Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Indiana Wesleyan is the food. It starts out tasting great but by the end of the semester, I can barely eat it.


The University is slightly strict, and I believe that we are all adults and should have more freedom. But, I understand that they have to include rules to keep things running smoothly and safely. I also know that they want to represent christianity in a world where it's becoming uncommon.


The worst part of the school is that the price is so high. It is such a wonderful place and I would live to see more students go there. There are many students who have had to leave because they could not afford it. Because it is a private school, many are not able to go to such an expensive place. I know financial times are difficult, but I wish there were more ways that students could afford to go here. I was blessed in so many ways and I wold love to see others blessed as well.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of diversity. It is a very white-washed school with shallow knowledge of different cultures. Indiana Wesleyan is not broad in it's cultural diversity or sensitivity.


The worst thing about Indiana Wesleyan University is the male to female ratio of 1:6 so there is a great deal more females then males. I personally enjoy hanging out with boys as friends and I miss having equal opportunities to hang out with boys as I do girls.


The work load for the online classes is very large and time consuming.


Indiana Wesleyan University is an amazing school, and I love it here. One thing however that gets on my nerves concerning the students that attend here at their inexperience in the world and their ignorance to accept the viewpoints of others. Due to their opinions being grounded in their families values, they are reluctant to even consider the opinions of others. However, I have seen that through calm conversations with these types of people, they become far more willing to consider other viewpoints of opinions of the issues that matter to them the most.


The only "worst things" that I can think of at Indiana Wesleyan universal at any college.


The program at the university I'm attending is considered accelerated. Classes vary from 4 weeks to 8 weeks at a time. We have class one night a week for 4 hours. It's great because before you know it, one class is done and you are on to the next; however, it's a short amount of time for a great deal of work. The work load from the classes can be a bit overwhelming at times.


The worst thing about my school is probably that it has so little diversity. The number of racially diverse has increased this adademic school year, but the great majority of the school consists of white, middle to upper-middle class students from conservative backgrounds. I would love to see more students of different races and countries around the world. It would also be better if students and faculty were open to more discussion about new, original ideas and views that are not consistent with the perspectives of the majority.


The worst thing is probably the rules for the dorm. There are strict open house hours and decoration restrictions.


The lack of diversity on campus. It's practically an all-white school


The worst thing about my school is the lack of student life on the weekends. Sometimes theres fun things to do but most of the time there isn't.


i like most things about my school the worst is probably location. while the school benefits the community and it is important that it is there, there are not a large variety of off campus activites


IWU is very expensive. Right now the cost for one year ( for an on-campus, full-time student) is around $26,000. Yikes.


My freshman year I had difficultly making friends. My roommate was not someone that I got along or wanted to hang out with. Most of the people that lived around me were older and had already established a group of friends. I wish that IWU would have a better system for helping new students make friends. It would be nice if they would continue some freshman only activities after orientation weekend.


It is sometimes very conservative and since many of the students/faculty are so much alike, they can sometimes be close minded.


It can be very cliqueish, so make friends with everyone and talk to many people, but really invest in your own group of friends, but dont be exclusive.


The worst thing about the school was its rules. One could get in trouble for silly things, and the rules were not always enforced fairly.


Its surrounding environment and some administrative staff.


It's in Indiana.


people are extremely judgemental about different lifestyles. nothing to do off campus without driving to ft wayne


Campus being rather dead during weekends. Needs more night life.


The worst thing about IWU that if you are a Christian and you are struggling with your walk with the Lord, it is difficult to express that. The campus setting can force students into acting just like everyone else even if you don't share the same opinions or views.


That the school does close up on weekends and holidays. many people go home becuase there is a large in state base of students. but then many times i am not on campus all weekend either, so it is not as big a deal for me.