Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla Top Questions

What should every freshman at Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla know before they start?


I would tell myself to be more focused on what I wanted in life. Transitions in my life came more constant when I was getting close to college. Even tho I had a set of goals byt he time to enter, I knew they weren't too real for I was meant to be. In addition, I definetly will tell myself to enjoy every step on it, to be free while I was concentraiting on homework, projects, tests, and additional lectures I had. College is a great experience, that I am greatful that my parents and friends helped me to work on, adjust, and enjoy. Never leaving behind my responsabilities. I'm thankful for every lecture I was given and for every profesional who helped me understand deeper what it's the meaning of helping others.


If I could go back in time to when I was in high school, I would tell myself to take advantage of all the four years academically. Making sure that my grades were always consistantly a B average. Senior year I would decide what career I would like to focus on and plan for the future by directly enrolling at a local community college. For some it may not sound ideal BUT , its the smartest decision to make. Its not about where you start, but where you finish. Community college allows you to save alot of money and you get a great education and are able to explore differernt majors and electives for a low cost. 4 year universities teach the same general ed courses but they're expensive. Once you complete your two years, you will recieve an assoicate degree which allows you to have a better chance at transfering to 4 yr schools rather than straight out of high school. Also majority of students who go to 4 yr schools always come back to community colleges to get their grades up, decide what their major should be.


If I could give myself any advice it would have been to put more effort in my high school grades. I tried very hard to achieve a good GPA but not hard enough. I would tell myself "never give up" and continue to try because it truly DOES MATTER. If I would have given just a bit more effort i would have been more accustomed to college lifestyle and maintaining these grades. I believe as teenagers in highschool we are pressured to achieve high scores, so when we reach college we tend to get lazy because we cannot handle it anymore. In my case, I felt that way since high school and still feel this way now during college. I would give myself tips on how not to procrastinate and to take better notes and to ultimately give it my one thousand percent. During my senior year I would have tried harder on my SAT's because I now realize the true importance of good grades and the satisfaction of achieving an A plus. I do not regret this because I believe it has created a responsibility that was not there. I see my grades improving and this pleases me.


Knowing what I know now about college life and the transition, I would select for a college that offers all the programs that I am interested. Also will select a less expensive university, and in campus residence for the convenience of my parents. Next to this, were able to work at the university and study in the field I would like. Knowing what happens with the friends in college, make a hard analysis at the time of make a selection. Some friends are good, but others sometimes wants to us to be out of the coursework and involve us to other activities non related to the college. Never think in love... When you think in love, you could lost for a while the thread and get married and babies come. Finally, with the knowledge I got now... also will apply for this scholarship because same to now, be need the money to pay for my tuition.


Study hard. Then, study some more. Stay focussed. Work, even if it's just part-time or volunteer because you're going to need more than just those book smarts. Making friends means you're also making connections. Never underestimate the understanding of an employer or professor but also don't take advantage of it either. There so many people rooting for you and plenty of people that are going to help you get through but, it's all you. From here on out, you're responsible for all your own decisions. You can either whimp out or take this opportunity and run with it. So, run with it. Work hard and feel good about all that you earn because it's all you.


You think you can just live your life day by day? Haven’t you heard of planning ahead? You go through school like it’s no big deal, haven’t you heard of studying, getting good grades? Although your College life isn’t going to be much different from your time in High School, I’ll tell you this: You can’t do any sliding and dodging in college. You won’t get your life spoon fed to you, you’re going to have to think ahead and plan out your life. You can’t live by the hour anymore. And studying? You’re going to learn how to do it because halfhearted attempts aren’t going to do the trick anymore, not if you want scholarships, and not if you want your parents proud of you, the way other parents are proud of their kids. Life is tough and there is no easy way around it. You’ve taken the easy way all your life, now it's time to become the person you thought you were, strong willed, courageous, and hard working. Turn that fantasy into reality, and that way, your transition into college will be “easy”.


En realidad, me hubiese gustado poder hir a la Universidad en cuanto termine la Highschoo, Ese no era mi tiempo mi tiempo es ahora de valorar mis estudios


The best advice that I could have given myself as a high school senior would have been to focus on getting the best grades possible in the general education aspect. My major was switched several times due to being unsure of where I wanted to end up. This caused several un-needed classes. I would also tell myself to not be afraid to ask for help when help was needed. My college offers free tutoring of which I was unaware of for the first couple of years. Lastly, I would tell myself to enjoy the experience instead of dreading it. I would say to myself that even though college is tougher than high school, there is no reason why it should be feared. Embrace your future, do not run from it.


When I made the university e learnig program, my university offers the best choices about college programs. Also the personnel always have time to answer all questions about the programs and the professor always attend our request,


Attending the County College of Morris has shown me that if I work hard enough and focus on the things that really matter, I can do just about anything. I have become a more driven woman, being in as competitive a program as nursing, and I have realized that I cannot just get by on 'okay' grades anymore. Being in college has matured my character as well. I have much more responsibility on my hands which has improved my ability to multitask. The nursing program at CCM is an intense and rigorous program with many difficult courses and material to learn. I find myself studying more than I ever have and I am loving everything about it. The professors provide entertaining lectures that keep me interested and focused. I did very well my first semester at CCM because I set goals for myself and stuck to them. I did not give up on studying, I kept reviewing until I had a clear understanding of the material. I have gotten so much out of going to the County College of Morris. I know what I want and I am driven and focused enough to achieve my goals thanks to CCM.