Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I wouldve been more in tune with the general education curriculum, instead of looking forward to the art more. Art is a subject that is more understandable to me that some other subjects. Such as math and english.


Theres alot of things I wish I knew before attending the Institute of American Indian Arts. One being the financial situation and experience on how to pay my college tution and unpayed dues. Going to college without having money for books and art supplies can be a real hardship. If i knew how much college was going to cost, i would have started saving up alot sooner. Now i'm stuck with unpayed dues and books that need to be purchesed for certain classes. Wishing i had known about these finanical buderns alot sooner, I would have applied for schoolierships.


I was hopin i was a little better at english. That was the one class i struggled in when i was going through school. I had trouble with writing essays.


nothing really.. i'm good


One thing that I wish I had known about the Institute of American Indian Arts is how isolated the college is from civilization. Living here on campus is particulary stressful when you can't escape after having ridiculously hard midterms, or the Soap Opera conflicts in the dorms. Being miles away from town limits the students from having fun, but it also keeps most of us out of trouble and gives us a chance to be more creative with our time and create beautiful wroks of art here at IAIA.