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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take high school a little less serious and have some fun instead of studying all the time.


If I were to go back in time and tell myself about college I would have told myself to try as hard as I could, to show my art to everyone that I could. And I would have told myself to spend every waking minute to draw and paint and sculpt as much as possible so that I could further define my abilities as an artist. I would also tell myself that nothing is certain and that there is always a chance that things will be able to turn around in an instant. That I will always be myself, my own voice is important, and that I should show everyone with my art what I can and will be in the future. Because I want to be an artist, I want to show people what I can do and what my imagination inspires me to create.


Start early. College is expensive so finding good scholarships will save you a lot of money. Choose your career early, taking random classes is going to waste you time and money. Study hard and prepare for ACT. Apply for collage early.


I would walk up to my high school senior self and simply say, "college is not as difficult as teachers and councilors say." College is mostly about time management and dedication. You need to always remember that sleep is extremely important. Make sure that you have everything you need. Money management is important make sure that you send money wisely on things you absolutely need. Do not, I repeat do not wait until the last minute to do an assignment the night before it’s due, it is a major stress. Always eat healthy snacks. Eating healthy will help you think well. Never turn to smoking as a stress reliever. Stay active. Always ask for help on homework if you are not sure. Also, make sure your always updated with new scholarship. Lastly, know when to say no to invites when you know you have homework.


I would tell my self to choose to go to the Institute of American Indian arts first, even though you think it is a big move. I would also tell myself that take college seriously because you are rewarded for your successes.


I believe that every year people are reborn. In a way, birthdays serve as perilous awakenings so that we can move forward and celebrate ourselves transforming. Although it's true we are constantly undergoing a sort of metamorphosis, numbers symbolizing our life span just makes the abstraction of time more concrete. As a high school senior, I cared very little about everything. I was tired of doing the same thing everyday all the time, and I thought it would be smarter to blow off what everybody was telling me not to. In fact all that has created for my life is major setbacks and harder work later on. If I could tell Katie Lasley circa 2008 what was ahead, I would surely emphasize that hard work does pay off, and yet the same is true for laziness and shortcuts. While it may seem easier at the time, the lack of effort is going to surface somehow and throw everything off kilter. I would certainly tell myself that consistently opposing what you are told to do is not rebellious at all, as being the antagonist is still succumbing to being controlled.


I would tell myself to apply for scholarships early. It's hard to start a college education with zero amount of dollars. I would have told myself to save money, and no matter what, work hard to keep my grades up. As a senior, I was confident in my funding for my education but when the time came around, I realized that college is expensive and I should have been applying for scholarships at the start of my senior year. I would also tell my senior self to gain a sense of who I am. In college, you come across people from every corner of the world, and it's great to have a strong understanding of yourself when you meet those students. I would also tell myself, to never give up, and never let anyone tell you that you can't. Even if that person is your principal.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there is plenty I would want to tell myself starting with this: save!!! Save the money your making now so that when it comes time to pay for the University of your choosing you will be able to afford it. Also to attend school every semester and especially in the summer for it is amazing how quickly you can finish if you can hunker down and focus! Secondly I would tell myself to become more involved in school activities and organizations, not only do they look better on an application but they teach a sense of togetherness and responsibility as well as community awareness. Third I would remind myself to always be applying for scholarships for they are an extreme help. Finally I’d rationalize with myself not to move out of my parents’ house at such an early age. Although as hard as it may seem to deal with ones parents, it is much more difficult to face the realities of adult life and the harsh complications that one may encounter.


If I had to go back in time and give myself advice I would tell myself to be better prepared. I was prepared as far as getting materials for settling in my dorm, but knowing what courses I was going to take, I was blinded coming into college. Although I had saved money over the summer for any supplies & books I needed, it still seemed like it wasn't enough. I believe what I would've done differently when I visited the college on a campus tour a few months earlier, I would've asked more questions and be more on top of things. Because theres so much information coming at you that at times seems like a lot to process, but you have to if you want to get ahead of everything. Making this transaction from high school was a big difference, I have to be more aware of things I wasn't before, such as figuring out my financial aid, finding scholarships, and most of all finding the resources that are there to give you assistance when ever you need it. This is the advice I would give myself, knowing what I know now, be prepared.


I would tell myself that there are options and people that will help you succeed. Take advantage of all the oppurtunities available.


Assuming that I were able to go back to my senior year of high school, the advice that I would give myself is that there are better things to worry about in this world rather than wanting to fit in with the 'cool' crowd. I was the type of person who would do anything to try be a part of the 'cool' group. My past has allowed me to be where I am today, and without it I would not have been able to be an encouragement to others. I have been able to manipuate what I have learned from high school to a way that allows me to use it in ministry. I have learned to love serving others, and even if my day is not going well, i love to be that person who encourages others to get through each day. This helps me now in serving others rather than trying to get noticed for what I do.


Develop some time management. Allow yourself to be "locked" in your room to finish assignments. Don't judge anyone before you meet them, but more importantly dont mind when people judge you.


Traveling back in time to the point where i' am a high school senior to meet and talk with my former self would be epic. I would have all the answers to the questions my highschool senior self would be asking. I would tell my highschool version to be prepard for whats in store and apply for every schooliership he could get his hands on. I would encourge him to be outgoing and to make as much friends as he possibly could. I would tell him to make sure he does'nt miss the deadline for his tribal schooliership, like I did for this semester. I would praise and persway him to join more clubs and enjoy his time being a senior at Pojoaque Valley High. Because one day he will receive a letter of acceptance to the Institue of American Indian Arts that will change our lives for the better. I would encourage him to improve on his writting/math skills so he wont be put in the 99 english class and lower math classes. I would tell myself to do good in college. Before i'd leave, i'd give myself a smack on the back of encouragement.


If I could go back and talk to myself when I was a high school senior, I would have many things to talk about! I would make sure my grades were the best that they could possibly be. My reasoning for the grades discussion would be primarily for the purpose of scholarships. Another piece of information I would tell my "high school senior self" might be along the lines of how much different college is than high school. Note to self, there is no playing around! High school is a right and college is a privilege. Transitioning to college was a big wake up call and I have matured a lot from it.


My college experience has been great. love how the school is small and how the teachers can get to know their students. it has been valuable because its a small school and the help the teacher and everyone else gives is really great.


My college experience is helping increase my confidence in my intelligence. Returning to school after 39 years brought up feelings that I didn't know were there. My first time in school was not a good experience as I was only 17 when I went to college. I didn't have the maturity or skill set to get my degree , and that is something I've always regretted. I never considered returning to college until I found out I could attend the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I applied on November 19, 2009, and here I am! My goal is high and I will receive my degree in Indigenous Liberal Studies, with a minor in Museum Studies. I have met some wonderful people, including professors and staff, and everyone is interested in everyone's success; that is extremely refreshing in today's world. Those new friendships are valued by me. Classes are stimulating and thought provoking. It is good for my physical and mental well being to be actively involved in an academic environment. Being around young people in this environment is beneficial; they cause me to think from other viewpoints.


If I was to go back in time to tell my High School self about college, I would tell myself not to wait so long after high school to get on track. I would tell myself that I don?t have much time and I don?t want to wait until the people that matter to me are gone to make them proud. I would tell myself that college is really fun and that it?s not as intimidating as it may seem. I would tell myself that I am going to meet a lot of new friends in college. I would say that I am a smart person and that I am going to do very well, as well as meet a lot of people that I share a common friend with; my father. I would also mention that I would be carrying on my father?s legacy, which is something to be proud of. I would tell myself that I am going to learn a lot of useful skills and that it doesn?t hurt to learn new things. I would also tell myself that I have a lot of potential and that I need to utilize it.


I would tell myself not to get overwhelmed or homesick because chances are that every person going to your college is going to feel the same way. Take it one breath at a time and don't scare yourself. There are always people there to help, from faculty to fellow students. So get ready for the ride because College is an awesome, overwhelming, scary experience.


if i was able to go back and talk to myself i would slap myself in the face for bein stupid and takin my education for granted. i would tell myself to not give up pay attention. i would also tell myself that the people i hung out with was not the crowd to be with. i would tell myself to not quit cuz i would have more oppertunities in life.


I would sign up for many scholarships for highschool graduates . I would also sign up for many colleges and figure out which one to go to first. I would get a job to save money to move to the college. My choices would be to enter savanah art and design college or Iaia. Whichever one I get amitted to I would go first then go to the next one . I would stay active and study hard enough to get a 3.0 to get better scholarships. I would also practice driving more and get a driver lincense before reaching


Assuming that I could go back in time to give myself advice about what I know now and knew then would be easy. I would tell myself that I school is more important than anything else that I need to do. Especially now that I know that I could've done better, and will do better. I think that I would also tell myself to schedule some of the important class projects that I was working on and to get money for supplies. I really had trouble this last semester paying for my supplies. But in the end all was well. But I should also tell my past self that everything will be fine and that school is just starting and I will do better. I've been stressing about it too much and it's not worth stressing too badly over like I did.


i would tell myself start filling out applications for scholarships and save money for a car, to travel because i know i will need it. never stop drawing and painting cuz i know you will be amazing at it and always be on top on class work. i should be just be fine.


Make strong decisions, the harder you work the first time around, the less you'll have to go back and fix later. You have the ability to be great, but it's up to you to use your abilities to their full extent.


You only get a once in a life time deal, so make the best of it to make thighs right for youself.


Take your time and figure out a college that fits you perfectly, because it is there. Make sure what you do is for you, not because everyone says you MUST go to college right out fo high school. Don't waste your time at the first college you get into because it makes someone else happy. Don't let anything get in the way of your school work. Work hard, do the assignments, go to class and GO TO THE LIBRARY!!! Even one hour at the library a day will get you closer to your goals. Finally, be happy and never, ever, doubt your talent. Jump in with both feet.


Do not underestimate yourself in believing you can't do anything, because anything is possible. Tough as college might seem once initially here on campus, don't let anything falter you from doing a great job no matter how diffcult it looks. Remember that at this school you have community and people here to help you through any problems that might arise. All things set in place, just look forward to all that you can accomplish with your time spent here, and don't let distractions like friends and having fun detour your reason for being in college. Alot comes at you, but just remember you are here for you and no one else.


I would tell myself to make two list of goals. On one list write down big goals like graduating and such and on the other list to write down small goals such as staying away from alcohol and drugs or boys. I would also mention that it's easy to get off task and become lazy or unmotivated by the people around you, but it's your mission to do what you know needs to be done in order to accomplish your goals. Try to get all of your homework done when you get the project because your mom isn't there to tell you to do it. You are an adult now and it's time for you to make your own choices. Stay focused and work hard and you will succeed.


if i were able to go back in time to give advice to my High School self, i would tell him to manage a well structured banlance with his money and spend money on important things like food, clothes, school supplies, and just to keep money in your pocket incase of an emergency. But that would be if i wasn't afraid to permantally ruin my future life by going back into the past and screwing up my future. What if going back intimidates my high school self and makes me choose a differen't rode other than college.


Go on to college now, while you have the energy and the opportunty and freedom to enjoy the experience. Do not wait any longer than you have to, because if you wait too long other responsibities will take your time and before you know it's twenty years later and you realize that just working low paying jobs, paycheck to paycheck is not how to spend your life. After college you'll have the rest of your life to do anything you desire, whether or not to use your degree is your personal choice. No matter what happens in your future, the knowledge, experience and the friends you make in college will be yours for the rest of your life.


I would definitely tell myself to be more social and outgoing. I feel like I wanted to talk to a lot of interesting people back then yet did not have the confidence to do so. If I could go back I would tell myself to talk to everyone because I may be missing out on meeting someone I can become friends with forever. I would also tell myself to be more appreciative my parents and grandparents. I was quite bratty during high school and wish that I could have been a little more respectful. Other than that I would tell myself to keep expressing myself in any way possible and to enjoy high school before it's over.. Living at home with mom and dad may seem annoying at the time, but when you don't have any real bills yet there's not much to complain about.


Unless the schools have a partnership, go straight for your Bachelors degree, or make sure that your Associates degree will transfer to a four year institution.