Indiana University-Kokomo Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself not to be so disappointed at not being able to go to a large university. Yes, all of your friends from high school are leaving you for bigger and better cities, but you will make friends that are better than they were anyway. You will be glad you do not have the amount of debt you would have had if you went to a large university. You are going to switch majors a couple of times, but don't be worried; this is part of that "finding yourself" process that adults always talk about. The major that you chose (no, I'm not going to tell you; you need to make that decision yourself) fits well with how you want to influence the world. Be involved on campus from the first semester, don't wait until junior year. Leave more than just a fingerprint when you leave that day. In general, stop worrying. Everything will be fine. Sometimes you are your biggest enemy (forgive my cliche).


Participate in community, and extracurricular activities and volunteer more.


I would tell myself to avoid romantic relations. School is a serious part of your life and requires minimal distractions. I would encourage myself to make positive friend relationships by participating in study groups and other activities. Sharing ideas and study tips makes your scholastic life simpler. I would have also advised myself to gather information on college jobs on campus. Having a job off campus is difficult while trying to manage your first year. I would tell myself to relax but stay focused.


Dear Nick, As you are entering your last year of high school you are probably wondering what the nexts steps will be in life. Well, I want to first say, contiune to keep a good focus on school. I know you get distracted and wander off at times, but do your best. What and how you preform this year will alter your near future. Education is not that cheap and I know how cheap you are with money, so buckle down so you can get some free college cash. But do not only focus on academics, the social aspect is just as important. Try to stay involved in the community, not only to further your own character, but others as well. keep up the great work. And remember stop chasing girls.. at least for a little while. Your future self, Nick


I would tell myself to look more into scholarships and pay attention to my studies. Knowing how challenging college is, I would seek out academic advice, visit more colleges, and visit more campuses. Also, I would go ahead and nip procrastination in the bud, right then and there.


I would tell myself that grades do matter in high school. I would also tell myself that studying is extremely important in college and to get comfortable with different ways of studying that best suits me. I would tell myself to worry less about friends and relationships and worry more about school and my future. College is a big transition and I would make sure I am fully prepared for it and my future.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that the college you attend should not matter to anyone else but yourself; so choose what makes you happy, even if it does mean staying at IUK. People should not decide what college you go to. If you attend Butler University you will come home after the first semester becasue it is not the right fit, so do not waste the money trying to gain that type of college experience; choose where will make you the happiest. College is not something to be nervous about, it is a simple step in life that practically everybody takes so they understand the situation and emotions that are occuring. Other students are just as nervous about high school ending and trying to figure out if they even want to go to college. The transition into college is not that big of a deal, everyone at school are also trying to make the transition so it is best to meet people and be outgoing. Being outgoing is the key because you will make more friends instantly making the experience worth everything it takes.


If I had the opportunity to go back and talk with myself I would really have to give myself a wake up call. I would have to make myself realize the economical crisis in which this country was getting themselves into and the rate that I would spen my money rather than investing in my future, such as a degree. My advice would be save money, invest more time in planning long term goals and most of all look out for yourself. Save the money to get your degree. Make a plan so if life throws you a curveball you know where you want to get back to. Finally just take care of yourself because if you look out for others and do not focus on yourself, you lose sight of things that effect you; such as school.


If I had the opportunity to talk to myself as a senior and give advice, I would have a lot of advice to give. I would first make sure to tell myself that freshman year of college WILL be more difficult than high school and to prepare myself for the challenge. I would also tell myself to focus on the friends and memories during my senior year since it is the last year of high school. I would suggest looking at textbooks online before buying them in the campus bookstore and also to research available scholarship opportunities. I would also advise myself to enjoy my college career, yet stay focused on academic responsibilities.


?Hello. I know that you are still concerned; you do not know which school to pick, which major to pursue, or if you should even go at all. I know you doubt yourself when you know you have no reason to. You have always done amazingly, and I am telling you now ?as yourself after your first semester in college?that you still will do amazingly. Sure, you can expect the first week to be frantic, with new halls, new policies, and course changes, but you will settle in just fine. Just keep working through it and know that you will get it all figured out sooner than you think you will. I know you worry that you will not find people with your same dreams and interests in such a new and larger crowd, but you will be surprised. You will be invited into an organization with other motivated students in your same major and you will find others who dream of futures similar to yours. One was even in color guard just like you were! You will meet some wonderful people. Don?t sweat it! Above all, just trust yourself and have fun!?


College can be intimidating. Its a new environment with new people. Although the comfort of "the familiar" is gone, don't let the intimidation cloud your vision. Your professors want you to succeed. There are tutors provided by the University to assist you in your courses. Be appreciative and accept their help. You don't have to do this all on your own. Learning to tap into the resources provided will help you overcome obstacles as they arise. Having this peace of mind that you are not alone on this journey will help you to relax, achieve your greatness and enjoy the college experience.


As you are about to enter a very exciting period in your life, do not take for granted the help you receive from teachers, parents, and others. Listen closely to the advice they give. Study hard and work hard, as if your grade on this test, this paper, or this homework assignment holds the key to your future, because it does. The habits you make and grades you receive now lay the foundation for the work you will do later. Don't waste your time on useless habits that so many college students fall into, like binge drinking and sleeping all day, because you are keeping yourself from going places when you spend your time that way. Most importantly, keep your eye on your goal, and don't let anyone tell you you can't accomplish it.


Take the academic courses and focus on classes. Apply yourself to the most of your ability.


I would tell myself that college is the real deal, and there is no room in messing up. I would also tell myself that there are many career opportunities so make sure you know what you want to do. One last thing I would tell myself is GPA is what matters, nothing else. Slow and Steady wins the race, take your time and do not hurry.


College classes will be time invoking and will require dedication. Give yourself time to complete each assignment and don't procrastinate. Start working on assignments as soon as they're given instead of waiting until the due dates draw near. Also, be confident. Stand up for what you believe in and don't be afraid to state your opinion. Always have faith in yourself and always do your best.


They say that hind-sight is always 20/20, and I suppose that it is true. I always did my best to make decisions based on the information I had, but some of my resources weren't as reliable as I would have liked. Listening to myself and making my own decisions would have been the best choice for me instead of following the advice of others because of their position or my respect for them. I would advise myself to take summer courses. It could lighten my course load during the year and maybe make the experience better overall. I take 15 credit hours a semester now at least. It would be nice to lighten a couple of my semesters so that I never take more than 15 credit hours instead of taking the summer off. This break is something I was told would be good for me by my academic advisor and family. In retrospect, it would have been better to take summer courses, and I am going to take them this summer. Trusting myself to begin with would have been helpful, but all I can do is learn from it now.