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The most unique things about Indiana Wesleyan University is the professional and considerate students, the devoute Christian atmosphere, and the small size. Students at this school always hold doors for one another and love to dress up. They also take their Christian faith very seriously. Lastly, the small size allows for hands on learning in the labs and classrooms, as well as a strong sense of community, and campus events that the entire school attends.


I study media communications here, and I'm amazed by how good our program is. We don't have a lot of people in the major, sure, but we have access to excellent equipment right away.


Indiana Wesleyan University is a christian centered environment, and they value that aspect very much. Everyone I've met except a slight few people have been friendly, welcoming, and willing to help in whatever is needed.


My favorite part of Indiana Wesleyan University is the class sizes. I love being able to raise my hand and have my professor call on me to have a discussion. I feel like my professors genuinely care about my well being in their class, especially in their class. Almost all, if not all, of my professors know my name. This may not seem like much, but it shows that they genuinely care.


IWU is a Christian campus. The benefit of living on a Christian campus has become imperative to my success, both academically and spiritually. Having chapel offered three times a week, I have learned so much more about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ than I ever throught was possible. Through these administrative programs and the relationships I have formed with other Christians here, I have learned legions about myself, my faith, my world, and about others than I had ever thought I could learn. I praise the Lord each and every day for allowing me to be here.


I have attended a BIG 10 universtiy, a state technical college and now Indiana Wesleyan University. Compared to other schools IWU is unique in that is has an extremely high ethics thread throughout every course. Integrity is expected and practiced freely. The communications between the instructors and the students is much more respectful at Indiana Wesleyan University than any other I have seen. The instructors treat students as "other adults". One other unique characteristic about IWU is the choice of text books. The books chosen are more reasonably priced. I believe the instructors include books they have personally found useful.


Again, the Christian atmosphere and emphasis on biblical principles were very important to me in my progress and my educational experience.


It is very welcoming and seemed like a home more than a school. I felt like I would fit in very well there.


The Christian atmosphere here is incredible!


The campus is very Christ-centered including class sessions.