Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I honestly think the kind of people who should attend this school are the ones who want to learn, who want to get a degree, who want to expand their horizon of learning.


Self-motivated students should attend this school. Because class sizes can be quite larege, many times your professors will not get the opportunity to get to know you well unless you stand out. For this reason, it is important to be able to motivate yourself; the professor often does not go out of his or her way to push each and every student individually.


Students who attend this school should not want to be part of a small, close-knit community. They should also prefer not to be academically challenged, although this may vary by program. If they want to party, this is the school for them. A few departments (education, business) are well-renowned, but for the most part, students get out of an education here only what they put into it. School spirit is very low in general, except when it comes to our pride in drinking.


Hard working, career driven person wanting to get a good education and do well in their careers and life.


Any type of person can come here. It is very diverse even though it is mostly white. As long as you are secure in who you are, you should get through your college experience just fine.


The person should be outgoing, likes to engage in social interactions, and likes to make friends. Their is a good social scene, and academically, the work load can become challenging. The student should be academically intregued and want to attend their class as well as be willing to understand the courseload can become heavy, so they should be able to multi-task.


Some one looking for a school with big school opportunities in a small school town kind of feeling.


People who enjoy socialization and experience should attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Although there are a lot of students enrolled here, you still see familiar faces while walking across campus. Many of the classes are small, giving you a chance to get to know other people fairly quickly, while allowing you to keep other aspects of your life private. People should be willing to actively particiapate in campus events to fully emerse oneself in campus life.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania is a school for those who want a very diverse experience. There are so many different organizations representing many different groups of people. A potential student should be one who wants more than a community college, but not as large of a campus as say Penn State.


This school is a great place to go if you are interested in attending college for practical reasons--i.e., to get a job. It was relatively affordable and there are some good professors, but it's not going to be super challenging for those who want a more intellectual atmosphere.


Anyone wanting to get a great education at a reasonable cost.


I would say anybody who wants to go to a school that student and goal oriented along with providing oppurtunities such as programs related to your major and things that interest you. They provide plenty of information on financial aid such as scholarship programs, different loans and other things in the same program. Also I would this school is somewhere you can grow as person and get to know yourself a little more as well as other people, this would be the school for you.


I would have to say that would depend on that particular student. Does he or she perfer a small town then this would be possibly a school to consider. However there is alot of students, at times numerous demonstrations are held throught out the court yard demonstrating ones particular beliefs and or objections to a particular situation that maybe occuring. For answering the above question, I would think that you would ask this type of question would be considered a judgement of charicter/person and I feel this is an unjust question! Everyone is the same!!


Those that should attend are IUP are career driven with a readiness to work hard and discover their own path. They must be willing to seek out the professionals that can best help them on their journey but know that they will be met with the help they seek.


It just depends on the person and what they are looking for. If you are close with family and live far away from school not recommended. If they are close to the school go for it.


This school is more for a person who is extremely active with drinking and partying. Indiana is more for people who are socially popular, instead of a person who is career based.


People who attend this school should be open and willing to make an attempt to get to know people. You should expect to not get a lot of one on one time with the teacher, so you need to be able to answer your own questions and get help elsewhere.


If you want professors who honestly care about each of their students.


The best kind of person to attend this school would want to expand their horizons, learn the most they can both academically and in through their experiences in life. They would want to make a difference in not only their own life, but the lives of other through their careers and their time at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


People who are academically focused, but still want to live the college experience and have fun should come to IUP. If you are very into your schoolwork and are extremely focused on your career, IUP is a great school for you. Also, if your focused on a future but still want to have fun, IUP is a great school for you too. IUP is extremely diverse so it can accomadate a vareity of personalities.


Any kind really, if you like a decently big campus with a great deal of culture and a chance to meet new people come here. Our professors are great and you'll come out of here with a degree from a well-known institution.


Flunk out of high school, you are welcome to attend.


anyone who want to attend a large campus focused on work.


Any and al types should attend, a very welcoming atmosphere will await them.


Someone who's looking for a relaxed and diverse atmosphere, or someone who's looking for a nig campus with a small town feel.


Someone who doesn't mind living in a small town area, nothing much going on except parties and distractions from school work.


A person that likes a close knit community and is willing to get out and try new things because in order to have fun you need to join clubs and meet new people. The school is also good for people that want to stay close to home because a lot of the people are local (within an hour's drive) so you'll probably meet someone you know from home.