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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes they are all very accurate.


Not necessarily.. We do party.. but what school doesn't?


There is definitely some truth to these stereotypes but there are all kinds of people at IUP. There are big partiers, girls who go tanning for too long and guys on steroids but they are pretty much every other people imaginable as well. It is easy to find your own niche at the school and people who have common interests from music, art, theatre, sports or even just hanging out in a coffee shop. IUP's diversity is definitely one of its stronger points. The honors college stereotypes also has some truth but like that larger student body it has many different types of students. The honors college students do tend to stick together but there is a mix of overachievers, slackers, athletes, and


If you want to party, you can find a party. Most are off campus. IUP academic and admission standards appear slightly lower than that of other colleges in the area, however I have never been to another college to compare. If you apply yourself, you can still get a good education here.


Absolutely not, we have rare and amazing talent at IUP!


No I don't think they are.


for some students.. yes


Come on out and see for yourself but you probly wont remember it in the morning

Jenna any other college campus there is going to be drinking but if you dont want to take part in it then you dont go to the parties.


Although there is a predominant party scene, I believe most colleges have one. There are many students proud to promote their drinking abilities and happily advertise on t-shirts sold in the Oak Grove. However, there are many students who do not spend the majority of their time at bars or parties. I have found it to be the case that those who are in college to party quickly fail out. The education system is one that I am proud of and requires effort and intellect to succeed.


It's probably somewhat true, but I'm not sure how IUP measures up on it's partying compared to other schools. Homecoming is the BIG party weekend, but I'm sure there are schools where it seems like every weekend in like homecoming (Penn State, WVU). The good thing though is that the drinking scene is only there if you want it...nothing is forced on you.


to a degree, yes. however, its also really known for its academics as well.


IUP is a party school, but other schools probably are too. IUP is not for dumb people; some pretty smart people have graduated from there. While a lot of people at IUP are studying elementary or secondary education, other majors are popular as well.


Most of us are very smart people, we just REALLY like to party. and IUP is an amazing school for a better price. so no, we are not stupid....but we do party alot.




Not particularly. Of course there will be drinking, but not everyone at IUP drinks. There are plenty of people that don't drink or party and still have just as much fun.


Some of them are. But like I said before, it all depends on who you want to be around, and you choose who you want to spend your time with.


Yes and no, it can be a party school, if that's what you make it out to be.


There are some very intelligent people attending IUP but almost everyone I know will party any night of the week.




No, not really.


Of course, near any college campus there are going to parties, and I do admit IUP may have more than others. Parties, however, have nothing to do with how well you can accel academically at IUP. Going into my junior year, I think that I am getting a great education. My friends in the Robert E. Cook Honors College also tell me that they think that they are getting an excellent education in their respective departments. And we have time to party, on the side.


somewhat, every school you go to your always going to have the party kids but for the most part theres a lot to do around campus and life there is pretty much what you make it


IUP is a fun place, i would definitely recommend staying on campus your freshman year. Living in the dorms is where you meet most of the people on campus. I would consider it a party school, the bar scene is pretty lame so friends houses are always better.


Only a percentage of the student body are party people. Unfortunately, "one bad apple..."


some are some aren't. I don't know anyone that has an STD or anything like that although people do hook up alot. Yea we do party alot, there is usually always fraternity parties on weekend nights and usually always random house parties to find. people go to the bars alot if you are of age. Mainly there is always people drinking heavily and having a good time.




You make school what you want it to be


Somewhat, people party at every college around America, why is IUP any different? I think IUP gives more people a chance than expected, the ball is in your court, if you want to piss it away partying, go ahead in my opinion. People dont realize the opprotunity that they have to get a college education. The black problem is true though, most of the crime committed is by blacks from Philadelphia. Atwater needs to chill.




not for all the students


somewhat -drinking has been banned by the university.




They could be. There are alot of local students that go here, but there are also a lot of people that come from other places, including internationally. The partying, it's everywhere. So if you are looking for it, you will find it on any college campus.


To some people, the stereotype that we are the #1 party school might hold true, but every school is a #1 party school because you can find parties anywhere if you're actually looking for them. IUP isn't any worse than the rest out there. I don't think the sterotype for the students is true; we have a lot of bright kids here, and hey, every school has its exceptions.


For the most part, yes! I enjoy IUP because it did have so many options. Sometimes I had to search them out but they were there. There are so many people there for the same experience which also helped in finding things I enjoyed.


The drinking aspect, I feel is true. It is half the reason I commute. As for it being a bad school because it is cheap, that is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. IUP has some of the best professors and learning experience you can encounter


NO!!!!!!! Not all of us choose to spend our time at IUP drinking... there are some of us who are more concerned about our education!


Just like any college, IUP is whatever you, as the student, make of it. If you want to party you will find one, but if what you like to do for fun does not include partying, you will find your niche here. Honors College students are NOT snobs! This stereotype really bothers me because I made some great friends in the Honors College. Everyone has the potential to make a great friend. Don't judge people too quickly.


Yes, for most.


other than IUP being a fairly easy school to get accepted into no




Like EVERY other college we do party at IUP, but not as much as people think, and also it's your choice to party or not.


Yeah, for the most part. You can always find a party. You have to look for alternatives if you aren't in the mood to drink and they can be harder to come by; but, there is always at least one other thing to do.


IUP is just like every college/university there are parties going on every weekend. At one time IUP was a party school but that was a long time ago.


50/50 I would say. Most of the school drinks, but in all due honesty it just depends on who you meet. If you want to party, you'll find those students. Or if you don't want to party, then you'll find people who look at IUP's party-hardiness and just laugh.


Well, I am a firm believer that, "where there's smoke there's fire".....all that to say, we do have our fare share of parties but that os just the same at PITT, PSU, and any of the other surrounding schools.


No, The education department is ranked in the top 5 in PA, as well as the business Dept. Some school districts only want teachers from IUP.


pretty much


We drink a lot, but the quality of the education is also very high.