Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus know before they start?


The advice that I would give to myself would be to pay more attention to subjects such as Math and Science. They are very important subjects for the college process. I would also advise myself to do more research when choosing a college.


I would tell my high school senior self to apply to scholarships now and don't wait and to study more because your grades do count. Since being at college, I have learned that people take their grades very serioulsy and in order to do well and keep your grades up you have to cut time out from hanging with friends and staying up at all hours of the night hanging out. Your grades effect you in the future more than you know and being away from home for the first time can be fun but you have to take responsibilty for yourself and own up to your mistakes.


The advice I would give myself would have to be do not give up to easily also I would have to tell myself move at your pace, not everyone else's. I didn't go the traditional route as everyone else, I graduated high school in 2011 and worked because I saw how expensive school was and I started when I was ready. I was not excited about college when I was fresh out of hig school but now I am, so if I could go back in time and talk to my old self I tell me don't let others pressure you into going because they want you to do better, you have to want it yourself so go when you are ready.


Create the person you want to be every single day. Take control every morning and choose to be happy and accept yourself for who you are. One morning you’ll wake up and not question the identity you’re creating, but until that day make each new day count. Stay true to yourself. You make mistakes, but each and everyday starts new and fresh, those mistakes are in the past. Last but not least, ask questions. No one will ever be able to tell you all the answers, but the journey to find out is sometimes more important than the question itself. Be patient and appreciate that you are living life everyday, enjoy it!


If I could go back and share my wisedom of what I know now, I would tell myself to start saving as much money as i can now. If I dont need it to survive in this world, then do not buy it. The second piece of advise that I would give myself is, be careful of who you hang out with. If something doesnt feel right, fallow your guit, because it tends to be right. And the last piece of advise would be, enjoy yourself, go out and have fun, but always remember school comes first. You are going to college for an education, not a socail life.


Make a better effort to connect with the professors. Their input and collaboration are a necessity.


If I could go back, I would give myself the same advice that every wise adult gave me at the time... college is mandatory for a comfortable future. I am 35 years old and I am now getting back to college. There are days it is impossible because life keeps happening. I wish someone had explained to me that by 28 the wiz-kid syndrome wears off; and there is no such thing as a wiz-man. Great job prospects force you to compete with people who are smarter, faster, younger and have more flexible time schedules than you. They are armed with resume as impressive as yours and a degree may be the one thing that gets you the job you want instead of your second (or 5th) choice. Not only is it an education, but it proves to employers that you have stick-to-itiveness, which is the number one quality every employer wants to see.I would say that I know first hand how hard it can be with no diploma. I also know first hand that if you wait to get your education, the opportunity to may not be there next time you look.


Knowing what i know now about college life and making the transition the advice i'd give senior me would be take things seriously. My whole high school years i took it as a joke and never really considered it to be as important as i thought; but i was really wrong. I really wish sometimes i could go back and just really start thinking the way i think now. I went from thinking like a child to really thinking like the adult that i've become. Which is why i'd make sure i didn't slack off my senior year, and not skip class whenever i didnt feel like going because i was only hurting myself and not anyone else.


I would tell myself to take all of the AP tests that I qualified for and to study for them as much as possible. I didn't take any of the AP tests I qualified for and I regret it. I would have been able to opt out of two gen eds if I had gotten a high enough score. I would tell myself that even though I am afraid to leave home, just do it. If you don't, you'll end up transferring later. I would remind myself that I am intelligent and can handle college.


Money is a requirement when going to college. Everything has a price, tuition, books, food, laundry, etc. Back in high school I failed to fill out as many scholarship applications as I could. Thinking back now that is one of the main things I would say I regret. If I would have put more time into filling out scholarship applications as I did on social networks or just lounging around I probably would be going to school for free. I didn't know how stressful it could be worrying about where the money for my tuition is going to come from until now. I now apply for as many scholarships as I can so that I won't have to take out as many loans to pay for school.