Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


This campus is huge and we are in the mountains, which means we get a lot of cold weather and snow. The walk to classes or the cafe in the winter time is treacherous. If you are not a motivated student, the weather can cause you to want to stay in bed instead of going to class. Though this is nothing the school can fix, it is still something to consider when deciding on coming to this school. I would still recommend this school to anybody, seeing as though this is the only downfall that I can think of.


I hate the caffeteria hours and availibility of food variety in the dinning hall.


The most frustrating thing about Indian University of Pennsylvania is the randomness of the weather. It could be sunny one minute and then the next you are in the middle of a snowstorm.


What I find most frustrating about IUP is the aspect that it known as a "party" school. In just a few weeks of being a student here, I have seen many police arrests for public drunkeness and underage drinking. There is quite an abundance of underage drinking in the dorms as well. One more annoyance that comes along with drinking is loud music and noisy people. The noise makes it difficult to concentrate, study and sleep. Weekend noise would be one thing, but this is a constant issue. I suppose one can get used to anything.


transfering into the school was hard and it was hard to get anything done.


The most fustrating thing about my school is the cost. I am a working mother of two children applying for a second Master's Degree in Education. This degree will cost my family approxiatly 14,000 dollars. There are minimal sholarships or grants available for teachers continuing their education.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the weather. It is very rarely nice here, it's mostly windy, rainy, or snowy. There are so many wind tunnels from the buildings on campus that you always have to dress warm.


The most frustrating thing is that there are alot of slackers here that are able to do just about nothing and still pass, graduate and get a job but people like myself that work very hard for their grades get the shaft . It is also very frustrating not being able to get into the classes that I need to graduate because they are full, hire more teachers thats why I'm here. It's also hard to get scholarships because I am not from Philadelpia, they seem to be the only people that get good support from this place.


I would have to say the financial aid and cost of living. I, myself, am struggling to live because the entire campus is now suite style livnig and it's too expensive and my financial aid does not cover me. Therefore, I am not able to receive financial aid for books, like i havent been for the last 2 semesters.


scheduling classes so i can graduate on time. i'm taking an extra year to complete a second major and timing out my classes has been difficult so that i can graduate in time.


Its reputation as a party school made it hard to take this university seriously, but the classes I've taken are really great and I know a lot of successful people who have graduated from IUP.


Dealing with ficanial aid is the most frustrating aspect of my school. The office workers are too fast to say that the only option is to take out private loans. Although financial aid is out there, they dont make an effort to help you find it.


The most frustrating thing that I have encountered so far is the dificulty level of some of the so called "weed out" courses. The initial shock of my first test was enough to make me realize that a lot more was expected of me now that I'm at a college level. Although the hours of studying for these classes can be frustrating, it's something that I have already began to adapt to, which can be reflected in my current GPA (3.7). Hard classes may seem impossible at first, but with enough effort a good grade is possible.


Trying to get answers from people that work in the offices, not nesscessarily professors.


the fact that they dont offer much information about jobs and how to look for jobs upon graduation.


The bus schedule sucks


The most frustrating thing, to me, is when I have to wake up super early to schedule my classes for the next semester. I have to wake up around 6 am to get online and go through the process of finding classes and hoping that they have enough room. Also, I have to make sure I have the right classes to fill my prerequisites for my major.


The amount of drinking that goes on with underage students


The most frustrating thing about IUP is when it snows it is so hard to get around to classes. Some of the sidewalks are rarely shoveled and people slip and fall all the time. Because of this it's hard to get the motivation to get up and go to class.


The most frustrating thing at my school is the weather. It is very unpredictable and it is almost always gloomy outside. Rain is a constant threat, even if it looks very sunny out because cloud bursts are common. The good news is that with a pair of rain boots and a rain jacket, the weather is tolerable. Having a set of decent snow boots (good grip to ground and come above ankles) is also a plus for when the winter weather comes along. The winter weather is usually not as bad as the warmer weather.


The cultural differences between international students and American students. Both groups seem unwilling to accept the other into their own groups and to mix at their own will. I sympathize the international students because I feel as if their experience in America is being cut short because of this issue.


Meals on campus are very expensive as with purchasing books that most professors require you to have but then never use. You end up losing out on so much extra money.


I'm applying to get into the graduate school in the fall of 2009. They only take 22 students, so the competition is high right now. I'm studying hard to do my best and stand out amoung the other students.




The unwillingness to change either through student activities or the professors way of teaching.


All the construction


the most frusterating thing about iup is the advisors. i think its frustrating because many times when you go in for a scheduled meeting to talk with them, they just ask what you want to do and then pretty much just say yeah do that. they do not actually give their imput or seem to help. since there is a lot of kids, they do not know any of their kids on a personal level. also the weather is really frustrating because its always cold and raining or snowing which makes it hard to want to go to class.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the weather! which is something I have no control over!


I would say that the most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that they don't offer as much financial aid as they say they do. At this point, they are currently building many new areas of housing, and making them more expensive when students can hardly afford the cheaper crummy buildings in the first place.


The most frustrating thing at my school is scheduling. Each student sits down with their advisor and goes over the schedule that we both feel is appropriate. But it's in a way pointless because half the time you get on to register for next semesters classes all the ones your expecting are taken, leaving you with either taking classes that are unecessary or not having enough credits to be considered full-time. I am a sophmore and have only taken 3 classes necessary for my major. It's annoying.