Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I would have to consider the best thing about my school would have to be the teaching curriculum, my teachers keep me interrested like I want to go to class everyday to see what I could learn next. Everyday excites me to see where my knowledge is going to expand to next.


I would consider the living conditions one of the best things about this school. They offer a wide varity of dorm suites to fit anyones prefreence. Also, IUP takes really good care of their dorm biulding, every thing is clean, and safe. Plus Indiana Universtiy of PA has a great selection of off-campus housing as well.


There's a couple things that I like about my school, I like the fact that the Computer Science program is really up to par, and has plenty of different paths that allow me to expand, rather than just one set course, I'm allowed to pick what path I want to pursue, and even in that I'm have some leeway, as a whole it feels extremely customizable, ontop of the quality of education (from as far as I can tell) being impressive from what I can tell.


The best thing about IUP is the pride that almost every student shares in our ability to drink anyone else "under the table." That is one thing that almost every student takes away from their education here. It is one of the few unifying factors that makes me feel close to the rest of the student body here at IUP, and reminiscing about their partying experiences is the one thing that most commonly unites IUP alumni.


To me, the best thing about my school is the diversity of our students. We have so many students from all over the world that we can learn something from if we make an effort to. Also, we have great diversity in our students. What I mean is, we have so many different kinds of beliefs, personalities, and interests that bonds are often formed strong and people get to experience new things. It is much more accepting because of these factors.


"Turns out, its not where, but who you're with that really matters." Where I'm from, Indiana University of Pennsylvania isn't a well-known, "big-name" university; but there are admirable qualities to IUP that even "big-name" schools can't claim. In addition to the beautiful rolling hills surrounding this small town, the campus is secondary to the beauty of the people themselves. Even if you do not know a soul at IUP, everywhere one may turn are friendly faces who are there and willing to help you: the admissions, teachers, and for me, my fellow classmates.


We have Suites not dorms! :)


I love the fact that the town surrounding the campus is essentially built around the school. It's not like in schools in the city, where the campus is stuck in the middle of downtown. Indiana is a college town, and I think that adds a lot more to the experience.


The best thing about IUP is the small class sizes. So far, I have not been in, nor heard of a class having more than 75 people. Also, I absolutely love the Robert E. Cook Honors College here at IUP. IT is unlike any other honors program out there and isreally what attracted me to IUP in the first place.


Everything is so close by. It does not take that long to walk to and from classes.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania has an amazing campus. The landscaping and buildings are incrediblt well-kept as well as aesthetically pleasing. The architecture and design of the newer buildings really instill a sense of satisfaction and happiness on the students who walk past them each and every day. As an interior design student, I am able to recognize the successful design of many of the buildings. It is an amazing place to live.


The diversity of the school is what I consider the best thing about my school. Everywhere you look you can come across someone completely different than you, and fairly friendly for the most part so it is easy to learn about someone else's culture or ways of life.


The advice I've received from my guidance councilor and mentor hase been indespensible. I've grown from their words of wisdom, advice, and friendship. The convienence they provide, extending their hand of helpfulness, has provided me with a stress-free environment that has led me to blossom as a student.


I believe that the best thing about my school is the strong encouragement I receieve from my professors, the help that is available, and also the respect and care that I receive from the majority of the professors, students, administrators.


The best thing about my school is that the professors. They really care how you are doing and if you don't understand something, they will sit there and explain it to you until you do understand it. Also all of the teachers I have had for my major classes have so much experience that hearing how knowledgeable they are makes students want to do good.


The thing I consider best is the diversity at my school. The reason being, there was a point in time where there were only Caucasians and very little African Americans who attended Indiana University of PA. Now in this day and age there are kinds of ethnicities on this campus such as: Asians, Latinos, International students from England and Africa. Diversity is very important to me and it's a good to be open minded especially when you can learn about different cultures and their customs.


Everything becuase you get so many things out of life at the university. You are able to do so many thing on and off campus that you never finish but the one thing i consider is the best thing is the class sizes. The reason why i believe the size of the class is the best thing is because class are between 15 to 30 people. That is a great thing because the teachers are able to single you out and help you out on your time of need in the class and they also know you by first name.


The best thing about IUP is that the classes are small. You don't feel like a number in class, you feel like a person. Professors encourage discussion on whatever the topic might be. Students are generally receptive to different points of view. Campus is also very centralized and everything is close together.


The best thing about the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, for me, is the location, cost, and programs of study. The Main Campus is about twenty five minutes from my home. It is not to far away, but it is not too close. I like being able to go home when I want. I also love how inexpensive the tuition is compared to the other schools I looked at. It was the least expensive of them all. I also love how big of a varitey in programs of study they have. Each program is strong and well structured.


the best thing about this school are the people here. my friends keep me somewhat positive and are pretty much the only reason I'm here


The activities they usually do. To bring people: students, teachers, and even family to share and at the same time to know more about what the college has to offer.


The best thing about my school is the criminology professors who helped me decide my major. I am always the vice-president of the Criminology Association on campus and I absolutely love it. I help us get involved in the community so much, and i believe it will help us all out later in life.


It is the perfect size; not too big, not too small. It is in a beautiful area, and the surrounding town is fun, lively, and just big enough.


There are people from all over the world coming to IUP as transfer students because it is fairly cheap compared to other schools. Take advantage of that and talk with them. My roommate last year was from Taiwan and I learned more about him and his culture than I ever would have in a class room. I even learned a little Chinese. Talk with them and learn more about the world around you. Hands down, best aspect of this school is the diversity.


The best thing about my school is the location. The town is beautiful and while maintaining the quality of a college, it still gives off a feeling of a close-knit community. Indiana is just the right size for me and everything is so close and so easily accessible to me. I love being able to walk just a few blocks and be able to go eat, shop, or see my friends within just a few minutes of each other.


The best thing about my school was the environment. It's very inviting and relaxing.


The people there because they are mostly friendly and the size of the campus because it's easy to get from one class to the next


The best thing about the school is the size and neighborhood. IUP is a perfectly sized state school that has a lot going on but not too much for you to stay in touch with. The neighborhood also makes it feel as though you are surrounded by a community instead of just a usual college.


I hate my school. The best thing is that it is close to pittsburgh (1 hour)


It's a great school for just about anybody. The best thing about this school is that every program is nationally accredited. Most programs are nationally ranked.


the campus life there is so much going on there is no way you can be bored.


The best thing about my school is the size, not too big, not too small. Large enough to have all neccesary resources, but small enough to keep the class sizes to a reasonable rate.


the people. i have amazing friends, and the professors are really nice too. its really easy to make friends or find somebody to study with


Best thing about this school is the price of it.


The best thing about my school is that there is a variety of people around, everyone can find a group into which they fit.


It is really affordable and you still get a good education.


It was a fun environment to be in, and the people there were really interested in making things happen. They would engulf themselves in their work.


THe best thing about my school would have to be the sorority life. This is the best thing because it gets you involved on campus and it keeps you busy in a small town area like this.


The best thing is that it is in a nice community, but it's close to Pittsburgh so on the weekends you can drive into the city or even the suburbs have really nice shopping. The campus is beautiful, minus the construction that's going to be going on for the next couple of years.