Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Christian worldview and flexible but very credible adult learning program.


Distance Learning


My school is best known for its Christ-centered community. Because it is Wesleyan affiliated, the campus finds faith a large part of the experience at Indiana Wesleyan University. Regardless of what time it is, students have opportunities to worship and praise God in whatever way they please. Professors and other staff are also passionate about their students' growth in a strong relationship with God.


World Changers


A small, Christian school that is friendly and warm. It is very focused on successful academics.


Indiana Wesleayn University is best known for its Christ centered atmosphere. One hour on campus convinced me as a high school senior that IWU was not a typical Christian university. While many private campuses claim to be Christian affiliated, many do not portray the character or qualities in the Christian faith. Indiana Wesleyan students and faculty display the servanthood of Christ by seeking volunteer opportunities in the community. IWU students also display the love of Christ, and I have yet to hear raised voices or harsh words. This to me is a unique quality for any campus.


I believe this school is best known for being a Christian school with a good nursing program.


Our school is known for it's nursing, music, and art programs. It is very music and art oriented and very welcoming. Our school is placed in the ghetto in order to reach out to the communities with their students. It is a Christian school with a Wesleyan denomination.


I believe my school is well known for its spiritual, friendly atmosphere. There are so many opportunities for spiritual growth on campus and the Christ-centeredness of my school is what drives it and keeps it together. The faculty are also very friendly and helpful. They sincerely care about the students and you often see professors around the college coffee shop or the cafeteria talking with students. We have high standards in our academics and our faciilities are way above par.


My school is best known for nice campus and its dedication to its students. Profs go out of their way to make sure you are learning the material.


Quality Christian education, caring professors, flexibility of online or onsite classes, and ease of registration.


Academic and spiritual emphysis.


The school's commitment to maintaining a Christian atmosphere on campus and its nursing program.


My school is best known for its Christ-centered academic atmosphere. It is also know for its nursing, education, and ministry programs.


Indiana Wesleyan is a conservative Christian school. The school is best known for the spiritual environment.


The school is best known for it's fast growing Adult Professional Studies program which has set up over 13 satellite campuses in 3 states. Second to that, the school is known for its beautiful campus and pristine facilities in collaboration with the spiritual, caring, God fearing atmosphere.


Christian values, conservative rules without being over-the-top like Bob Jones or Pensacola. Great nursing program.


My school is best known for the campus facilities, academic quality, spiritual atmostphere, and unique programs, dormitories, activites.


It is best known for it's spiritual atmosphere. I would agree that it is a very good Christian atmosphere.


The spiritual atmosphere and their passion for making thier student's successful.


Strict rules and conservatism.


A great atmosphere, encouraging and liek a big family.


Conservativism, a good student-teacher ratio, promotion of diversity, commitment to changing the world


Very nice facilities, no debt


Indiana Wesleyan University is best known for its Nursing program. It boasts one of the nation's top nursing programs, including amazing facilities and superior faculty. Burns Hall of Science and Nursing has been described to me by prospective students and their families as being in-league, if not better than, schools such as Indiana University.


I think the main thing this college is known for now is its society of world changers. We go to this school to be taught the best way possible to change the world for the good of mankind. Without a college like this, I am sure we wouldn't be as enlightened anywhere else. I am just blessed to meet people with the same outlook as I have, and I am happy that we almost all want to positively change the errors in the world. God has blessed me with this college, and I can't thank Him enough.