Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


That some students are not mature enough for college , so somtimes it feels like highschool; especially in the dorms.


I would have to say the lack of financial assistance. It's really hard to get your school paid for and scholarships are such a drag. You really have to stay on top of them and at our school, we're not allowed to have student loans.


the food, not too great.


I have had a few teachers who seemed to not have a solid lesson plan. It is frustrating for me to be so up in the air in a class.


I haven't found anything remotely wrong with this school. The school offers many opportunities for one's mind to grow and learn. The help here for an individual is wide open.


The worst thing about the Institute of American Indian Arts other than the fact that it is isolated from populated communities, I'll have to say is the food. I know it's a little immature to complain about how gross the cafeteria food is, but when your spending over one thousand dollars on a meal ticket for food that's upsetting to your stomach or causes you to starve for a couple of days, I believe students have the right to complain about the disgrace of food the cafeteria serves.