Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Beautiful campus that's not too large.


I can honestly say I enjoy my school. At first i was a little hesitant to attend this school because it was very far from my hometown. I eventually came around to the idea of attending and im glad I did. This school is not too big and not too small. This school also did a good job on having a variety of majors for people to pursue. The campus and dorms are beautiful. The food could be better, but atleast they offer a variety of food. Also the teachers can be helpful when needed.


My school is a great place to learn that is filled with very friendly peers, professors, and staff.


My school is a great learning environment that is full of friendly peers, professors, and staff.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania is an awesome university filled with diverse students and hundreds of majors to choose from. IUP's staff and faculty make education worth while and definitely worth the cost.


IUP is a fun campus where its easy to make friends and get involved.


A school that is diverse and has alot of oppurtunities availible for students.


Iup is a very good school; there are many degree programs, activities, and organizations to join, you can always keep busy there.


the school has a fun atmosphere and the professors are great. I really enjoy going to IUP. We are on winter break and I can not wait to return this weekend!


A good sized school that allows you to get just as good an education as at an ivy league school as long as you apply yourself.


my school educates its students very well


Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus is a school that is not only beautiful during all months, but allows for its students to excel in the academic world, in which each student is able to take opportunities to the fullest.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania is a college devoted to it's students and it's faculty by making each person a priority and allowing each person here to strive to better their education and accomplish their goals.


We are scholars, writers, artists, scientists, leaders, and visionaries with the same passion for learning and questioning the world around us.


This school is inviting, friendly and very diverse.


In the middle of nowhere but everyones friendly.


It's a lovely campus with great teachers and a lot to offer a student in terms of education variety, diverse ethnicities, and great connections between teacher and student.


IUP is considered a great university for education majors. Many view it as a college which accepts students with lower GPA's and SAT scores. It is known for it's party atmosphere yet is large and diverse enough that one doesn't have to engage in that type of social arena unless its by choice.


IUP is a good school for music with helpful and skilled professors.


The campus is very large, has newly buit suites that are amazing and everyday I am surrounded by a diverse group of students that all come together to enjoy life after high school and receive a college degree.


My school is a very down to earth school,where they value your opinion and appreciate the work you do.


IUP is a university in a small town area, with many on campus activities to make up for the lack of entertainment off campus.


IUP is the largest school in the Pennsylvania state school system which is seen through its resources available to students but not through the atmosphere of the campus, the availability of professors, or the amount of extra curricular activites.


This school is a very modern school that is transforming itself to become better in technology by the year.


A school that truly cares about their students both academically and for their futures upon graduating.


My school is completely awesome and a great fit for me. I sometimes wonder if I should have chosen a D1 school but then I realize I love everything about this place!


Average, red brick state school with lots of money spent on buildings, but not much on programs or teachers.


A smaller, quieter town with close-by grocery and drug stores, smaller classes than most state schools, and a lower-leveled crime rate.


This is an excellent school where students are able to be educated, make lifelong friends, and have great fun.


It is an intellectual treasure in the middle of nowhere.


IUP is a party school.


Best choice I have ever made!


At IUP there are is as much snow as there are smiles and finals week isn't sad because of all of the tests, but because everyone knows they have to go home in a few and leave their friends for a month or two; IUP is a huge community made up of many friends that turned into family.


IUP is a great time. you will meet your best friends and you will have the time of your life.


this school is very fun, lots to do, work focused, but still very entertaining, quite, and beautiful.


You can get a lot out of this school if you put a lot of work into it.


My school is a wonderful, prositive, learning environment. I recommend this university to everyone. I encourage those prospect students to come and visit.


A unified group of people striving toward excellence in education for themselves and others.


This school is very eclectic.


Diverse and relaxed atmosphere, but the president, right now, is obssessed with raising the prices of on-campus housing and is demolishing all the old dorms and replacing them with suites that are overly priced and cheaply made.


IUP is fun, helpful, lots to do, and there is nothing it doesn't have.


This school is a very tight knit communtity.


The school is very diverse.


Can be a lot of fun if you're a social person who likes to meet new people.


Small town drinking college.


A time-lapse video chronicling the construction of the new Grant Suites at IUP.