Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone with a closed mind towards religion should not go here.


People that do not want to grow in their Christan faith or follow Christ-centered rules.


People who have a problem with Christianity or hearing about it shoudln not attend this school. It is a Christ centered school with a required triweekly chapel. Bible classes are also required. In my experiences professors have also brought up bible verses and such while lecturing on topics.


People who like to party and do drugs would probably not want to come to Indiana Wesleyan University. We are a Christian community and we try to live lives that are pleasing to God.


People who desire smaller classrooms, profound education, kind professors, and a Christian atmosphere should attend here. It is a wonderful school that can appeal to many different people.




A student should not attend Indiana Wesleyan University if they are looking for a school to skate by in. Indiana Wesleyan University is effective in giving you the information you need to succeed in your field of study. If the student does not want to work and use these tools they should not attend Indiana Wesleyan Univeristy. Students should also not attend if they are looking for a big college because Indiana Wesleyan Univeristy is a small Christian univeristy with an emphasis on God.


Someone who does not want to attend a Christian university.


A person who is a non believer and does not want to believe should not attend this school or someone who does not have strict moral standards.


Indiana Wesleyan is not for everyone just like any given college is not for everyone. I think it is all about what a person makes of college. It is a Christian college, and that is evident. It is a perfect atmosphere to grown in.


If you are a person who does not like rules or regulations, Indiana Wesleyan University is not the school for you. IWU (Indiana Weslyean University) holds its students to a higher standard for not only academics but also for social activites. There are rules on campus regarding what kind of movies you are allowed to watch, along with student curfews, and rules regarding what times girls and boys can be in each other dorms. These rules are not meant to take away from a students experience but to guide a student in the pursuit of a successful education.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone that does not do well with rules. A person that does not have an open mind to other ideas and someone that does not like to be involved should not attend Indiana Wesleyan University.


A person who cannot live by the moral standards set forward by this school should definitely not attend this school. Anyone who is unable to focus on constant schoolwork should also avoid this school. Party people shouldn't attend, although that's pretty much said in the first two sentences. Since it is a private school, it is expensive, so poor people will want to make that a factor in their decision.


Someone who has to drink/use drugs to have a good time.


The kind of person I can think of who probably wouldn't feel comfortable in my school's environment would be someone who was atheist.


The school is very welcome to all types of students. It is strongly Christian based however, so people from other relgions might have a hard time fitting in. Even so, the people here are very understanding even if they do not agree with other's beliefs.


I think IWU is open to all different people. Although they are not currently extremely diverse, I know they are trying to make it more appealing to different types of people. They welcome everyone and encourage diversity.


Someone who doesn't like being told what to do. There are annoying rules...but they apply to everyone so you get used to it.


A person who is not concerned about appearances and material possessions may have a hard time fitting in. I feel a lot of pressure to dress up while walking around campus. Also, having very liberal political views may cause friction in some classes or it could provide a learning experience depending on the way one choses to view it.


Someone who is not Christian. Since we have chapel and put an emphasis on Christ in our classes, someone who is not Christian would have a hard time agreeing with everything.


People who don't want to go to classes and want to party and be drunk all the time shouldn't consider coming to this school.


Someone who is looking for a college that will challenge their faith and encourage growth academically, spiritually, and socially.


any one that wants to learn and build a big community


Someone who is disrespectful to others, or holds majorly liberal beliefs.


Anyone who has anything other than the stereotypical conservative outlook on life will find a lot of things that are targeted against them, and people will not be understanding of your difference of opinion.


a person who does not belive in God should not attend this school.


someone who isn't willing to be challenged.


I believe that any type of person can attend this school.


In the our Constitution it says, "All men are created equal," and this school exemplifies just that. Everyone should feel warm and welcome to come to this college, because we care about every individual God has created. We are all His people, and it is our duty to accept every special person that walks on our campus. I feel that when I look at this college I see diversity, love, acceptance, and Christ flooding in everyone. For people who don't have religous views, it is still a beautiful campus to love and learn the way of a Christian lifestyle.