Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My university is pro student. We have all the necessary tecnology such as internet, computers, a good variety of library resourses. Students are able to do a schedule based on its necessity and time. The university is always fixing and remodeling. We have a clean a comfortable campus/


My school pretty big and comfortable to be in and is a great place to study.


Is an excellent place to train as a professional.


It is a well-orginaized campus, in which the top priorities are the well-being of the student which include: their education (number one priority), comfort and an overall satisfactory experience attending their needs whether it is econimical and/or dissabilities.


A great university to be the professional you want.


It has one of the best school, sport and environmental care program in Puerto Rico.


Being enrolled at my university is an engaging experience that expands the academic prowess of its students while providing the much needed inspiration that expresses their creativity in a variety of ways.


My school is the best. Ever since I began taking courses at this school it has all been a wonderful experience. Since day one when I began to fill out admision documents the process was made quick and easy and everybody was willing to help get the process done. My classmates are wonderful and have been easy to get along with. My professors have lots of knowledge on the topics that they teach and most of all they love to teach and they bring lots of variety to the class.


fantastic university


Es un lugar humanizante por excelencia, que tiene por misión formar seres humanos integrales, no sólo conocedores de una determinada ciencia o profesión, sino como dominio de capacidades para comprender desde una perspectiva adulta y cuestionadota, su sociedad y su mundo, para saber hacer y desenvolverse en la sociedad, lo cual es un lugar de oposiciones, de culturas muy distintas y que el reto del sistema de educación moderno es aprender a convivir con esta pluralidad de objetivos, de valores, de grupos, de instituciones y de situaciones .


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My college now the inter american university its awsome university ,and i think is the best too.we can say about this university it have a advance system of the world.i say that because i think is the best college they can help you and anytime and that is the most important to the student.the student need motivation all the tim fo study many of this student are porr or dont have car to goes to the college and thats too hard to the student .this university it make me feel very strong and giveme capacitation to me.


It has a good ambient, a good mood It feels very comfortable.


The Inter American University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo is a prestigious private university well-known for its values of ethic. It offers students academic opportunities from certifications in homeland security,nurse's assistant, pharmacy technician, just to mention a few to master's degree in different areas such as human resources and arts of education. The faculty and professors walk that extra mile helping students. Their number one goal as a team is to give students the right tools so when they graduate they can feel and be 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} prepared to work in the outside world as a professional.




This is a well known school in Puerto Rico, which is accredited. The professors are helpful and hand in grades in a timely manner. If you need help, there is always someone that can help you or at least direct you to help. I can say that the workload for each class is fair. At least in my concentration, I find the flow of the classes to make sense and at points to deepen my previous understanding.


Inter American University is the best university in PR, it is pro-student, teach you everything you need in your career, great enviroment, very proffesional staff.


My school is


My University its one of the most important, prestigious and competent univesity in the world.


this is a university has a well nice to have a green area with trees where the students feel at a field and can despesjar esturiar and mind for a few minutes on the studies


It's a really calmed school, easy to get use to.


The inter is a premier university, or futuristic, innovative and competitive.


This university is full of opportunities for the student

Derbie J.

The Interamerican University is an institition that offers an education of excellece with high standars and that fullfils all expectatives.


It is a university where the students leave very well prepared.


Inter American University in Arecibo is by far one of the most complete schools in the north area of Puerto rico. Beside being conservating in religious aspects the campus offers many oportunities for anyone to study and learn to work in todays market. The faculty is envolved as the student body in many activities. The college have prepared music concert, artesan festivals and celebrating holidays. If the school could bring so many cultures together in union and make the difference in todays youth, doing something great can't be stop, may the years to come brings more and more students.


Is the university where we can all complete a career and entering the professional world confident, because we are a fully prepared for life.


The best college i think there is.




My university is a site where I recommend her to anyone to study since the environment is good and calm in relation to the classes it is competitive well and ideal for all kinds of person. Really one feels in confidence, agreeable and I feel proud to be a student of Arecibo's Inter-American University


The best university ever


The Inter American University is a great choice for anyone who wants to be well prepared for the future.


One of the qualities that characterized my university is that primordia in this room is god because it is an institution founded by the knight John Will Harris who was religious, with the purpose of fulfilling the spiritual needs of each studen.


Is a nice and quiet university. It has almost everything you need to complete a career feeling comfortable and satisfied. The administrative personal is very helpful, they treat students very kindly. The professors are complete professionals, they really care about students learning and understanding. Professors support students in many ways. They are also great counselors! Here we can enjoy many extra-curricular activities and the best part: you can study outside under a nice tree and enjoy the soft breeze coming from the great beach near the campus.


This is one of the most important campus in the area, attended with profesional staff, accesible to comercial malls, highways, restaurants, hotels, shuttles, taxis, swimming pools, recreational areas, theaters and many other facilities.


My school is the best if you want peace in your academic career.


The Inter American University Arecibo Campus is a very calm university, other than the usual puertorrican spirit that fills everyone, there isn't this feeling of stress that many bigger universities have, everyone is quiet doing there own thing.




La universidad es comoda, carismatica y nada aburrida.


My school is very good in every aspect. It is a place that keep me focus.


My school is like my second home, always clean and full of chances for those who are really interested in becoming a well prepared professional.


My school (university) is a great place to get an education (degree, master, ect) because it provide the student with different types of academic programs always having in mind the student body needs.