Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell my friends that Indiana Wesleyan is one of the best schools in Indiana for Nursing. Everyone is treated fairly and is always friendly. The professors are willing to help and are caring. It is also one of the most wonderful Christian schools I have seen. You are able to feel an uplifting atmosphere entering this campus.


The strong sense of community.


The School of Nursing; how great it is and the awesome simulation lab that the school has.


The coffee shop, McConn, is amazing! It's as good as Starbuck's, if not better! And we have this awesome sense of community in our dorm halls. We don't think twice about walking into someone else's room, and the owner of the room isn't offended in the least!


The faculty at this institution are responsive and very friendly. There is a sense of community among peers. Every where you go you will recognize someone from the school, which helps to form networks to get involved in activities and find jobs and internships. The food here is great and the housing accomodations are comfortable. Campus police & facility services are quick to help when we need it - locked out of dorm, car stuck in snow, lightbulb out, or someone stole your bike. The school is looked upon positively by the surrounding community because we are a light to our neighbors.


I am older than most freshman students starting out on my associates, certificate online in drug and alcohol couseling. I would encourage all my family and friends that what ever age you are, you can return to school. Indiana wesleyen college has made entering back a dream except, for the financial aspect. I wish there was free education for everyone. Indiana wesleyen has alot ,there is something for everyone. You can attend part-time, full-time, on campus and if your life is full like mine you can attend classes online. Thank-you God and for the addicts still suffering.


It is an awesome educational college.


Indiana Wesleyan University is a great school. We have professors who care about every student. The professors will make an effort to know your name and meet with you one-on-one. We also great facilities. New buildings are always being built. We just recieved a new Chapel. This chapel is a great addition to the campus because it shows that we, as a student body, are focused on one thing. And that is honoring God. IWU also has a great dinning options. The food here is very good compared to most colleges. Come to IWU!


What I brag most about Indiana Wesleyan University is that it is a community that wants the students to be in a safe environment for learning and to grow spiritually among others that want to help. It is a great school where everyone is friendly and really want to make a difference in their career.


I love the Christian atmosphere and the team oriented environment of the Adult Studies (LEAP Program) of Indiana Wesleyan University. I have recommended this school to many people and several have expressed the same opinion as myself. I highly recommend this school and would do it again if given the choice.


The teachers here are very personally involved, setting up times to meet with students if they are having trouble with a certain topic. The campus overall is very community and service oriented, santioned events happen almost every day, and it is easy to jump on board. I would highly reccomend anyone to attend this wonderful University.


The friends


People grow at IWU. It is a place where you can become the man or woman that you want to be when you enter the real world. There are good people there. People that love God and want to know Him better. They will push you to to know God better too if that is what you want. The education program is probably one of the best in the country. You will be ready for teaching your own class when you leave.


It has the BEST facilities.


How pretty, clean and nice the facilities are. The activities and groups I am involved in, and the wonderful friends I have met.


IWU helps working professionals complete their degree. The program was hard but it fit into my lifestyle. I was in class with other adult learners that were experiencing the same thing as I was. I like the Christian focused education and the attention at incorporating Christ into one's daily life. Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend it t anybody.


the community and comrodary that i build in college


It is a fun school, and the people there are well intentioned. The campus is gorgeous.


the community is amazing!


We have nice buildings and good facilities.


It has a great art program. The profs are very enthusiastic about teaching and really enjoy looking looking at and giving constructive opinions on your projects. The gen ed classes are fine and I have nothing to complain about.