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What are the academics like at your school?


yes. favorite: edex Least: research writing.


My favorite class is economics because i have a cool teacher. My least favorite is math beacause i have a bad teacher.


Most of my classes the professors have known my name. But some just dont seem to care to take the time to get to know you if you are in a class with a large amount of people. My favoirte class is one of my socilogy classes. We learn life lessons, the professior knows our name and times time to get to know each one as a person. I particiapte in class sometimes, not as much as i probably should.


its probably just like any other university...they take your money and then whatever happens happens


i don't really socialize much with my professors. they know me as a good student and i think that they can tell i am a hard worker. i don't stay after class and chat or worry about outside of class activities. i think that a student and professor's relationship should be professional.


Yes. It was in my first semester, MIS-all due to the professor; Least fav-accounting-due to the subject. Maybe 5-10 hrs a week. Yes. Not sure. Yes. I think the education is about both getting a job and also learning.


Because I am a nerd, most professors do know my name. I am studious, and I try to raise my hand when I know an answer to a question because I always feel bad for the professor when no one is talking while the teacher stands there looking dumbfounded and irritated. Almost all the professors that are within my major do know my name by heart because I have had them for several classes before. However, there are some classes where I seriously lack in participation and hardly feel like speaking in class. This occurs more-so in my larger classes. My least favorite class so far has been Computer Science 101. It was difficult for me to understand my professor's accent who was French and Egyptian, and some of the assignments did not print out right when I did them at home, which hurt my grade at times. I think students study more toward the end of their college years because they become more serious about their education. Prior to that, many students do not even know what they want to study as a major or know what they want to do for a career. All in all, though, the amount of studying and how often a student studies all depends on the student. Some take college more seriously than others, and some need a wake-up call. I enjoy a good debate in class, but I have not had a class where debates have really occurred since my freshman year. Smaller classes have more class participation, and will occur more when the teacher has a positive way of encouraging it. Professors want to see the students discuss class topics and share their opinion, but many times the students need a push in order to do so. They need to feel comfortable with their classmates, the professor and the class first. The journalism department is very good at IUP. One of my professors, Randy, in particular, pushes his students to do well and learn from their mistakes by having a tough grading system. I use to call him a point nazi, but it is all necessary in order for us to learn. We are taught that it is better for us to make mistakes now rather than in our careers and to learn from them so we don't get ourselves in trouble in the future. We are also shown the many possibilities that journalism majors can have for career choices. Randy also emails the journalism students internship and job opportunities that area available for all who are interested and able to apply. I do not spend time with professors outside of class. I think it'd be awkward if it were leisure time. However, if it is during their office hours and you are seeking help with class, that is not so weird. Probably most students at some point or another do have intellectual conversations. I know I do with some friends at times. I may be overestimating some college kids however... I believe the education at IUP is geared toward both learning for its own sake and getting a job. They want you to broaden your horizons and have an open mind, but they also do a lot of preparing in each of the concentrations to help students get a career.


Once I got into my major classes, the class sizes decreased and all of my professors learned my name. They say hi if they see you walking down the hall. My favorite classes are the public relation ones within the journalism major; they have helped me begin to perfect my writing skills, which is important in the field I want to get into after I graduate. And the teacher is phenomenal. The journalism department is small, and everyone knows each other. The most unique class I've taken was College Writing...made interesting by the teacher. She was very untraditional and believed in a "learning contract" rather than grades.

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