Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Homecoming! It is a lot of fun!


Indiana University of Pennsylvania is best known for being a "party" school. Although, I became interested in this particular college because of the cost and location. IUP's reputation did not alter my decision. Since becoming a student here I can give you my opinion on what IUP is best known for: They have over 130 Bachelor programs and more than 50 Master's programs, campus is easy to navigate and I feel it is just the right size, Oak Grove is a beautiful and quiet place to relax or study and their extra curricular activites are outstanding.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania is best known to be a growing school with strong academics. It is a very well, laid out campus and has many clubs and organizations.


My school is best known for our fun activities, many students from other schools sometimes come to IUP for a good time.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania is best known for its diversity of programs that it offers to students throughout their academic experience. There are so many clubs, organizations, and athletics that students can participate in during their free time. The school fully supports there clubs and encourages students to participate. It is also well known for its social reputation because the college offers a small town setting where students can interact more regularly and make lasting friendships.


"The Legand" which is ther band and The business school. It's top notch.


I believe that my school is best known for its outstanding educational programs.


Indiana University of PA is a community: it is tight knit, friendly, and comfortable. IUP is known for the diversity among the student body and the appreciation for the students. The diversity of the student body is essential and allows members to interact with students from cultures across the world and leard about all different cultures, as well as teaching others about their own personal culture. The staff and professors of IUP truly care for their students and it allows the students to do their best, even above and beyond. It is a great curriculum.


Indiana University is known for its teaching, criminology, and nursing degrees. As soon as I decided I wanted to become a teacher IUP jumped to the top of my list.


My school is knon for its business program because it has a wonderful school of business with a staff of profssors that enjoy teaching. Also, the business school offers many different classes that are unique and will help each business studen excel in life.


I am unsure, however I do know the physiology class and anatomy classes are taken by future doctors. I know that IUP is consider one of the top collages for their music program.




Best known for their academic programs. They offer a broad variety of different programs and the Robert E. Cooks college is the honors college at our university.


IUP is best known for their Criminology program because it's one of the highest ranked in PA. With that aside, it's also known for new developement on campus like the new housing and newer buildings.


party school


Our sports teams and parties are best known to be realistic. However, we do have a great Educations and child development program as well as business.


Drinking and being a party school in the middle of nowhere, run mostly by fraternity and sorority life.


My school is best known for its music. We have an outstanding music program and we are nationally known for our talent. Other things we are known for is our athletics department. Our football team is always a top-contender in Division 2 and our girls varsity basketball team always goes far into the playoffs. One more thing, our professors are well-known for their teaching, work, and contribution to our learning.


Variety of courses available.




Art and Business


theader deprt.


This school is best known for being the largest state school in pennsylvania.


CONSTRUCTION!!! AHHHH, besides that its a pretty beautiful campus. theres alot of parties that go on but if thats not your thing theres pleanty of other activities to get involved in


It is very well known for people who have a lot of fun and who go out and party a lot.


IUP is best known for its prestige in academics and its fraternity and sorority life. Varsity sports are also really big on campus.


My school is best known for its alcohol tendancies. The acronym IUP (Indiana University of Pennyslvania) is commonly referred to as the 'I Usually Party' school.


It is a big school with a small school feel.


Scenes from the annual IUP Senior Bar Crawl.


I think at one time it was best known for its theater and music programs but now I am not so sure what it is best known for. I guess it is known for Youtube. The guy who created YouTube and the Zippo lighters are both graduates from IUP.