Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I went to an online college.


My classmates are knowlegdeable, Christian, and very helpful students that provide answers to the questions any of the other students have.


My classmates are enthusiastic about what they are learning and eager to apply it to the clinical setting.


My classmates are awesome.


My classmates are very diverse and cool individuals.


very helpful, spiritual, and eager to learn


My classmates tend to be female and caucasian but vary wildly in terms of political ideology, interests, style, beliefs, culture, and background in a way that creates a significant amount of diversity that is well represented.


My classmages are committed, focused and determined to achieving the highest academic level possible.


My classmates are devoted to academic and spiritual preparation so that they may succeed in future endeavors and make a difference in the lives they encounter along the way.


I loved all of my classmates, they are all nice girls and are willing to help any of the other students if needed.


My classmates are always there to help when you get stuck on a problem or do not understand the content of the class. They are all willing to put their studies aside to make time to help you. It is nice to know that whoever I go to they will find a way to help me. Even if they do not know the answer they will help me find it.


My classmates are wonderful which is why I love my school so much. They are all very much like me. They are either working fulltime, parents, starting back to school again, or just now starting college several years after they graduation highschool. They all have life experience and we all value each other's time and have a great deal of understanding and respect for each other.


Very helpful and eagar to learn


They are generous, caring people who takes the extra step for others.


My classmates are very helpful and good with walking with me through the rough patches of school and social life


Some classmates are simple and easy to get along with. Others can be strange and complicated. No one is difficult to talk to though. Being in the art department, we help one another and bounce ideas off of each other. Art projects can be time consuming, so we sometimes help each other with the hands-on projects.


my classmates are dedicated, smart, helpful, friendly


Most my classmates are a white girl or guy from a middle class background in a quiet Chritian community with at least one supportive parent/guardian to help them.


My classmates are usually friendly, upbeat and a little bit naive.


They are fun, during class we laugh and have a great time, we study together and have a great time during anything!


Christian, middle class students wanting a great education to get a good job.




The majority of my classmates are academically driven, good hearted men and women who care about one another and work their best.


They have a lot of the same values as I do.


My classmates are friendly, helpful and accepting.


They are amazing, everyone is polite and friendly!


They are very outgoing adn welcoming.