Indiana University-Southeast Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My university is best known for being the cheaper alternative to going to an Indiana University university branch. The education, nursing, and business programs are quite extensive and taught by many of the same teachers and along the same rubrics as at the larger universities. Many big corporations in this area look towards this university to get the brightest, up and coming students that were about to enter the work force with their respective degrees.


Grenadiers which is sports, I don't get into sports so I just know this is on their from page on website. They have a great business program which is well respected here in Indiana and Kentucky. I have learned so much this term since I have started. They have an accounting club which has speakers that really help students learn whats available for students. They have companies come to talk about externships, communication, and marketing.


The school is best known for either it's pre-med degree programs or it's buisness progam. The buisness program at IUS is rated 9th in the nation by Buisnessweek magazine.


IUS is best known for its small classes and hometown feel. It is also known for its Education, Nursing, & Business programs.


I think it is best known for the friendly staff and students. Everyone is willing to help each other out, creating a positive and pleasant environment.


My school is known for offering a real university setting with a small, community college atmosphere. Many of the students who attend live in the surrounding counties and commute to school, not to mention they do not have the money to afford attending a major Univsersity. IUS offers studetns the University advatange while acting like a small, accessable community college. If a student wishes to live on campus, IUS has recently built wonderful, new dorms.


The school is best known for being a commuting school that offers an Indiana University degree. The tuition is cheaper and gives the opportunity to earn a highly respected degree to people who might now otherwise be able to afford it.

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