Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any kind of person can attend this school. For the most part, everyone here is very kind and accepting to everyone who comes here.


Someone who loves God - that would be helpful as it's a Christian school - and someone who is willing to be proactive about their college experiences and take ownership of their lives. Also important, someone who is not anticipating traditional college partying.


Students who are dedicated to their Christian faith and seeking to grow in their faith should attend Indiana Wesleyan University. Students should also be seeking challenges yet success in their scholarship. Indiana Wesleyan does not have a diverse student population, so ethincally diverse students looking to attend Indiana Wesleyan University should keep that in mind. People who enjoy partying and drinking are, in general, looked down on at this school; student seeking to get away from parties and drinking should attend.


Christians who are looking for a school that makes faith a part of every day life would enjoy going to this school, but not everything is perfect, even for a Christian school. There is a definite hipster culture, and stereotypical home-schooled, Republican, idealistic views reign among students for the most part. Those wishing to study in the arts or ministry will do best here, for business, science, or other majors I would suggest checking out another school.


This school is for students who are interested in attending classes and getting an education. It is not a party school. Freshmen have a curfew and are expected to be in the dorms by curfew.


Though having a personal realtionship with the Lord is an aspect in which most should have at this school; the kind of person I believe should attend this school is one that is hard working and willing to put forth effort towards acedemics. He or she should have an open mind to new experiences and strive to seek out new opportunities as well as relationships. This person should also be coming with the mindset that he or she is going to change through their experience and realize that this is a good thing.


i believe that any one who is looking for great edcuation, spiritual relationships, and great chances not to only meet new people but have a chance to different countries and states


Responsible people who love the Lord and are looking for strong academics in a Christian environment.


The type of person that sould apply at Indiana Wesleyan University needs to be able to have money or their parents helping them pay for school. They should be ready to recieve an amazing liberal arts education and should be willing to take advantage of all the campus activities. Being a Wesleyan University it would be important for the student to have a Christian based background or faith.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a person that is looking for a great academic program. This person also needs to be willing to attend chapel three times a week, and must have a good, positive attitude in order to fit in with the rest of the group.


The "kind" of person that should attend Indiana Wesleyan University is a person that believes that their behavior impacts the world. IWU is a Christian University. Although anyone can attend, Christianity is researched critically throughout the course work. Learning Biblical truths can help anyone realize historically, that their life has a purpose. If they have already decided to live a Christian life then they can grow and mature spiritually and learn furthur how to be a world changer. As our society is becoming more global, this is a perfect time to decide where you stand.


They have a great LEAP program for adults trying to work and get their education at the same time.


The people that attend this school should be very religous, and Christian. You should not have any question about your faith in Jesus. If you are wanting to go into nursing then is you can get past some of the rules, then this school is excellent.


Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christian University so someone who wants to strengthen their relationship with God and learn more about the bible.


This is a Christian School. Anyone who has an open mind and genuinly cares about others would feel right at home here at Indiana Wesleyan University.


This school fits well with most students who want a fun, enjoyable college experience. This person should be easy-going, nice, intellegent and must be able to accept and follow rules. Also, this school is quite good for students who need a little extra help academically or for students who enjoy close relationships with faculty members.


Really, if you can keep up with the academics and keep the moral standards, anyone should attend this school. This is a good school. This school eases intellectual and spiritual growth considerably. For those who don't know what they want to do, the school can provide a lot of help with this decision, including an entire required class, and the school has a variety of majors to choose from. Even though it's expensive, it is still cheap for a private school, and there is a lot of financial aid available. This is a good school. Anyone should attend.


Is there such a thing as a certain kind of person for IWU? I don't think so. The only thing a student here needs is the willingness to abide by the rules. Outside of that, any kind of person can study and grow within these walls. There is so much more to this University than a stereotype of a person.


Somebody who desires to gain a top-quality education, while growing in their faith should attend Indiana Wesleyan University. The school is dedicated to showing students that a fun way of life can exist without the use of alcohol or drugs.


A person wanting to grow academically and spiritually. A person planning to attend this school should be willing to invest energy and time and they must be willing to make sacrifices (e.g. with money, time with friends versus time in school work), as any mature human being should realize. Resourceful, self motivated students thrive at this school, since the surrounding area is sparse, but only comparing it to large cities that offer lazy people forms of entertainment and frivolous ways of wasting money.


Someone interested in engaging with Christian professors with small class sizes. The professors really care about you.


Studious, religious, driven, and social.


People who want to invest in their education. The students who really fit in at IWU want to learn from professors who care about student's futures and are willing to follow the few rules the school asks of students.


The school has a high academic standard for the most part. Christian conservatives love this school for the spiritual atmosphere. The school is very alive socially as well.


Someone serious or seriously seeking in their relationsohip with God, someone who is not at school for the party scene, someone who wants to learn and who knows how to laugh, love and work hard.


Everyone should attend IWU, it is the best school, it is very friendly and a very open!


One who is committed to their work, interested in living with a great sense of community, one who is artistic, one who is career-oriented, one who is looking for a great education in the nursing field, and one who doesn't want to get lost in the crowd at a large state school.


someone who wants to grow spiritually and academically. this place has teachers, chapels, and summit week to help you grow in the Lord if you want to accept them, and if you are serious in studying and preparing for the world, the classes are great in teaching you everything you would want to know.