Indiana University-Northwest Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dakota, I am sending this letter to you from the future and yes, I am you from the future. I am giving you some advice on how the transition to college should be taken to make it the most appealing for us. My first words of advice are to join as many community and social clubs as possible! Any club that has an opening or any volunteering opportunities, you should sign up for it. During my freshman year I wish I volunteered even more than what I had. Giving back to the community is extremely important and you should balance what you can with your studies. More advice would be to never wait until the last minute to do anything. Always give yourself plenty of time to complete assignments. So again Dakota, sign up for extra curricular activities and meet lots of like-minded purpose driven friends! Study a lot and keep school as your number one priority. Do not forget to call your family at least once a week to check in and let them know you are doing well. Above all have fun and try your best. Enjoy meeting new people and get involved!


“Advice to High School Self” Dear High School Self, There are so many things I’d like to tell you! One of the most important things is STUDY! And then study some more! I cannot stress that enough. Also, you need to learn better study techniques; because college is a lot harder than high school. There is no time to fool around in college. YOU are the key to your success, with the support of your amazing family. Another thing, you need to spend more time with your family. They are there to support you and help you through anything. Don’t take them for granted. Also, you should know that going to school full time and trying to work full time is a horrible idea. I learned the hard way. So please, do not do it. School should always come first! That is the only way you will be getting to your dream career. One last thing, please do not stress yourself out. You will not be helping yourself. Take a study break and relax by yourself or with friends. Please heed my warning! Love, College You!


Advise to myself would be to get involved, and loosen up. I would tell myself to go to the football games, and basketball games. Then I would have a chance of having my picture around the school more. I would tell myself to join as many clubs as I could. That sort of stuff looks good on college applications and resumes. And, clubs can often lead to employment opportunities in the future. I would tell myself to loosen up a little, take a step out of my comfort zone and talk to new people. It never hurts to branch out. Most of all, I would tell myself to work harder on scholarship applications, because college isn't free. Scholarships are a great way to get through college, and onto a career. And, I would tell myself to work harder on my school work, so that I could get that desireable 4.0 gpa that is more than possible. If I knew then what I know now, I would be a better me.


If I can go back in time as a high school senior I will tell my self to work hard and do things on time so I can be ahead of waht I want to do when I finish school and save up money for my college.


I would explain to myself what a difficult life I created for myself. I would tell her how through a misguided yearning for a 'free' lifestyle (where I moved wherever I wanted on a whim, or went travelling with no direction) led me to 20 years of low paying jobs, no sense of security, low self-esteem, and nothing to show for years of work. It is true that with adversity comes strength and a sense of appreciation for what is important in life. However, while my experiences contributed to the person I am today, I could not say in truth that it was worth the sacrifice of what I consider now to be a better life; one which would allow me stability and security for myself and my mother whom I now take care of. I would tell her that a good education and a college degree will lead her down a better path in life, one where she can use her creativity to make a positive impact on the world, and one which will reward her not just with a sense of security, but also a true sense of accomplishment.


I would advise myself to work harder not only in school for even better grades, but also work harder in my personal life as well as professional life. I look back now and realize just how much money I could have saved for school that I did not save. If I could go back and spend a day with myself I would definitely explain the consequences of not having a set financial plan to get through school. I would also impress on myself the importance of only using what you need financially instead of taking what is available. The most important thing I could impress on my self at that age would be to not let anyone discourage me from continuing my persuit to better myself and stay in school no matter what excuses people may try to use against school, also school takes time. Nothing happens over night and to be patient, better things will come when it is time.


To not wait so long to figure out what i want to do with my life i've already changed my major once i would of liked to not have had to do that but the first thing was not the my desire, Teaching is. And to not think im going to have all the money in the world from FASFA and i should of started appling for scholarships in high school.


HIgh School was everything i thought it would be. Everything that is portrayed in movies and books, that i have been watching and reading forever. Hanging out in the hallway, laughing at lunch, joking around inbetween classes, dating and drama as well as seeing kids I have known since first grade doing drugs behind the building before class. Its hard to take highschool seriously. Now in college, everything is different. I love it. I pay attention in class and no one bothers me with who is now dating who. I go home and read my books and I feel like this is what I have been wating for all those years I spent in a classroom where my classmates goofed off and my teacher handed out busy work. College is unpredictable. College is a job i am paying to do and a job that i love. One day i will be a college graduate and become someone sucessful, someone who people will pay to do a job that im sure I will love. A job I may even love more than I love college.


During the year and a half I have attended Butler Community College, I have been involved The Fine Arts Department which involved supervising the Art Gallery and working in the Box office during performances. During this experience I have gained a lot of respect for the artists and performances in the different groups of Fine Arts. While attending Butler I have also been very involved with many science course, since I am going to school for Nursing. In today's economy, going to college to pursue an education in the career you wish to advance in is crucial. It is very important to receive the best education you can to learn and gain knowledge you will be able to use the rest of your life. Thank you for taking the time to accept me into the running of receiving money to pursue my dreams in receiving an education.


My college experience has been valuable as it has allowed me to grow as a person. While attending college one not only learns more about the world, but about themselves. You learn about what you want academically, personally, and financially. Fresh out of high school you might have some idea of what you want to do with your life, but college helps you focus and figure out what it is to be an adult. If you weren't to attend college, you might discover all this, but certainly not as fast. In college you're "playing for keeps" a real-life version of "choose your own adventure". School is serious and they've upped the stakes. Dates aren't romantic flings but possible long-term relationships. And you're paying for all of it with time or money. It's all about choices, and college teaches you how to choose the right ones.


In the semester that i have spent attending Indiana University Northwest I have already grown in so many ways. My advisors are amazing people and they have a great deal of advice to offer. IUN is a great school, and i am excited to see where my duration at the college takes me!


While during my first semester people weren't extremely friendly towards me, I learned quickly that it wasn't that difficult to make friends at all. Being a psychology major, I was automatically added to the Psychology Club, which excited me since I've never really been too much of a club person. My current psychology teacher may only be a fill-in professor, but I have to say that she has to be my favorite part of college. She's an amazing teacher, and I can only hope that when she leaves at the end of this semester that the returning professor will be just as amazing and give an equal, if not even better experience than my current.


Just go for it! College is a great experience. You may feel like high school is boring and that you don't ever want to set foot into a classroom again, but college will most certainly better your view on education. Unlike high school, college gives you the opportunity to learn many valuable things that you actually care about! I learn so much in one day just by listening to lectures alone. I never thought I would find learning fun until I actually started college. I also find that the way classes are set up gives me a lot more free time to study, spend time with friends or family, or enjoy hobbies. Don't let high school discourage you from gaining a higher level of education. In today?s economy, finding a good job and your dream career may be impossible without a college degree. Don?t let such a wonderful and exciting opportunity pass you up. Get the higher level of education you need and enjoy every second of it!


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself to think hard about what I want to be rather then where I want to be. I had always wanted to be a Radiologist, Psychologists, or to go to art school. It seems a weird combination, but I loved both. I chose art school because I wanted to go to Chicago. Hindsight is that I actually am back in Indiana doing Radiology and I love it more than I ever enjoyed art school. Helping people and having daily interaction in a fast pace setting is what I needed. Back then I just wanted to go to Chicago and have fun. So now I have alot more student loans than neccessary. So I think I would tell myself to think more about what would suit me in the future, as far as career wise, rather than location. I was young and had to learn the hard way, but am determined to graduate and hopefully go to medical school.


I attended college elsewhere for two years with an undecided major. Now that I know what path I want to take, I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to just start out at this point. I would suggest getting a head start on pre-requisite classes and focusing on getting them out of the way so I could focus more on my core classes while in the actual program. I would remind myself of good study habits because they are a wonderful asset in college life. I would warn myself of the unforeseen expenses of college, such as books and uniforms for clinicals. I would tell myself to work less and focus more on school, because it is very time consuming. Skimming by with a barely passing grade are unacceptable and high grades only come with dedication to studying. I would say to be committed to path I have chosen because it is a wonderful experience, and take the most out of every day, every hour. You will meet people and do things you never imagined. So stay focused, work hard, but have fun and be grateful for the experience.


Even though I believe I prepared myself properly before I started college I would have to say it would be not as a scary step as you think it is. I will aslo tell myself it is just another gradual transition through life to meet your full potential at the end of your education. My senior self would be intimidated with college and be biting his nails by the thought of furthering his education and also having doubt as if he could handle college courses. I would explain to myself that if anything it is more laid back and college gives the student more freedom that requires responsibilty. Overall, college is an exciting time that I can handle with a strong sense of responsibilty for my actions and decisions.


Knowing what I know now, I would not change much career as a student, or as a person. I went away to Purdue immediately after graduating high school, I had experiences, good and bad, that I will never forget! I met friends that I will remain friends with forever, and met professors that changed the way I thought about life and what I wanted to do with mine. I also got sucked into typical "freshman on a big campus" life. Drinking, frat parties, and missing all my early classes. My grades suffered, and after one year, I realized I was throwing my education and my own money down the drains. I moved home, took a short break to marry the man of my dreams and long time boyfriend; had our first child, whom I've had the amazing oppurtunity to be a stay at home to for the first two years. Last year I decided it's time to start over and do things right, I re-enrolled in college and received straight A's my first semester back. You see, it's easy to look back with regret, but it's harder to learn from it, and keep striving!


Wow, who guessed college would be like this! I have to say you picked a great college, but it sure is a workout climbing those hills. I need to give you some advice before you make it to the top. Grades are everything. You get to start fresh in college but you have to work ten times harder than you do in high school. Don't expect it to be easier because you have less classes and they don't meet everyday. You still need to put in that extra effort to do your homework and study for those exams. Doing that will help get those A's and get you closer to the best you! P.S., another major factor in getting those good grades, a adequate amount of sleep. At least eight hours. Good luck!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to continue striving to fulfill my highest potential both academically and as an active community member. In high school, you cannot rely on only what the teachers tell you or what they expect of you, because a lot of times that is not enough. You have to set your own standdards and have a desire to learn subjects in depth rather than just skimming the surface. In college, professors will no longer baby you and they will expect you not only to learn the material they demonstrate to you, but for you to seek knowledge from other outside sources. In addition, having the drive to fulfill your goals in life is another key attribute that is needed to be a successful college student. Although it may seem like grades and homework is all that matters, that is a major misconception. Just as important is the role that you play in your community. Colleges and employers seek well-rounded individuals that are able to communicate effectively and demonstrate a good-natured personality.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself is to stay concentrated, and don't slack off, because even though its your last year in high school, it still counts. I would also, get a job and save most of the money i made, because college life isn't cheap. I would also try to be more independent, because in college mommy and daddy are not there to help you everytime you need them. Another thing I would do is develop good study habits, because in college an exam has more than one chapter on them, they usually have 3-5 chapters, and you can not learn 3-5 chapters worth of informaiotn in one night. Also becasue exams make up 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of your grade unlike high school where you have homework and other grades accumulated in one. So the main thing I would tell myself is to not stress about college, try to develop good study habbits, but since it is your senior year, I would tell myself to enjoy everylast minute of it and to have fun with your friends you might never see again.


Before enrolling in classes their are 3 things you need to do. #1 Do some type of survey or test to see what you would be good at (careerwise) that fits your lifestyle and you are passionate about. #2 Search for colleges that are known for your major and have a good graduation rate as well as a high level of job placement right out of school. #3 This is the most important thing you should do before deciding what school to go to. GO TO THE CAMPUS and STAY for a few days. Outside of actually visiting with your family and hearing all about the campus history from a tour guide, find a program that will allow you to stay with a upper classmen. That way you can hear from a student first hand the good AND the bad of the school. Then go to a class with them and take notes, so you can see the classroom size, the type of students, the style of the professor, the required walk or transportation to get to class, the food options, (I could go on and on) but basically so you can feel confident in your choice of school!


I would give my advice to take school more seriously. I went into college just because it was what I was told to do. After having my daughter, I know you need college to succeed in life. I would have prepared myself more in high school and learned good study tips. Also, I would have looked more into scholarships and grants instead of just assuming I'd be able to pay for college.


I would tell myself to really take the time to figure out what you want to be when you grow up. My undergrad degree was in Health Services Management. I then went on to law school after which I practiced law for four years before going back to school to get my masters in accounting. I am now currently seeking employment. Often times I wonder where my life would be had I gotten my undergrad in accounting or bypassed law school and went to work in the health administration field. I think it is difficult at the age of 18 to know what your life holds in five years. It is important to listen to yourself and your own desires and not what others think you should do. Attending class is also VERY important. It is too easy to fall trap to the freedom. No parents around to tell you to get up and go to class. No principals calling to notify your parents you weren't there. No one monitoring your test scores or making sure you did homework. Once you fall behind it is very difficult to catch up. College is very important to your entire future!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself before I was a high school senior in order to prepare myself the future then that would be better; however, if I must settle and just go back to a high school senior then I would advise myself on these three matters. First, I would tell myself that everything you do from this point on affects the rest of your life. Second, I would help myself grasp that although I am graduating and moving further in my education; I should always treasure my experiences as a reference instead of running away from them. Third, never give up. If you didn't do so well in high school, so what. You can always change and you can always do better. So the next time you get a B, do not think of it as the end of the world. There is so much advice that I wish I could give myself at all stages of life but that is okay. Because now I have learned those lessons.


I would of went to high school and made the best grades possible and went straight to college after to make a better life for myself.


I would tell myself to stay focus and have a plan. College is easy if you apply yourself. Take your time and make sure that understand before moving forward on something and you will do great. Don't limit yourself to one thing or one decision. Don't get into a relationship until you have accomplished what you want.


Study harder during your first year of school and apply yourself further like you do your sophmore year.