Indiana University-Northwest Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the faculty at my school. They're always willing to help in any way they possibly can.


The best thing about my school would have to be the professors. I'm well into my sophomore year and I have yet to have a boring, dull, or uninteresting instructor. To top it off, all my instructors are very wise in what they teach. Their vast knowledge on the subject and their ability to make the classes interesting helps bring a certain level of fun to my college experience.


I love that my school and the teachers are readily available to help you at any time. Learning the health career sometimes requires alot of help with your biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology courses, so the fact that they seem really invested in you and helping you to succeed was what led me to continue my education at this University. Their genuine care for their students is outstanding.


The diversity. This is my third campus during my undergrad degree and a lot of schools pretend to have a good "diverse campus" but they dont have engaging activities that would allow you to socialize with people with different backgrounds. Indiana University Northwest Business school has a lot of group assignments and activities where you are put into groups of people you don't know or normally wouldn't socialize with. By the end of each semester I always have a new group of good friends!


The class size and how everyone seems to really care for one another. People will share notes, make study groups and really try and help one another.


I am sure others would have a different opinion then myself; however, I love the fact that I am attending classes with people who actually care about learning. I love being surrounded by working adults or adults returning to school; they aren't just attending school for the fun of it.