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Describe the dorms.


Beautiful, Like hotel rooms. They are not even dorms, they are suites! There are lots of different floor plans to choose from and they are designed to fit everyones needs. They even have a sitting area, kitchen (mins a stove) but with a fridge and microwave, sink, countertops, etc. You also get your own bathroom. There are NOT community bathrooms in the suites.


Suite Style Dorms: Walwork, Northern, Putt, Delaney, Pratt, Maple, Ruddock, Stephenson These dorms are band new. They're spacious and attractive. Each building has a computer lounge and private study room. Their are a variety of privacy levels from sharing a room and bathroom to having your very own private area, complete with a private bathroom. You can live with up to three other people. Some of them have a living room, others do not. They all have a mini kitchen, however, which is extremely convenient! The walls are thin so if you have noisy neighbors that can be a problem. I spent one year living in the dorms, I had a two person semi suite. I had my own bedroom and shared a small bathroom and kitchen area with my roommate. I found this to be a great option for me because I didn't know my roommate before moving in. The culture of the buildings vary by floor. On my floor, everyone kept their doors closed, but in my friend's dorm, everyone is very social and friendly. Every floor is co-ed. Traditional Dorms: Elkin, McCarthy These are two or three people to a room with two desks, a dresser, and a closet. The rooms in McCarthy are very tiny, but Elkin is much more spacious. Bathrooms are shared by the entire floor. In Elkin, girls are on one side and boys on the other, but in McCarthy, the building is divided by floor. These dorms tend to be very social and almost everyone keeps their door open all of the time. My boyfriend lived in Elkin freshman and sophomore year and my best friend lived in McCarthy freshman year, so I have had quite a bit of experience in these dorms as well. Honors College: Whitmyre I don't have much to say about Whitmyre. I've only entered the building once to grab something form a friend. The building is VERY private. You can't get in unless you're an honors college student, not even during the day. They have their own basketball court which used to set them apart, but now there is one outside of Stephenson as well as a volleyball court. Whitmyre is an interesting building and it's very old fashion and formal. Busts of dead philosophers and rulers liter the study areas. The entire building is very quiet. It doesn't feel like a college dorm, it feels like a library.