Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus?


Party friendly, fun, intelligent, like every other college kid


We usually party. Which is true, however we have a lot more to offer than just a great party scene. The faculty and staff here at IUP really do an excellent job of providing us with a good education. The "Hometown Hero's" are the kids who grew up in Indiana, and are stereotyped as the ones who will never get out... Not true. Maybe we just see what's in front of us and want to take advantage of the opportunity? As well as a ton of good parties and fun.


The stereotype of the typical mainstream IUP student is rural pennsylvania who knows how to drink and like to party. IUP has a reputation for being a big party school with people who go out every night of the week. The stereotype of the IUP Honors College is a bit different. The Honors College is known for housing quirky students who often do not party, stay in the dorm, and like art, theatre and sarcastic humor.


IUP is stained with the reputation of a "party school." A lot of people think that IUP has lower academic and admission standards that a lot of other colleges.


Party people who do not learn anything or excel!


They have alot of parties and activities for the students to be involved in.


huge partiers


We party alot another one is that we party some more and the last one would have to be we party


That it is all drinking all the time.


I Usually Party is a common acronym for IUP. It is known for it's partying. Many people belittle the education of IUP students due to the school's party reputation.