their educational endeavors.


I think the best thing about Indiana is that is it a big ten school and there is a lot of spirit and always something to do. Students can always go to an athletic event or a club. There are so many opportunities.


I love the actual campus itself, its so pretty with trees and open areas. The professors here are also very demanding and they give you time when you can visit thier office hours if you have any questions over any of the materials in class. The school spirit is really great here too, students love our basketball team and go to a lot of the games here.


I think the best thing about my school is the variety of activities and organizations that people can join and participate in because no matter who you are or what you like to do you will find something to be a part of.


The best thing about Indiana University is that it is very accedemically challenging. This is because challenges make life more enjoyable and worthwhile. I am learning much more than I have ever learned in high school. I am expanding my knowledge and truly improving my work ethic. With each day that goes by, I feel better prepared for the life in the work force.


The best thing about IUB is the diversity of people. This university has really good schools and therefore has people come from all over the world. I've so far met people from throughout the united states and europe. It makes going to Indiana University much more fun than going to a small private school.


There is a since of self responsibility which I really appreciate. The teachers do not give you a lot of leway for making mistakes so if a student makes a bad decision they are going to be given consequences and no one feels sorry for them. I appreciate this because I think it is a really good way to reward the students that make really good decisions and to bring other students into light on what bad decisions can bring. I also feel that it gives students more room for self growth.


I love that my school offers such a wide range of courses. You can choose from many languages, and they have many more fitness/exercise classes available to offer a more unique college experience. IUPUI only offers a small fraction of the languages and exercise classes that Indiana University Bloomington offers.


Indiana University offers students a variety classes for their designated field, allows students to become friends with peers from around the world, gives students a great social life, and school spirit is very high.


The education I am receieving, as well as the place to make decisions that will affect my career choices for the future.


I think this school's best asset is its social environment. College is all about growing as an individual, not just about what you learn in the classroom. Of course, the classes here are not easy, but there is a lot of knowledge to be gained from outside the classroom. This campus has a lot of oppurtunities for individuals to find who they really are and engage in social situations that will add to their experiences. I think that we gain something from all our experiences, good or bad.


All of the people. There is constantly something to do, somewhere to go, and someone to enjoy time with.