Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


In my perspective the worst thing about my school would be it's lack in financial assistance. Here in Puerto Rico we only get one general scholarship , it is called the Pell grant. Our tuition is pretty high and they only give us very little of the pell grant unless if you are in extreme financial need. I feel this is the worst thing about my school because my school has the second highest tuition in all of Puerto Rico and it's unfair to not offer or inform us on extra help because they deprive us of additional help.


The costs are barely high for the life costs in Puerto Rico.


. Lo único que no me gusta es el estacionamiento no hay lo suficiente para todo los estudiantes.


The lack of parking. I remember to have lots of tickets because i have no where to park my car. And in the other hand i had to walk a lot, i remember that when sometimes it rains , it got all wet and has to go to the classroom in that condition.