Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Christian worldview and flexible but very credible adult learning program.


I think that the best thing about my school is that I am able to grow closer in my relationship with God and get a good education at the same time. There are many opportunities to be able to express love and joy towards Christ and my school's professors and staff truly wanted to see success in their students.


It's very easy to make friends here. The residence halls, class sizes, and activities all contribute to forming a strong support framework. If you are struggling with something or you just want a good group of people to learn, grow, and have fun with, this is the place to be.


The professor's at my school are one of the best things about the school. They are willing to work with you and your schedule. They will also contact you directly if they are concerned or have any questions. They get to know you by name and what types of things you are involved in. They generally care for your well being.


Being able to take all my courses on line.


My school is the most genuine unstitute I have ever been in. Not only have I met people that wil remain my friends for life, I have met staff and favulty members that have changed my life. The faculty truly cares about you as in indivual and is willing to serve you in any way possible. My schools mission statement rings true in all areas. Every expectation I had they exceeded. This is a fine instituation that deserves every ounce my gratitude. I am so blessed to be attending such a place.


The best thing about my school is that the professors and faculty are so dedicated to each student. Regardless of whether someone wants to talk to a counselor or receive tutoring, Indiana Wesleyan staff will try their best to assist them in whatever way possible. This dedication helps students excell and achieve goals that were otherwise unimaginable.


The Professors and Administration are excellent to work with. Indiana Wesleyan has an excellent nursing program and the campus is beautiful.


The Christian atmosphere and the fact that there is no partying and drinking. I also love that it is a small school so there is a great sense of community on campus. The class sizes are usually around 20 students which is very nice because your professor gets to know every student in the class. You don't feel like your just a number at IWU.


I love the online format and the learning that takes place.


The best thing about my school is the faculty. The professors at Indiana Wesleyan University, along with being well established in their fields of study, make themselves available to students outside of the classroom. Whether it is getting coffee at the local coffee shop or spending long hours working through calculus, professors at my school have a desire not only for their students to succeed in the class room but also in life. From custodians, cafeteria workers, to upper administration faculty at Indiana Wesleyan University have made going to college a great experience.


The professors are the top in their field and are helpful and personable


The spiritual aspect. Almost everyone on campus has had a different walk and those spiritual difference help us all to grow and become better.


The facilities are the best thing here because they are all really modern with up-to-date technology. They are all constructed very nicely and look good.


How nice the campus and facilities are.


I am going into the field of Special Education and my school has wonderful professors to teach me. They care about me becaoming the best teacher possible. And I know I will be a great teacher with the education I am recieveing


The spiritual atmosphere for me was the best thing: I grew so much in my faith and I made so many strong Christian friends. The facilities are very nice, the food is great, I always feel safe, the people are helpful and friendly (and cool!), and the organizations you can be involved with are exciting! Practicums are great- I have done radio and journalism practicums and the expierience was good. Professors really care and even meet with you for coffee. There are so many awesome things about IWU, you just need to check it out.


The academic rigor of the professors and how they balance education with real-life application. This reminds students of the reality and various circumstances they will face after their education; and at the same time prevents a "bubble" mindset from forming during school.


Good social atmosphere and focus on community makes it easier to make connections and friends, especially within your dorm.


The orientation activities for incoming freshmen, because they really helped me to come out of my shell and meet people. I had a lot of fun my first year.


I am extremely pleased with the Christian orientation and the academic success at Indiana Wesleyan University! It is truly a place to feel God's presence and to work at becoming who God has created each individual to be.


The faculty and staff are so involved in the lives of the students at IWU. They truly care about each student and go out of their way to get to know them personally and academically.


The community on campus as well as the great education you receive (if you push yourself).


Here you are able to grow not only acidemicly but spirtiually, and emotionally. The atmosphere here is amazing, you will make friends for life. Youe will not leave school here the same way you came!


the atmosphere. accepting, loving, fun, pushing.


The professors really care about their students. They go the extra mile to get to know them and assist the students however they can. They also encourage out of class meetings and coffee. These professors are also extremely passionate about the subjects they teach. This helps get the students excited about about the class.


The best thing about IWU is the community. There are lots of people who will talk with you, invest time in your life and share interests with you. Seriously, this is a place where lifelong friends are made.


The Christian Atmosphere; it creates a good, safe envirnment.


The warm safe inviroment is the best thing about IWU. Everyone is friendly and the professors really care about you. Also IWU has top of the line facilities. It's atmoshpere is amazing. It not only develops you academically but spiritually as well.


The most impressive part of Indiana Wesleyan University is that it maintains a wonderful Christ centered enviroment, all the while being academically challenging, up-to- date in architecture and technology, and provides an uplifting social environment.


The fact that it is not huge. Because of this, the students are closer and there is more help available.


The professors. They care a lot about you and how you're doing in their class. They also care about the things that are burdening you such as family sicknesses or death. All of them are happy to meet with you to help you or just grab coffee or dinner together to talk.